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Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard in Denver using an artificially intelligent voice assistant -- emotion-free and immune to stress -- with the ability to operate a drive through window without fatigue, bathroom breaks or compensation.

full story here

so all the share the wealth 15 dollar an hour socialist can pat themselves on the back employees will be paid 15 dollars an hour except there will be a bare bones skeleton crew and within 5 years I figure no employees at all except maybe a shift manager just in case they need to reboot the computers and robots.  eventually sales and ordering will not require human interaction so all those cubical jobs will be a thing of the past I think insurance will be the next hurdle only field agents to personally access damages and "service" the customer as George Carlin used to say :P

Same with utility companies only field repair personnel and some managers no office staff. and with new technology and paperless offices no need for secretaries for most occupations. the Cloud will keep all the paperwork and information and as needed will puke it up to whom and what needs the information I figure some courts will not need judges or lawyers  and even today some doctors use the internet to interface non emergency patients.

In less than 50 years no truck drivers, cabbies or bus drivers marriage will be a old faded ideal sex robots will be the thing of course people being what they are robot sex swapping parties will be all the rage like Tupperware parties phone apps to buy sell or trade and they can deliver themselves of course there will still be pimps for those that can't afford a robot. :D

unless we change the laws it won't be illegal as no machinery gets arrested for doing it to humans now ! the real test of sentient beings or that robots have become self aware will be when they have 65 different sexes, two more than humans.

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