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India orders 'staggering' eviction of 1 million indigenous people. These people have lived on and lived off the land for hundreds of years, no matter the Indian government has decided it has the right to evict 1 million of them off of land they claimed over the years as theirs.

This is happening behind the scenes over the years in agreements with the U.N. This makes a backdoor to our civil rights and laws and has quietly been done in all previous administrations democrat and republican with them fully knowledgeable of the ramifications. Treaties and agreements agreed to by any country are law. so disarmament treaties are the hope of anti-gunners to skirt the constitution and bill of rights and any state local or federal laws enforcing your rights contrary to said treaties.

Our laws have in the past been tested I recall back when a rancher was checking his property only to find U.N. troops on his property performing field operations he told them to leave they said they did not have to they had the "right" well he went into town got the sheriff and he formed a posse and went out and confronted the trespassers they claimed rights the sheriff and the posse claimed lead and gun smoke would settle the argument. The contingent decide an international incident with foreign troops on foreign soil causing the deaths of civilians and law officers would not look good in the press.

If your area plots to eliminates the sheriffs office in your county FIGHT IT WITH EVERY FIBER OF YOUR BEING ! powers are divided for a reason so that one does not control the whole county it is harder for all agencies parts of law enforcement to be corrupted than many departments with different leaders as in local, county, constables, and state given each agencies  natural competition and how they are installed, some are voted in others are seated by representative authority. There is enough adversarial infighting to keep them watching each other for corruption. That being said you do not want weak people in charge or tyrants it's a fine balance as sheriff Joe Arpaio. his enemies and ours ( united states citizens) tried every trick in the book and even then it took President Trump to pardon him for crimes that do not exist or can or could be thought of as crimes no  air conditioning is not a crime not having a specific engineered building to house criminals is not a crime if it were then it would also apply to everyone and those that had children and no air conditioning would be charged with child cruelty and animal cruelty if they had pets.  Laws are not your friend many laws should be repealed most laws are legal traps.

A return to Blacks law or some similarity  there of should be taken up. Lawyers have no interest in a fair and impartial legal system they like chaos so they can twist their words to conform to a narrative so they can manipulate the jury / outcome. We all know you get the justice you can afford so a court appointed attorney generally speaking is a rubber stamp by the legal system to make the outcome legal not justice and your taxpayer dollars pay them regardless of their passion or lack thereof to represent their clients not to get them off but to insure they are not unduly punished or made example of, fair and impartial treatment for all no matter race creed color religion sexual orientation etc. etc. If we as a people do not keep rein on our laws and legal system we will be treated like these people in India, as subjects not human beings property not individuals with families.

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