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DUCKS? And greetings (again) All...

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Hey to all - it's been awhile for me. UPDATES: Been super busy with parenting and homeschooling. Our first stab at our garden this past summer was a raging success. Planning more for this year. Fruit trees are off to a fantastic start - growing, but not mature enough yet to fruit. (we had 1 apple last fall, which our toddler promptly plucked despite mommy and daddy reminding all kiddos not to touch the trees.) I put in 60 heads of asparagus too. Nut trees are being planned.

Our sweet beagle girl passed away an she's now resting under the front tree and we have a new pup around to love on and to love us. He is an amazing watch dog. 

Legislation is changing in our state, making the state more "in charge" of what parents can do with their kiddos, which has spurred me into another extensive re-up on our prepping. I know most of  you probably live it daily, but that's really hard for us in this season of life. Better to go crazy for a month or two and then settle into a routine. At least this gives it some ease.

I started a windspeed study late last summer to measure windspeeds at 6 locations around our acreage. The digital anemometer is helping me make an informed choice on placement for a wind turbine. Even if we don't do it, it will make interesting data for a kids' future science fair project.

Anyway, the neighbors have a million chickens they raise for eggs and then slaughter for meat. But I recently read an article about ducks and duck eggs being larger. I like ducks better than chickens. Any thoughts?

Nice to see you all.


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good to see your post.

believe it or not there are more people susceptible to allergies to duck and & duck eggs but that is neither here nor there just have your own chickens and ducks.

Ducks are stupid, PERIOD their fear response is so strong they will run over their young sometimes killing them to escape, where as a good chicken hen will stand her ground and fight it is hard to pen ducks as one you let them out they don't always return I released some ducks onto a tiny island in the middle of a pond and in a month they were all raccoon food, if something is willing to swim in at night they are all goners as ducks nest on the ground not up off the ground as chickens do, although I have penned them in a small coup low to the ground with a tread board for them to get traction to get in with their young and it can't be too steep for the ducklings sake.

I do love ducks they are funny easy to raise but getting them to maturity is not easy when they do not cooperate. I used a kiddie pool for them to splash around in and every couple of days I would have to wash and refill it as ducks love to jet power themselves by squirting out brown clouds of scat.... filing the pool.


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