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Archeological Facts are all wrong never been close to being right

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In order to understand you reason for being, to respect yourself the life within and realize that you are singular and most important as an individual, and as an individual a creation, redeemable and worthy of life and respect, you have to know your history. We are all what does ALL mean it means ALL, everyone no matter what race creed color are descendant of a king, That King is lord of Lords King of Kings your his heir and precious descendants, John 1:3 “All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.”

Archeological Facts that prove the biblical narrative. It has been a continuing problem to contain all the last decade of scientific investigations of the pyramids of Giza. Why is that important ? because the information has been distracted from. and has been known since the late 1800s to the early 1920s that the Giza plateau was not build by the Egyptians. the inventory Stela (stone tablet) does not include the pyramids or the sphinx as inventory it was directed and created for Kufu. None of these have pyramids or the sphinx any hieroglyphics within, NONE and for years it has been proved that all these structures have water damage that predates the inhabitants of the region. conservatively 5,000 to 12,000 years earlier. were are not even sure if they are the descendants



Protuberances or knobs on stone blocks that are found in most all the megalithic stone work the world over are proof that all the prehistoric buildings were created by a as yet found race of people. At least all the other cultures have had the honesty to say we did not build these structures and do not know why they were built, One reason we cannot decipher a time line is science reject the Biblical story of the flood even though the evidence proves it the Giza plateau was FLOODED and shows erosion and salt formations inside. At one time all the structures were under water NOT FRESH WATER  the sand and dirt covered all of the sites and science proves that.  At the same time ignores it because it screws up the time line and  again makes the flood the reason for all the back fill and cover of sediment that has shells of tiny sea creatures, even to the highest mountains in all these amazing structures. 100 to 200 THOUSAND TONS. Many were moved dozens of miles some across rivers and, over mountain ranges and up on top of another. This is not possible today rather IMPOSSIBLE. 

This leads to one conclusion other worldly technology not just advanced it is Creation technology, a knowledge of how things work on a atomic level the understanding beyond and knowledge of Nicolai Tesla, Albert Einstein dwarfing all the minds today, IMO these were the Angelic hosts or Angels that were created with knowledge to function as the guardians and keepers of the universe as created by God. 

It's simple in all my years in order to maintain anything use it to it's potential I had to be trained and given certain knowledge It's logistics what it takes to keep up any machinery or architecture an understanding of how, why it worked what it is for and the reasoning. Angels fulfill that purpose. consider them upper management and intermediary with other managers with differing tasks beneath them. Satan was the highest level of angel so he would have more knowledge and power -- enough that he though he could break away and start his own company, so he enticed his cohorts with power, pleasures and promise of praise and worship in their own right, that at the time was only Gods (the Boss) and that they too would be bosses over kingdoms they would create and rule as they thought God did, But like all children their view is too narrow and did not allow for things they did not know and could not contain, they were maintenance and supervisors but could not creators.

In the beginning it was good but as the new renters/ fallen angels found it's hard to keep up if your chasing women getting drunk and not alert or lazy to keep up your fathers business (father / sons of God)  These angels went beyond that and started playing with recipes and created all kinds of trouble.

Science tells us that trees had no rings the world was filled with trees fruit and as far as I can tell all the creatures were eating no meat (or each other) the flora of the gut determines your ability to digest and your mind enables restricts your cravings as does your body chemistry, it requires something and then hormones and proteins produce cravings like a pregnant woman because they body has to have something in the food her body and the one growing inside her has to have.

Fallen Angel/s technology has elements of understanding of dimensions where the doors are and how to find and open them, this is apparent by their ability to enter and vanish in our world / dimension they have a certain ability to bend time although I think they cannot control it. Because they have defiled themselves they are like whore mongers and drug addicts or drunks and want to live it again but because their form is altered (now they are only spirit and can only experience these by proxy they are now voyeurs or try to enter a human to move feel and reexperience the feeling and emotions of a tactile body. because they are more powerful in some manner they have to trick us into allowing them to enter because we are giving the power of our existence. Many people find that drug and alcohol opens the mind to exterior ideas they never had and those thoughts are not always their own IMO. Those that completely give themselves over become possessed were their will no longer has control and the spirit is now running the show and wants to reexperience all the life and praise that humans had for them in the past ---- cannibalism, human sacrifices,  sex orgies power over the life and death as a ruler and demigod cruel and manipulative. they taught man and woman the uses of roots and rituals to call on powers other worldly open portals how to work metal, chemistry, astrology and all the perverse acts and use of mankind's skill and ability of his hands. All of it twisted with the use of natural drugs sex or blood and that without these the magic would not work because it's not magic it is demonic, and they feed off of negative emotions and they despise the human race as far as I can tell we were the chosen over the angelic and they were servants to mankind.

Our earth has not been here that long, we know because the sun can be gauged as to how long it has left as we do not know how large it was to start we do not know how long, but we do know that life could not exist if it were much hotter than today and some sort of thermostatic mechanisms had to function to maintain the earths temperature for life to procreate. Evolution falls apart although it has one thing right we did all come from one thing it's called hydrogen it all its forms it becomes all the elements because it was in the beginning all the universe is much the same. are there other elements of course some are even man made but consider that all our life forms are carbon based in a hydrogen created universe it is unlikely that more of a differing base like silicone or crystalline structure for life is possible another problem is that the universe is built on atrophic system nothing can live longer than it predecessor. Decay is death is at some point if things do not die they take up all the building blocks of that system and no more can be. 

We live in a binary system that becomes three dimensional in the living / life everything is a clone of a it origin science does not tackle that fact, because it falls apart during the Cambrian explosion where nothing had  lived previous and there was not anytime for evolution to explain that there were no repeat no intermediate species and they still can't explain no transitional fossils.

Science then want's us to accept that after the asteroid wiped out dinosaurs and ALL previous life wham bam, thank you mam complex animals like elephants, humans apes and all the birds fish sea life and mammals, and whales and porpoises are air breathing mammals and still push Darwinism / evolution. Science would have you believe that after a asteroid incinerated the entire planet life was still left and that the seas and fresh water did not boil away and like phoenix we rose from the ashes ? and more species ones that never existed just popped up out of nowhere ? Science keeps telling us that a clam became a seal like creature then became a elephant and the timeline is way less than one celled organisms to clams and clams have 40 chromosomes -- why do we have 23 pairs (46) well the 23rd is suppose to be our sex so just 23 pairs have all the information for 70 trillion cells and all support a single individual and if one system fails IT DIES !

They have mapped the genome NOT, not even close there are so many markers that they think are just place holders segments that have no discernible information that science can figure. so when you genetically modify your child and it comes out with penises instead of thumbs or a nose don't complain to me.

So we come from ashes Whew, glad we figured that out I was beginning to get worried --- horse hockey !  this is easily proven stupid when dinosaurs are found unburnt not ashes and now they are really confused that some have been found with sticky rubbery flesh, sinew and when water is added liquid blood.......answer that if they have been extinct for millions of years.

Critical thinking, not  accepting of theories as facts believing in the fables they tell you undermines your importance make you belittle yourself question your position in the God created universe and destroys your love of your fellow man and creativity, makes you scratch and claw to make yourself relevant and become immortalized like statues of people long DEAD. if not then make a person greedy and makes you try to cram in all the sex money drugs and excitement into one lifetime and all that does is burn peoples moral feelings and God given spirituality out of them.

Traveling you find your appliances do not work overseas you have to use the right converter or you will burn up your  equipment and then it will never work.

Consider al of our problems are caused by the top .01 percent these are the brilliant graduates of the finest colleges, well read and that have apprenticed under the supposed greatest mind of our time  have letters after their names can read and write multiple languages degrees form more than one college all that cannot be contained on a business card. they are the ones that when leaders want answers they are the go to MF's -- and here we are to our upper lip in the sh*t !

There are not 63 different genders, and I am not going to build a shrine to any of them (dedicated bathroom) because that is what it is, a temple to their rule over the rest of us, and then we must adopt a different language and pay homage by referring to them in a manner befitting to their stature as they see it. What next calling them your majesty or your highness ? Everyone pull your head out of your butt before you suffocate.

I do not approve of violence toward any group, unless they declare war, we have laws and we need to vote against horrible ideas like these, that only confuse people. the left says if it saves just one person -- well many people that have changed their sex are regretful some have still committed suicide so apparently that is not the answer, an answer solves the problem an opinion is only a theory no theory has ever answered any question, we are still debating Einstein theory, gravity and if Poy is really a food and just what the hell is a platypus it has a stinger venom claws, fur a bill like a duck  they lay and hatch from eggs and have eye membrane ? maybe we need to build them a bathroom.


There is no good without GOD If his rules are not in your heart and mind then all of you intellect is for naught / nothing, no scheme, idea or plan will stand off the terrors that come on all nations  it will not save them or us. Pray for our leaders our country and our families and each other. Bigotry and hatred divide, and fester only more hatred. do unto others as you would have them do unto you, that alone kills off almost all the new age ideas love your neighbor as yourself -- that kills off the rest, because bad ideas (manure) have to die (become fertilizer)  for good ideas to flourish.


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