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A recent story where we have sent 180 tons of  aid to Cúcuta Columbia.

In one of my previous posts were the amount of meals per carton cartons per pallet  height weight per pallet load of MRE's , this is bull shize my friends mimicking the humanitarian Berlin airlift 25 June 1948 and Berlin is no where near the size of Caracas Venezuela. At least then they had some idea of what it would take in food, the first flights were 180 tons of EACH sugar, flour, milk and  potatoes and then 180 tons of medicines. Let's face it this is red meat for the camera 180 tons of food would not feed just the people in the poorest section of Caracas for a day much less put a dent in the rest of the city.

I say SCREW Venezuela they still back socialism if we are going to send anything let us send the AOC or Alexandria Orcasio Cortez she is the wonder woman darling of the socialists of the democratic party SHE knows how to run a government she's smart young and savvy let her go in and fix it.  Let Trump make her the tip of the spear make her co president with Juan Guaidó and tell her to put up or shut up.

Socialists NEVER LEARN if they don't die they kill off everything and everyone they touch let Russia and China feed and put up with them that cost money, money we don't have and all the infrastructure is way worse than ours WE need new roads bridges and hospitals SCREW THEM !

We just got through spending 7 TRILLION in the middle east and we rebuilt part of them and paid thousands of dollars for goats and chickens killed called reparations and crop damage of POPPY fields.

How stupid are Americans, this is another black hole for our leaders to get rich off of, don't believe me look at Haiti billions go in and nothing happened no rebuilding no new infrastructure NOTHING the Clinton foundation made out like a bandit --- ain't that nice...

The place is a festering hole filled with spies Russian, Chinese, Indian and a cargo ship load of free agents Russia is broke they can't afford anything but to give them food and medicine so where are they going to get all the pipe and valves to rebuild the oil fields on credit or ship the steel  in from China. all the lakes are polluted with oil their pumping stations and storage tanks are old and leaking like a sieve.

there are thousands of tons of garbage and their utilities are a nightmare with all the power cuts the sewer systems are turned in to concretions ( solid ) and to get it all working you have to employ and pay the Venezuelans ----WITH WHAT ! OUR MONEY ? LIKE OUR DOLLAR CAN HANDLE ANY MORE PRESSURE !!!

A socialists is no different than a narcotics addict only they can find their way out and when their life has become unmanageable and like a jilted person on the rebound their next lover will be out the door  or fighting like cats and dogs, they won't love us helping because it shows they were stupid and easily taken in so like in Iraq all they did was bit@h that things were better when Saddam Hussein  ran the country.

There are states that have a high poverty rate high unemployment and no hospitals and no hi tech computers or tablets or internet -- but we got food and drugs for Venezuela a country full of socialists who can't formulate a plan to take over ??? really they outnumber police and military 100 to 1 --so what are our brave men and women suppose to go there and die for a government they voted in ? that as long as it gave them sh*t they reveled in their ignorance thumbed their nose at us and now they are broke starving and ragged beg for help this is why we have the electoral college, because it prevents the large cities from commanding the vote if not no matter if everyone voted New York Las Angeles Chicago and a handful of other eastern cities would vote in the president of our nation and city people are DUMB AS DIRT. Want proof AOC is popular with millennials and city dwellers who want socialism in Venezuela socialists took the farms and businesses like all socialist countries do and divide the wealth but now there are no farmers there is no incentive to grow crops if the government sets the price and you starve to make them look generous by giving your hard work of your land and knowledge away.  Socialists tell the doctors how much they can make so they work for peanuts and there is no money for research or new equipment as time goes on the hospital cannibalizes itself they don't buy gloves or skimp on drugs to patients or make them buy them at a pharmacy and bring them in they don't wash the bedding and only clean the rooms once a patient change this si caused by cutting staff / payroll the pay the professors a base salary and make the colleges free books are too expensive so they are handed down  they use less technology except in government accepted majors like mathematics engineering soft or elective classes expenditures are cut to the bone.

Socialists need to live and die by their words and deeds  they are forever ungrateful and only complain and want more that is why every Socialist government has had secret police death squads and mass murders to keep them for becoming a nuisance. and the leaders know the way they got power can be turned on them so they stay in a perpetual paranoia.

I'm asking you the person reading this, do you think we have the money to give to others that we desperately need here for 20% of Americans who can't afford to eat or go to the doctor have problems paying their bills these are the elderly the mentally challenged the young -- I am not against free lunches for kids or meals on wheels or cheap or free medicines to the working poor I am maniacally pissed that our government gives away everything but the kitchen sink trying to make friends with  Garbage and I place communist socialists Stalinist Leninist Maoists and a few others in that category, I don't give a tinkers damn if a plague natural disaster or venereal disease wipe them out ! There have been not one group we have helped that has not turned against us NONE not one of the countries we helped out in WWII are not against us now for one reason or another for a number of reason our immigration policies  our nuclear capabilities envious of our technology our stand on global warming save the bird save the fish as long as it is only us taking in the wahoo but when we ask the to share responsibility HOLY SH*T were a bunch of b@stards. the Kyoto treaty and Paris accord did not penalize India Russia or China or most of Europe America was the one that was targeted by our carbon footprint even if we all gave up our cars and mass transportation we would still alll have a larger carbon footprint that anywhere in the world because just to transport food clothing and our utilities is still more than any other nation many in rural areas use oil lamps or have only one light per room if they are lucky so don't fall for that global warming carbon footprint lingo it's a trap set for America only and you can see that the Yellow Vests in France don't like paying triple in gas and more taxes for a carbon tax and they are socialist generally speaking.

I would love people to travel and see what lies beyond the major cities in China India and Russia it called squalor the rich won't live there it's too low class the poor in America have it many times better than anywhere els on this planet and that's a fact.

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