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Feminist Attacks Pro-Trans Twitter as a 'Boys Club'

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Well this must mean the gloves are off, I was wondering when women were going to realize transgender was an overt step to steal their monopoly on rights and place in the wedding dress. After all some males only want sex not children, since the advent of the pill regardless of the males wishes some women have  taken child birth on themselves. Now that DNA is cheap men now can know if they are being tricked.

Now that the tables are being turned look for trans to get alimony the children and child support, and all the other protections like spouse abuse, common law marriage and stalking to protect themselves and twist the legal system to suit themselves.

People thought years ago that altering marriage was no big deal. Bill Mahr used to joke why not let gays marry so they can be as miserable as the rest of us. Skewing the lines of gender opens the door to bestiality or marriage to inanimate objects (and I am not talking about your ex wife) I have read people want to marry a tree or a toaster, some are just trying to be outlandish others are mentally challenged IMHO.

Marriage will become a joke people will want to make law against it and have prenup contracts settling all the possibilities before like who gets the children and who pays and what they are to get in a divided partnership.

I don't want to sound crass but what man needs a woman once sexbots become the norm ? you could program them to take care of the house nanny the children dispense breast milk at the perfect temperature they would not tire always be up for "activities" at a moments notice and say complimentary things. They would be stronger better faster better than the 6 million dollar woman and not have episodes of nagging they could drive if you were too drunk and not berate you. do your shopping iron your boxers cook clean and never get sick or fat or lie and have to visit a sick friend.  If you want a velouptous or thin No crying children no mouthy snapping back rubs any time they could walk the dog hell with stealth technology any hair color any length no need for shaving .. the same for women except copulating with a machine does not produce offspring. people would become colder than now WOW that's scary.

Women have to some degree had their own way but soon, when there are options for "all sexes" whatever that is going to become, everyone will have their cake and be served it by a personal robot -- is pumping the robot maid considered cheating or servicing the unit :wacko: will a robot secretary mind working overtime or polishing the brass ?

Water cooler talk would be over bot types accessories and abilities much like men talk about cars now what's really weird is you could meet a real person and have your bot do a makeover so that they look like what they desire and the person they mimicked would not know the perversion. I recall a toy that had hundreds of pins press your face into it and it made a impression of your face imagine a computer that had the ability to mimic any voice add or siphon off fluid to be any size or shape or sex, be able to alter skin color hair eyes and ask what kind of day you had with a freshly made beverage of your choice and no complaining when you say get me a beer and best of all will be able to take care of you in your old age but they never age LMAO there may be a time where women may become obsolete -- consider a test tube baby growing in a bot genetically engineered to look like whomever you decide your child should look like, if you ever decided to have one and if you decide that it was a mistake you could buy a nanny for it.

One generation and humanity would be reduced to ZERO be careful what you wish for you just might get it ! as my parents used to say.


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