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Insect apocalypse or misinformation

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Insect apocalypse  or misinformation, we need to know the real numbers of what species of insects are being impacted not a sensational headline meant to strike fear in all the snowflakes out there.

If the diminishing of certain insects that humanity has tried to eleiminate from the world is working like the Tetsie or Bot  fly,  tick, mosquitoes like the Taipan or the flea  is part of that 2.5 percent then I say this would not be an apocalypse but a relief for the deadly diseases they cause on humanity.

Are these species invasive ? or are they native are they a pariah or absolutely necessary for the propagation of agriculture or are they the enemy of agriculture ? This report is vague at best and not completely finished as to the numbers the species or the reasons of their decline.

I like facts not headlines that make sensational threats on mankind if that's what they want then say Godzilla is real and attacking Tokyo. There are certain species that we can do without and the species that feed on or target them for laying eggs for a food source for their larvae.

Science has done this before made wild accusations only to be mocked because their numbers were conflated, inaccurate or worse tampered with.

the loss of the fire ant, pine beetle, black widow or brown recluse spiders and a host of other nasty insects who's jobs can be taken over by less dangerous or deadly species that exist in nature is not a problem. it is the loss of native species being overtaken by them that are more disease ridden more dangerous and have the ability to infect humans and other species or wipe them out. 

Just like the Alexandria Ocassio Cortez threat that in 12 years the world will end, I recall when Al Gore said in 10 years most of the coasts would be underwater he named Miami well last time I looked it's still there. it's easy to make predictions not so easy for them to come true.

The never ending anxiety o fear mongering scientists to seduce funding from wealthy doners  and greennies that praise nature and see humanity as a scourge on the planet that need to be eradicated make me ill.

In the last decade we have had numerous natural disasters floods fires volcanoes with ash and lava. huge sink holes and droughts with numerous tidal waves hurricanes and typhoons not to mention wars and mass human migration. So what species ? where is their habitat ? are they a benefit or not. they do not address these questions has mankind targeted them for extinction because of their ability to devastate mankind with death and disease ? 

Fake news may be real news twisted into a fear campaign for sensationalism or to bolster another story like global warming. Global warming could be taken more seriously if there were not new snow records being broken the world over. Iran has seen snow further down the mountains than ever recorded. those epic snowfalls here are going to turn into floods and mud slides the west coast has turned into a Godless place so I do not look for weather commensurate with healing their lands but another disaster coming if they do not turn from their course.

I do not know and I am not prophesying but if it is not a blessing it is a curse, and why are so many troubles pulling a train on the west coast states ? it seems as if nothing they do works no matter how much money they take in it's not enough their plans end up to fail or too soon or not enough I know there are good people there, I also know that Sodom and Gomorrah had a few and they were told to leave.  Egypt had a famine coming and Daniel was raised to address the problem, he not only overcame but saved others beyond the borders and his family because he listened to God --- listening to God is knowing what he has said and when trouble threatens or strikes fall back on those scriptures, like training where what you learned saves you in a crisis.

We have to trust our gut if our guts are full of wisdom and not knee jerk philosophy IMHO.

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