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Your being robbed

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‘Rain Tax’ Likely To Become Reality In New Jersey, The bill passed in the Senate and the Assembly and is now headed to Gov. Phil Murphy’s desk.

Once you give government the right to tax you give them the right to drive your out on the street. HOA fees water district and sewer bods school taxes toll roads city state and federal taxes rob your family of quality time --when was the last time you were able to go on vacation ? when were you able to take out the family to a concert game or other bonding event how about just camping ? well that gets screwed as you have to have a license to fish for anyone older than 16 check your laws and that includes in parks. Parks are no bargain any more and city parks have become dope dealer heaven, here we have at least one instance of violence a week in each park in the Houston area. Than all the democrats because it is illegal aliens drug dealing or drunk and fighting or robbing locals Houston has a dead body problem they find them all the time women are property they are sold for sex / prostitution and if they try to escape there are friendly neighborhood chapters in all decent size cities that will pick them up and beat them down and put them back on the street.

I cannot see why the womans groups that bit@h and moan about women's rights and never touch the third rail of illegal alien violence against women some cultures children are sexually ab used more so than others and south America is infested with whore houses protected with private security and enabled by local police the politicians are just slightly more corrupt here they have made corruptions legal by politicians look at election laws and how they are able to accumulate cash donations and use it for their personal use as long as it is undercover of political meetings dinners and travel to government events even in other nations these government junkets are all on the tax payer tit and they need more and more reasons to tax you out of your home a friend pays 5,000 a year in home taxes and he owns it, sounds more like rent to me how about you ? none of us own sh*t if you own property or not you pay the taxes if your rent goes up many times it is taxes that drove it up but the renter looks like a greedy crook when all they are trying to do is make enough to hang on to the property.

America has a growing number of retirees that live like vagabonds in their cars because they cannot afford to live in a home all the costs above out pace retirement income to a point where they cannot afford to buy food or pay for their SSI part B or their drug plan.

until it parks in your front yard 99% of you will ignore the problem that taxes are driving prices up and all of us into the poor house -- and we don't have them any more so it's into the street for you and your children will not be able to support the home you have now for a long time it has always been the plan to kill off part of the population sell off land to wealthy foreigners and you work for them live on their property and if you don't grovel your fired and no one else would hire you because your a trouble maker up into the 1960's that was a way a lot of people in England Ireland and Scotland had to put up with watch the old movies and see how they literally lived on pocket change and had to bunk up owning a home is an American dream that overtook the world it did not come from the English they allowed slums for over a hundred years and and debtors prisons. Americans need to wake up before your put down like a sick dog.

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