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Try preparing for this !

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Try preparing for this ! Northern California town is sinking, The tiny town of Arbuckle in Northern California sank more than two feet in nine years.

Ten earthquakes strike the coast of Northern California in less than 24 hours Sunday, February 3, 2019

California reservoir conditions

California has spearheaded so many perverse laws, some just evil or not well thought out, and Karma has come home to roost. Any state or leader following their ideals should be aware that there is a price for immorality and arrogance against a higher power, who I choose to call God cannot intercede because He has been rejected in all His precepts in making law, schools, higher education and morality. They have given out free condoms and contraceptives and sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancies have not changed, abortion, suicides, drug addiction and overdose increasing. Homelessness, crime and mental health unchecked or worse uncontrollable.

Every natural disaster imaginable plagues them,  their decisions haunt them and all the freedoms America allows 3rd largest economy and yet no peace. The more they pander to immorality and habitual licentious ( lacking legal or moral restraints, especially : disregarding sexual restraints )  their citizens are drawn in or are victims of their failure to recognize and promote decent working people, instead increasing their tax burden and pissing away into programs that are not the domain of government but the religious sector, as government cannot cure only enable IMO.

After watching all the mega cities throw money resources and listen to academic theory instead of biblical teachings --since the late 1960s we were not in debt to now 21 trillion the difference we had a church on every corner we had morality laws and capitol punishment instead  improving on convicting with real evidence and be double sure, we plod along the same failed system expecting different results District Attorney's are touting convictions instead of proper justice that does not produce respect most people do not have faith in the system because they know too many that have gotten a raw deal and not justice everyone knows that a public defender is a rubber stamp on a prison sentence they are officers of the court paid by the court to promote the D.A.'s stats on convictions, we all saw th O.J. trial the Specter trail where they were guilty as hell and waked or avoided the death penalty because they could afford a real lawyer. 

Who was the geologist on this project or who would build a spillway on a fault line or has the geology changed because of new geological activity. I do know that this is not good for the residents downstream. who would buy a home or land in the path of a eventual disaster.

A closer view of of the heavily damaged spillway at Lake Oroville on April 11, 2017.

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