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Financial standing of U.S. cities

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This a PDF file in the link below  you will find the information on pages 12 and 13 of how much debt per taxpayer for each city in RED

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to run for President of the United States and under his leadership nothing has been done to limit the scope or cost of government as it stood in 2016 each New Yorker has a personal stake of 62,500 dollars of debt.

New York City ranks last because of its massive, growing debts. Despite elected officials’ long-standing claims of “balanced budgets,” the city has about$70 billion in unfunded pension benefits, and nearly $80 billion in retiree healthcare debt, so eventually retirees will not get a check and be forced to work until they die, that will skew jobs to older people and exclude younger people for lower paying jobs-- why hire millennials most have poor work ethic spend most of their time on the phone and have irrational demands for employment.

If you work for these cities even in a peripheral way you will be impacted God help you plan now or suffer the loss of all you have worked for IMO.

State of cities 2016 it is worse now 3 years on

33.El Paso, TX, pg. 9234.  -4,400

Albuquerque, NM, pg. 9435.

Denver, CO, pg. 9636.

Phoenix, AZ, pg. 9837.

Anaheim, CA, pg. 10038.

San Diego, CA, pg. 10239.

Toledo, OH,pg. 10440.

Columbus, OH, pg. 10641.

Saint Paul, MN, pg. 10842.

Cleveland, OH, pg. 11043.

Virginia Beach, VA,pg. 11244.

Lexington, KY, pg. 11445.

Mesa, AZ, pg. 11646.

Seattle, WA, pg. 11847.

Los Angeles, CA, pg. 12048.

Jacksonville, FL, pg. 12249.

Omaha, NE, pg. 12450.

Memphis, TN, pg. 12651.

Minneapolis, MN, pg. 12852.

Detroit, MI, pg. 13053.

Milwaukee, WI, pg. 13254.

Tucson, AZ, pg. 13455.

Kansas City, MO, pg. 13656.

San Jose, CA, pg. 13857.

Baltimore, MD,pg. 14058.

Atlanta, GA, pg. 14259.

Houston, TX, pg. 14460.

Boston, MA, pg. 14661.

Miami, FL, pg. 14862.

Fort Worth, TX, pg. 15063.

Cincinnati, OH, pg. 15264.

Nashville, TN, pg. 15465.

Honolulu, HI, pg. 15666.

St. Louis, MO, pg. 15867

.Pittsburgh, PA, pg. 16068.

New Orleans, LA, pg. 16269.

Oakland, CA, pg. 16470.

Portland, OR, pg. 16671.

Dallas, TX, pg. 16872.

San Francisco, CA, pg. 17073.

Philadelphia, PA, pg. 17274.

Chicago, IL, pg. 17475.

New York City, NY, pg. 176   -62,500

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