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Conspiracy theory 101 it's not a conspiracy if you can prove it.

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Conspiracy theory 101, it's not a conspiracy if you can prove it.

You would think that the death of 70,000 human beings would spark some interest in finding our who, what where and why as in who supplied the arms ? why in the last days of WWII did someone have the foresight to ship all the excess arms of the plan to invade japan, which we no longer needed since we won the war with Japan were to be sent to to Vietnam to a man called Ho Chi Minh and the rest to Seoul Korea  years before the wars in both countries, about 5 minutes in

The reasoning why people knew John F. Kennedy was murdered how a person would know that Lee Harvey Oswald was a alphabet man find this fact 39 minutes in and the Nazi connection. our pulling out foreign assets, German officers someone knew the cold war would set in once the bullets quit flying.

Did anyone know we made ex Nazi's officers in our military ? and under paper clip brought in whole families of ex Nazi's to work on jet engines and rocketry.....

Numerous tidbits that unless you were a fly on the wall.

How nothing is a coincidence Bankers, lawyers and oilmen have Malthusianism  ideals in their heart, you, me the masses they think we are all worthless eaters and deserve to be used, slaughtered in war, euthanized, aborted and manipulated to make this play called life look like it has some meaning where they control the strings of the puppets we call leaders, notice we never see the marionette who works just above the stage.


someday when I'm found floating in my Cheerios know it was NOT by my own hand, I'm a Lucky Charms kinda guy ^_^

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