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I am pro abortion ----

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I am all for abortion up to --no limits no matter what age on the right we call it capitol punishment or self defense. It is impossible for me to contemplate the termination of an innocent person born or unborn but the democrats defend people like Cathy Griffin, Madonna and all the other "beautiful people that want to harm our president and anyone on the right that works for the administration and they really hate republicans or independents that voted for President Trump.

I find it an oxymoron that demoncrats crave the blood of the innocent but fight like a wildcat to protect evil vile criminal behavior, Democrats are calling for the killing of the high school kids wearing MAGA hats an elected president and all those that support free speech, protecting the lives of the innocent / unborn ? they give excuses not to execute condemned murderers  that have killed children and unarmed women ? and all the while say that it is they that protect the rights of women ?

If your white you don't have the right to live or have an opposing view unless your a transgender or a SJW or one of the individuals that identify as  GLBTQ or 62 different genders . If your an American that wants to protect your family from drugs rape or murder by criminals or even asking that aliens be vetted before they can be allowed in our country your  a xenophobe a racist or a brutal selfish one of the  basket of deplorables.

The left is full of unintelligible or defendable ideals on the one hand kill unborn up to the head crowning but let the children of color that commit horrible crimes against humanity that if you were a soldier committed  they would ask that you be imprisoned for life or executed. Democrats scream that opioids are killing people but do not vote for a wall to keep the gangs and drugs our? they proclaim that they are the protectors of womanhood and yet when women like Kathryn Steinle, 32 and thousands of others that have been kidnapped, murdered or sexually assaulted but that's fine as long as no one calls for a wall it's OK to be a democrat and serve in government and be a girlfriend / wife beater make lude comments against staffers or grope them male or female, is it not still an assault if a man gropes a man if it is an unwanted advance or because it is a man there is no grounds for sexual impropriety against them ?

Democrats love all the illegal alien babies give them free healthcare food stamps help pay for neonatal care for pregnant illegals help with housing and utilities but for An American mother they want you to murder your baby ?

If your a democrat you need to think about the possibility that the people that your electing are insane. that your unable to see the contradictory nature of the left and democrats. consider that if your white they want you dead because of your "white privilege" they want to give your job to a person of color  abort your children or marry into a family of color and accept only the narrative they project vote for only those issues they promote. the left hates their own if they have independent thoughts vote republican or call out a democrat for breaking rules or improper sexual behavior, that is a cardinal sin if your a democrat.

Alexandria Ocassio Ortez comes from  a well to do family had all the options of education and after she got her share want to shut the door behind her, How and why do you ask I come to that conclusion, because if you tax the rich who is going to fund those left wing colleges build a new wing on hospitals invest in medical advancements if they are taxed at 70 yo 90% ??? and if she cuts their throat does she really think that they will donate to her campaigns ? 

Free doesn't mean anything, if your a moron a free college education will only last a semester and your going to be out on your azz, a free apartment after you fail to clean it or destroy it or turn it in to a crash pad and party room you will get kicked out. Should the government give you food stamps and you barter them for alcohol or drugs when your caught they cut you off, Once the bank runs dry you'll get NOTHING. In Las Vegas they round up homeless people to keep them off the streets so as not to scare off the tourists. In many counties the democrats that ran the counties into the ground and cannot afford to pay promised retirement to city workers are going broke and the retirees find themselves having to go back to work.

There is no nice way to put it you have voted in a slick used car salesman that promises anything you ask for but once you have a mechanical problem you find the contract is not worth the paper it's written on, and you end up with a vehicle that does not run on blocks because the neighborhood dope heads steal everything off it, you still owe the payments and have to take a bus to work and every day the vehicle gets older more stuff gets stolen off it you get a ticket for having an abandon vehicle it gets towed and taken for lot fees.  If they gave you a free vehicle could you be responsible and take care of it ? hell no it takes a good portion of pay to keep insurance maintain it keep it full of gas register it every year and be a responsible driver, we see that children and young people are not responsible and if you kill someone driving your azz is grass and the same system that said you deserve everything free will put you in prison !

The cheese in the trap is free for the rat the bait in the cage is free trying to get away with it is when you find out too late and get your neck snapped or caught and taken away or shot in the head. Free stuff never gets respect people find they want newer bigger better free stuff and more and more free stuff.

I ran night clubs the people that worked were basically pimps or  whores both the men and the women sometimes I had to pick them up because of failures of their personal responsibility to keep or maintain a vehicle, their partner took the car or sold it for dope or some other reason and while in their place that they did not own they would have tables cluttered with cologne or perfume new expensive clothes but if they had kids no beds for them they slept on the floor or on a futon or couch and it went from that to squalor or a complete dump stinking dishes piled up in the sink garbage overflowing onto the floors empty liquor bottles all over, dirty clothes piled in every corner the floor never saw a vacuum cleaner or a mop. How many times would I have to bail them out of a jam like I was their parent and how many times did I have to fire them for being drunk or high at work or catch them in the bathrooms shooting up or giving sex for money --- did I say these bars were not upper crust establishments ? they weren't..

Having been around the world it's all the same the lowest 20% commit all the crime are drunks alcoholics fight argue abuse each other pimp or whore around and or kill each other as you climb the social ladder less violent but just as much criminality but a differing sort white collar crimes perversion and drugs or alcohol problems. The common denominator no moral values or self control BUT, I have seen when they accept God for real change real lasting change sobriety responsibility less strife fewer problems and they finally open their eyes and are mortified as to what they have allowed in their lives and the things they have done and fight to change their circumstances problem many come to that realization too late dying of disease or murdered and worse in some incident no fault of their own a life wasted never having experienced the life God wanted for them.

If you do not follow a God that requires responsibility sobriety and rules he sit down to protect you from turning yourself into a failure, your loosing ground every day until the sands of time run out for you IMHO.

If you ask if I was perfect, the answer is no, but by the grace of God I figured it out before the end of all people that do not turn from their horrible ways, institutionalization insanity or death. I ask you to turn away now from voting agreeing with or molding your life to a system a way of life that will fail you because it requires no responsibility or morality of  yourself it says do as you will until they have no more need of you, then the ignore you or cast you out --- where are these loving democrats when you in jail prison or the insane asylum I have never seen ONE visit a halfway house except to open it when did they visit a prison when in hells name did they go to a insane asylum to see the conditions or a old folks home ??? they cry and wring their hadds and have harsh words on camera but do nothing but demand money for new programs that fail to work and require more funding and more oversight that are blind -- use your reason before it's too late.

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Democrats, your in luck if your kid has a disability is ugly or looks like your Ex you ca abort them after birth or try it before you buy it !

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D.) commented Wednesday about a controversial 40-week abortion bill and in so doing said the law allows an abortion to take place after the infant's birth.

I'm all for euthanasia, democrats first, so if there are any side effects you can tell us republicans so we ca improve it---for you :rolleyes:


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