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Democrats are leading the way !

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Democrats are leading the way !

New York passes bill allowing abortion up to birth, for any reason January 22, 2019

New York Democrats Pass “Sanctuary State” Bill will not enforce law and order February 7, 2017.

Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., isn’t on the fringe of the Left. He is the second ranking member of the Democratic National Committee a T-shirt that literally said “I don’t believe in borders.”

A group of House lawmakers mostly democrat is calling on the Department of Veterans affairs to incorporate gender reassignment surgery as part of its coverage for U.S. veterans, calling denial of the procedure for transgender people “unconscionable.” I can't even get dental on many of my issues some only because they were service connected.

No Visible American Flags Present At The Democrat Convention 07/25/2016 When your a globalist flags borders and rules don't apply.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said America 'We're not going to make America great again - it was never that great,' said Cuomo, during a speech Aug 16, 2018, many in the crowd cheered.

Voting Rights for Felons Becoming a Key Issue for Democrats, Florida has emerged as a battleground in the fight over the 6 million people, in and out of jail, who can't vote because they were convicted of a felony. This is becoming a default position for Democrats. It's part of the party's pushback against Republican voting measures, such as voter ID requirements, that Democrats believe are too restrictive or even suppressive. hey lets let the drunk drivers to write the DUI laws how about wife beaters we can pass hit that bit@h law. lets allow forgers and money launderers to make banking laws. or pedophiles to make internet rules. Yea it's a brave new world no borders on anything mothers can marry their children nudity for everyone.

Democrats want to give illegals the right to vote, It should be noted up front that it is illegal for undocumented immigrants to vote in federal elections. As 18 USC 611: Voting by Aliens Voting is for tax paying citizens so they control the purse strings if they want to support any cause they are perfectly able to give financial and physical aid to any cause except those that undermine the U.S. interest. or else you get a bunch of freeloaders voting themselves special privileges money and rights not afforded to citizens like get out of jail free or Sharia law animal sacrifice sex with minors hey lets allow children to vote so they can vote in underage weed smoking and drinking sex on the buss be able to wear a thong only at school or not have to go to school at all !

If I lived in New York I would get out,  This kind of thinking is demonic it is infanticide more like murder, if you agree with this your a monster a gutless vile sick twisted monster and did you wish your mother had aborted YOU.  The next pn the list means that New York loves criminal aliens more than the citizens this is insane, Guomo drives in a 2 vehicle cadre with about 6 body guards with guns but he does not believe in the 2nd amendment he could care less if your attacked or killed by an alien or a criminal. New York and liberals love alien babies but want you to abort yours ?

Understand that until the child's head exits the womb it is not birth or a child it is tissue lake a tumor in as far as New York and most democrats feel about it. These self righteous people are all for saving animals and go into fits over people raising animals for food  but F -you if you care about children. They do not want to talk about the depression of a mother that aborted their child or suicides associated with abortion. there are those that go over the edge and live horribly immoral lives drinking and drugging to cover the pain or because that is their intensions all along they do not want responsibility of raising a child.

Joshua 24:15 King James Version (KJV)

15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

I do not give anything to animal rights or anything having to do with New York, if it happens there I don't want to support or help as that is the most arrogant place and I do not want to be associated with anything they do because as far as I have seen it's all evil. Same with most cities and states that have that kind of thinking. Evil people bring disaster on themselves and anyone around them.

I add to this Venezuela we need to stay out of it these people made a choice and like a dope addict  if socialism kills them so be it. a good 1/3 of Venezuela still believes in socialism unless they pay to total bill they will slide back into the socialist sewer, I hate to watch it and you and the world can pray it changes but face it, if the people are ungodly will God move, He can't they have the free will to reject him and His help. IMHO they don't want to change they just want someone to save them like a murderer who got caught they are only sorry they got caught and will do anything not to pay for their sin. It is not enough to change government, if you replace them with the same it's like a whore or a pimp changing their clothes they are still whores and pimps. Does this mean that a people or place cannot find redemption and salvation NO anyone and any group can II Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. PERIOD

The problem is that evil people reject good advice and counsel and will spit in your face,  rob or kill you the minute you turn your back . How many children kill their parents hoping to get their home and money, how many people have to die for pocket money robbing fast food and convenience stores before we figure out that evil is real it hates society it's own family. Satanism is rising wicca or witchcraft the occult worshiping other gods like nature trees rocks the sun. Astrology divination by numerology tarot cards Necromancy or speaking or communicating with the dead this includes seances spirit guides. Divination is also automatic writing any action meant to foretell the future or alter it by action or deed, even a little thing as reading your horoscope is evil because it opens your mind to witchcraft. Meditation, is to focus on nothing or repress your inner thoughts, so what do people think about money, sexual matters, and problems the agnostic or unbeliever tries to think about a solution and that is only a plan or try to shoot an angle to acquire what you desire, it is not asking God for his will in your life it is manifesting or plotting to get your way.

Love is the most relied on alibi or excuse in all history love is not giving your child everything they want or your spouse. do you allow your spouse to have sex with others ? do you allow them to spend all the money you have on everything but bills and food ? do you allow your children to have sex drink and do drugs while under your roof or do you advise them or allow it ? do you lie to family friends or police to cover for their damages improprieties ? do you give them money and not expect that they use it properly ? then your the problem, your an idiot, love does not allow people to destroy themselves it does not lie steal or cheat it dose not cover up or enable, It does however if unchecked bury it's mistakes or gets buried by them usually too young too soon.

Responsible that is what God requires, Satan does not, he does not care who what where when you do anything, there are no limits on drugs alcohol sex over eating gambling lying stealing the only sin is to be caught, outed  or be known if that happens your a failure a looser a bum because only the strong survive only the sneaky and perverse know how to wiggle between the lines and not be caught. One promise all your so called friends will disappear like magic.

All have sinned, it is only those that realize it that have a chance to save themselves and not get in deeper. A hacker got into a online hookup site and posted all the names and addresses etc. and people committed suicide over it. How many relationships are destroyed every day for all the illicit reasons and how many stay together for doing the right things. Your in control you have free will if you allow any evil in it makes a home and like that little blob of grease floating in your sink your life will be sucked down and gone IMHO. change your ways change your party because your going to be judged for it. Even agnostics and atheist believe in judgment, the call it Karma.


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