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It's getting crazier yet !

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You can be bullied and attacked by groups and not legally able to defend yourself !

man defends himself against group of girls gets arrested

I read many of the posts to this story and none that I saw were none were defending the girl that got punched because she was one of the group pushing and assaulting the man before he reacted.

This is what is happening in Rio De Jenerio  for years bands of children attack adults and it was never addressed so it is now out of control children are not always the victim and they are not always sugar spice and all things nice and police have a problem identifying or arresting children and women and the courts seldom give women jail time or fines approaching that of men in similar circumstances. Recently more than one case women have been deeply involved in murders but not the killer and got nest to nothing while a male with the same guilt but did not commit the murder got yeas in prison so just how is that equal justice ?

This is not new it is going on in Portland and Seattle where ANTIFA mobs are attacking people damaging private property and vehicles wile the police stand down and just idly watch.

Lawlessness is where one group is allowed to run roughshod over another and it never fails to evolve into a nightmare,

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This in a good economy with more jobs ?

Chicago police are reporting gunpoint robberies targeting people wearing pricey Canada Goose jackets as temperatures plunge in the city.

Over the past two weeks, police say there's been a spate of the thefts in which people wearing the luxury coats have been targeted and forced to give up the jackets. The coats can cost upward of $1,000 and are often seen on celebrities.

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Raphael Samuel, 27,wants to sue his parents for giving birth to him 'without his consent' as part of 'anti-natalist' movement that says having children is morally wrong

has compared having children to 'kidnapping and slavery' 

On his Facebook page he sends anti-natalist posts to hundreds of followers 

He intends to sue his parents despite having a 'great relationship' with them 

IMHO 'anti-natalist like hundreds of neodweeb fashioned words erupts like puss out of a pimple when their feelings come under pressure. 

These snowflake sjw types, socialists and gender enthralled pathetic whiners make me wonder if they are sane, 50 years ago they would be in a straight jacket IMO.

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