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Primitive hunting and fishing skills

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Primitive well we can dispense with too many explanations but suffice to say practice is needed to hunt with a sling or to be able to aim your bait and send it without getting it stuck in a tree.or guide it under a obstacle. I decided to find good videos so people could download them and follow along or for those that like visuals like I do think makes it easier to capture the minute details.

The staff sling is able to throw a larger stone / rock at higher velocities than a sling alone

Shepherds Sling: Build and ShootHow to build A Coke Bottle Fishing Reel!!

Warning you may still need a license to "fish" so ask your game wardens office on the legalities. I like the coke bottle reel as it give me a bottle to contain live bait like worms crickets grubs etc, all you need is a plug for it.

Another good rig is an Atlatl

A primitive weapon  the  atlatlAtlatl Weights as a Counter Balance

The Bola  or Boleadoras this video is to build a really primitive one I consider to heavy and this one is a bit short, the Bola is used to leg tangle or break the neck of animals. not as good as the stick sling or Atlatl  for some types of hunting IMO.

Here is a man making a Crossbow and with all the scrap metal I think we could produce a much more effective one with less trouble.

Primitive Life-Make Arbalest-CrossBow-Primitive Technology used!


Next is an Apache throwing star here weight length of sticks and a few other considerations may make this an option to hunt ground animals.

Apache Throwing Star: Primitive Hunting Weapon!

There are fishing spears or arrows that can be used with some of these weapons  where the tip is held on by cordage and once it penetrates a fish and the pole is removed or fish flashes forward the tip comes off and turns sideways to keep it from coming out others spread and have barbs that are not easily escaped from by a fish eels or reptiles. on the second video I would use lashing at the base of the splits to keep the tines from splitting out more and I have used a round pebble in the center of my tines as well make more aggressive barbs .if you use wire just make some shallow zig zags in the wire or you can hammer out a barb and file it off on a rock.

Unbelievable Spearfishing INCREDIBLY Giant Fish After StormsPrimitive Spearfishing - Catch n Cook - How to make a Spear (that works)


Here are some weapons that use no metal but are more for human warfare.

Weapons without metal: Far from primitive!

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