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Caliber pairing for survival

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Pairing cartridges or caliber has been a long used option even since black powder flint lock days it makes sense to carry one caliber that exchanges between rifle and pistol.  One issue is the power factor, you do loose some in a pistol straight wall case in a rifle. Certain calibers gain 20% velocity in an 18 inch barrel rifle over the same caliber in a pistol. Round capacity increases exponentially for the most part some semi auto carbines accept the same magazines as certain pistols you just need to research before you buy.

While researching I ran across 3 "starred below"  that balance power accuracy and overall weight of weapons and ammunition were great. I will say that having cases of blammo to back your play is very important.


*22 Long Rifle, some with a bit of trouble loading can fire 22 CBs shorts and longs semi autos can fire but not eject automatically you have to retract the bolt lever it out or jiggle it out yourself.

*22 Magnum, 22 Magnum is a larger diameter so as not be able to chamber or fire in a 22 Long rifle

For both above the 22 long Rifle and 22 Magnum I like the Ruger Single Six pistol with both long rifle and 22 magnum cylinders


*357 Magnum / 38 special great combo only drawback is reload speed you can use speed loaders and pick up the pace but in a revolver your limited to 7 rounds most only take 6 but a 18 inch carbine will hold 9 - 357 magnums.

40 Smith & Wesson, this and the 10MM I had high hope for but the ballistics were poor for the carbine end of the equation

These below have the trajectory of a rainbow heavy bulk / reserve ammo and today they are fairly expensive.

41 Magnum

44 Magnum

45 ACP

45 Long Colt

500 Smith and Wesson,  expensive but its ballistics are pretty good I just don't see anyone carrying a case of 500 shells around with a pistol and the rifle  below is referenced from  outdoor Life with the article ballistics data. H&R has a Handi rifle in 500 S&W weights in at 7 pounds but it has a 22 inch barrel and the price is right..



I am sure that the Big Horn Armory Model 89 carbine w/ 18 inch barrel will show similar ballistics but it does weight in at 7 pounds 10 ounces naked. below is a link to their web site.

Model 89 Carbine 18" 500 S&W


I look at a weapon to use in hunting of self defense under normal circumstances, beyond that there are other platforms and pairings for completely different tactics. you may know best.

I was taken aback by an article on the 5.56 using green tip and all the information on "ice picking" well the meat of this is military ball is supposed to wound not kill and that's a misnomer through the article, I noticed they did not account for shock wave or energy imparted to the body, This is the expanding of the cavity cratered by the passing through of the projectile and it is very destructive. to compare an icepick inserted by had to a projectile moving 2,00 to 3,200 feet per second is apples and oranges,  in fact shoot an apple or an orange @ 100 yards and see for yourself. 

Ballistics gives a lot of information as long as you ask the right questions I like ballistic gel tests but without bone substitution in the medium again apples and oranges. angle of strike what organs intestines or arteries. These articles act as if a head shot would be no more than something a person would swat at like a fly, So silly because if that is true then AP or FMJs in 7.62 are as bad since the velocity is lower and only .104 larger bullet weight could not be a factor as it's just a bigger ice pick.

Back in the day soldiers pissed and moaned about the same stuff old heads thought 7.62X51 was wimpy and a lot of them complained about the 45 kicked like a mule inaccurate blah blah and I had some 45s that rattled like crazy and had no problems hitting  targets at defensive distances not a X ring shooter but it was not designed for that. 45 knocks a person down well sometimes it is not a magic sword either , then the same arguments with 9MM if you live long enough you find people gripe about anything back in the day for a mere 1,000 bucks your could get a 25 ACP Davis pistol and a box of 50 shells in Nicaragua and were damn glad to have it.  It's all relative during the L.A. riots people were trying to get anything because that was when there was a waiting period. way back when the flintstones ruled the world kids made zip guns and people that got shot with them didn't brush it off in fact many died. so quit listening to fools and practice to where you can hit a tennis ball  out to a hundred yards bouncing moving and you will have what it takes to put them where they count IMHO.

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I think your better off sticking to the woods to practice. as an individual not of a paid task force with an unlimited training budget and all your trying to do is defend hearth and home those distances are adequate I would train more with the pistol and get out to 50 foot. or better.

close in fighting is a better option for a family or small groups, E&E hit and run knowing your terrain and make sure your never boxed in.

The eye of a needle from my  Jewish historical understanding is a doorway that is half height single width with a higher threshold and lower lintel, forcing those who try to enter to contort themselves and keep them from bum rushing into the doorway, windows need to have bars or wire like cattle panel it is something you can get ready now along with plywood window covers in the event of storms. consideration of a hidden exit would be another on the list

lessons from history include the Indian wars where hostiles burned the homestead if the inhabitants were to hard to kill off. and old cowboy tactics of plugging the flue smoking out the inhabitants this was also used to rid the home of insects and rats  the smoke residue lasts for a season in some instances sulfur was burned but that can kill people damage lungs at the least so it is dangerous but was done to clear the home of critters this was also why lye soap and boiling laundry to kill off bed bugs fleas and ticks moping floors down with lye soap. well I have jumped topic, but that is the way of things once you breach modern thought and look back.

I am not positive but if I had to start today and make choices of caliber I would still choose Nato standard o f 5.56X45can fire .223 but not the other way round  7.62X51 or .308 Winchester these are the same  12ga and 9MM once you veer off that path the amount of ammo on the shelf is slim to none but these calibers have warehouses full This is a lesson form the great ammo shortage people still have not learned the hard lesson. The depression lasted from 1927 until we exited WWII and then it was still hard until the 1950s for many people. another example is Venezuela economics has been in free fall since 2010 and it is at it's worst today so if this is the cellar they would have at east 8 years to climb out. Economic troubles last decades so people need to prepare for long duration problems I tell people the 1K rule for every arm consider there are 365 days in a year and you need to eat at least once a day so how long will 1K last ? and that does not figure in having to defend your homestead. The Normalcy Bias is where common sense is overthrown by the minds inability to perceive a threat or the duration or scope from past experience. Ask anyone that has lived through long term disasters and you can hear it in their voice. even people today are living through hell loosing everything but because it is not common people go about their daily lives unconcerned and distant. I recall the saying when your working it a recession when your unemployed it devastation because in 90 days if your home and car are not paid the banks start proceedings to get them  you can only live off your credit cards so long and they cut them off also remember unemployment pays less than a real job. Venezuela is a perfect example of how the government pays its people the equated value of 3 days money to last 30 as their inflation rises it reduces that value even further.

The lesson to learn is that if you don't have it today when you can afford it you damn sue can't afford it when you can afford to pay rent utilities and vehicle payments where even what you have your selling to make bills and the selling price is less than now because everyone is selling sometimes it's so bad pawn shops turn away people because they have a pile they can't sell in the back some pawn shops back in the day opened another pawn shop  in a different town to sell off stock to people that had work and expendable cash. People under 30 today don't know that did not live through it so the concept is foreign to them that even in America we have had tough times but not like other nations but it can happen here and when it does it will be worse than the depression IMHO.

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That's great wally every check a box of something, like savings a little over time adds up. Many people that retire they go into shell shock once the difference between full time and retirement for some becomes a reality.

Since most people that decide to do something money factors in with the reality that getting by in hard times concerns them or what if they loose their job during a severe downturn.

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One of my all-around favorite pairs of guns is my Marlin 1894CL in .357, and my 4" S& W Model 66 in .357. Great combo that you can take anything short of moose or really big bears with here in Maine. The Marlin has a Lyman 66 receiver sight and is otherwise stock - but will easily keep all its rounds on a paper plate offhand at 75 yards, maybe even 100 on a good day.

I also have an early pre-crossbolt Winchester 1894 Trapper in .44 Magnum to pair with a 4" Mag-Na-Ported S&W Model 629 - but really, with full-tilt handloads, both of these guns really with just beat the snot out of you so they don't get shot much.

But really, either one of these rifles would be stellar self-defense rigs - they hold 10 rounds each and a good levergun guy can run one FAST.

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