Supplies to have on hand in hard times.

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figure out what size PVC your household uses including lines from your meter and have a selection of PVC fittings some 1/4 turn valves and cans of PVC glue and a few joints of pipe.

Stainless steel hose clamps all different sizes.

Barbed wire

nails box of  16D and 30D common nails or box nails

wire staples.

Rolls of bailing wire metal tie wire

sheets of plywood enough for covering windows and doors.

tarps enough to cover your roof

Black and clear 6mil thick or better plastic ( visqueen ) large rolls

1/8th 2,000 lb strength and 1/4 inch cable 7,000 pounds strength sometimes called aircraft cable.

5 gallon bucket of roofing tar

6 pack of bathroom caulk and a 6 pack of silicone caulk w/ a caulking gun

extension cords 12 ga wire size and 3 way adapters.

rope braided is best

1x 4s -- 2x4s and some 4x4s look for scrap old sign post and some landscaping timbers.

old school hand saw, cat claw, crow bars a pair so you can walk the dog, hammers framing, shop and carpenter, string  level 3 foot level, plumb bob, screw driers a few measuring tapes, speed square, set of wood chisels, set wood gimlets, bow saw machete limb loppers /cutters draw knife.

Shovels square point spade or pointed shovel trenching shovel or called a sharpshooter and ax real double bit not a half ax, grubbing hoe, pitch fork 4 prong, sledge hammer, steel wedges, post hole diggers, rakes heavy cast and a metal fan type leaf rake.  garden hoe. digging bar or pinch bar, chain falls minimum 1 ton, tow chains and binders. yo yo or sling blade.

These are bare minimum if you have older children multiples to wasting time swapping tools. or moving large loads. figure on manual labor as the mode of work counting on fuel driven or electric motors to do work if it's not available you are ever so screwed.



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yes yes yes I don't think of this as anything other than necessities. I keep up to 48 of each AAA AA  batteries and a dozen of both in rechargeable.

using adapters, a AA can be used in place of C or D cell batteries, using a AAA you need to use a ball of aluminum foil to make up the length of a AA battery.

I transitioned over to all AAA and AA versions of lights I also use 9V in Paklite's because of the length of time they will operate and it's not much larger than a 9V battery the caps on mine glow after using so you can find it the cap is also orange.

The LED cob lanterns are so good I have one in each room and each vehicle I keep extra batteries in the glove box of all me vehicles and in my BOB / GHB's

I have solar panels I can use on site or take with me. also one in my truck with a charge controller w/ a dual battery system.

Keeping several flashlights one on my key chain one in my pocket a couple in my truck one a LED cob lantern and one that will take a single AA. it's a head lamp, having a hands free light is always a good idea and a lanyard or clip  is more important as dropping a light or loosing it is not necessary 

Light is your enemy for the most part certain situations like spelunking or traveling in rough terrain at night you may want light but if your not in danger of life or limb stay put at night, a decent light can signal far enough to attract attention if signaling is important have a personal locator beacon, flare gun  or a SAT phone the international distress signal is 3 shots fired in succession. or using morse code ...---...  it is not done well by using the battery switch just use your hand as a shutter. other signals are locally understood so know your region signaling have a map signaling into nowhere is not helpful high ground and signal toward a well traveled road or a town don't waste your batteries wait till you see vehicle headlights or it is dark enough for someone at a distance can see you always have a signal mirror if not for signaling to check your teeth hair or for a zit on your date I don't want it used for a shoe mirror either !!!

Whenever I give blood I keep the rubber tourniquet numerous uses including mounting a light on a bike or wrist.

On this planet everyone needs a knife, pen or pencil, Bic lighter, flashlight  w/ extra battery and a bandana  and if your traveling a signal mirror. These are minimal pocket or purse items. Consider the power goes out in a building and no one has checked emergency lighting and it is pitch dark you have a flashlight , someone gives you the creeps have your knife at the ready. in a dire emergency you can set off a smoke detector  JUST DON'T START A FIRE you can't handle.

My all time favorite knife is a Swiss army Explorer NO KNOCK OFFS brand name only Chinese knock offs are junk if it does not have these features / tools  it a waste of money IMHO

Explorer Knife

  1. large blade
  2. small blade
  3. can opener
  4. screwdriver 3 mm
  5. bottle opener
  6. wire stripper
  7. screwdriver 6 mm
  8. reamer, punch and sewing awl
  1. corkscrew
  2. scissors
  3. magnifying glass
  4. Phillips screwdriver 1/2
  5. multipurpose hook
  6. toothpick
  7. tweezers
  8. key ring
  • Nothing stops you from carrying a sword gun or any other weapon but they won't do what this knife will I have tried to open a can with a bayonet or rake out a splinter with a common pocket knife and if your glasses break the magnifier works in a pinch and in sunlight it starts a fire no problem.



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Some of the pain and suffering in Venezuela and a dozen other countries that are in financial stress os the ability to find over the counter medications, for among other reasons but either there are no medications available or the cost is prohibitive.

One caution is to know if you or whomever your giving the medication to is allergic or not. Jusrt to inform people Epi-pens are of limited help in a severe case of anaphylaxis the basic idea for them is to stave off death until an ambulance can arrive, they have limited supplies in some cases but can usually get the patient to the hospital where doctors have an abundance of knowledge and supplies to handle the problems that crop up associated with anaphylaxis.

I guess the idea here is for the individual to know and stock enough medications to handle most common but uncomfortable minor illnesses but that is not all truth as many minor illnesses can become life threatening PDQ , what could be the flu or slight fever can in hours kill by being pneumonia. Untreated cuts or abrasions can turn septic and that infection can kill I think it was Lord Carnarvon  Thought to stem from an infected mosquito bite on his cheek, he was diagnosed with “erysipelas and streptococcal blood poisoning” on March 17, 1923.Carnarvon died early in the morning on April 5;  he had had a high fever, severe pain, pneumonia in both lungs, and eventually heart and respiratory failure.

Some of the OTC or over the counter medications you should consider are cold and flu syrups. Cough suppressants, aspirin and non aspirin pain medications, diarrhea medications,  toothache treatments like Red Cross toothache liquid, on the other end are Colace, Ducosate and milk of magnesia for constipation daily vitamins and a selections of antiseptics such as running alcohol, I use vodka instead as I can use it for barter. Iodine medical iodine cannot be used for purifying water but this as well as peroxide, witch hazel, Mentholatum  because we do not know it what we are treating is a rash or something else that is resistant or what we are treating it with aggravates the situation so if it looks worse or no change in some hours might need to change treatment.

I always keep triple antibiotic ointment on hand with my first aid kit A&D ointment is good coconut oil or even Vaseline hydrocortisone cream and Benadryl  in capsule or topical cream. Eye wash in the form of contact lens fluid. nasal spray (be cautious it is addictive to where you cannot breath through your nose without it. I have found a product called Poi Sian inhalers better than others as the bottom compartment has a bit of oils that can be used on insect bites.

Know one thing all medications have risks if a person is allergic or taking a medication that is incompatible there is no end to the issues that can happen and overdosing is always a problem in those in intense pain or who drink alcohol, alcohol destroys antibiotics so you may as well throw them in the garbage NO ZERO alcohol during the taking of antibiotics and take them all as prescribed, unless there are some bad symptoms. afterward I take some buttermilk to get my stomach cultures back in like as antibiotics raise hell on gut bacteria we need to digest food. there is a product of dried buttermilk powder I use it in cooking because I do not keep fresh on hand as it would go bad before I used it all.

One last consideration is the group of people that fig in their heels about certain medications or the "risks" when you can't afford or for some reason can't get to a doctor all this argument is academic because you will suffer, all this natural sh*t is fine but have some OTC backup or other means to address the problem and keep on hand if possible 90 day supplies of your normal medications too many people in the world have woke up and found they weren't in Kansas anymore, a prepper should not be one of them.


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I am not a doctor, nurse or candy striper neither trained in the medical or veterinarian field, not an embalmer or paid mourner any information is not for treating animals, humans or aliens illegal or extraterrestrial dead or alive. I asked a legal person and I have not gotten an answer, if it is allowed on democrats antifa or cellar dwellers they may cry off /avoid the question so I may never get an answer.

Some facts on survival of people in Bosnia during the war were posted on SC Venezuela will give us more information on what items people really need for log term survival. the worsening problems were somewhat gradual so people were able at one point to prepare but as things got worse, the inflation of printed money took the opportunity away they had to buy food and did not have the money for extras, some need to be listed as priority barter trade and health.

these are over the counter drugs or OTC drugs, if you can stave off congestion infection and pain that frees up energy for the body to fight whatever is attacking it, otherwise your in a death spiral. I am not against natural remedies but if you think outside will be pristine and the weather commensurate with the growing season of said weed leaf or fungi I hate to say it probably won't be.

Having is better than wanting IMO.

The best basic first aid remedies are clean water if the person is conscious and can swallow and the application of heat and cold and learning when to apply them. so have a water bottle and keep fresh boxes of zip lock bags

Remember one illness can use up more than you expect so consider having enough whatever that means to you.


Dayquil Nyquil or variants

Robotussin DM or CF or variants



Excedrin contains aspirin caution



Unless you have knowledge or ask if the person is allergic do not give use on anyone any medication or topical cream.

Aspirin  or rubs or creams that may have aspirin in them

Some comfort or soothing medications to have are

Ben gay

icy hot

vicks vapo rub or variant

for cuts scrapes wash with soap and water not fancy scented soap or shower concoctions and removal all debris you may need to irrigate or even scrub the wound to extract all the particles and pick out gravel or lager bits. it ain't fun but neither is dying from a raging infection so have a few of these all stainless not hobby grade you can find them used on ebay.

Scissors large and small a few differing styles 

hemostats again a few differing styles and sizes

probes or dental picks different styles. cover points with a bit of plastic tubing

Forceps ""   "" ""

dental extraction forceps or stainless (pliers) because electrical pliers are to big or rusty.

Tweezers ""  "" "" 

all of this will fit in a small tool pouch I keep all my stuff in an MTM  survivor case guard dry storage box they come in orange and forest green "waterproof"

having antibiotic single packets and tubes of it stocked is not a bad thing.

Salt is in a weak water solution or contact lens fluid works as eye wash or to irrigate with.

As fo now I gave up on buying rubbing alcohol and just opt for the cheapest vodka I can find it has more uses.

Another item is Bic lighters I like name brand Bic as they work and last I have had cheap lighters leak out in the glove box propane does not freeze unless it gets to be negative 306 degrees below zero with a breeze so nothing to worry about if left in a vehicle. -- 80 proof alcohol doesn't freeze worth a damn either.

Knowing about cupping and how to just in case you need to produce a vacuum to pull infection out of course what you pull out is infestations so precautions of cleanliness need to be maintained. I have only had to use this method once on a human and a few times for large animals but it works I used a large glass coke bottle put a bit of cotton ball on a stick and dipped it in some alcohol lit it and inserted it into the bottle when the fire went out I pressed the mouth centering the spot and the vacuum pulled out the infection repeat until clear of non infected fluid comes out  it will not always work on something deep that has no visible sign on the surface. this is similar to the egg into the bottle trick.

understanding direct pressure the proper use of a tourniquet that it needs to be wide and not cut off blood flow except in the area that is injured if the flow can be limited to a tiny trickle the body can mend itself because it will kill the flesh nerves and muscle of flesh your constricting just read up and have your basic knowledge to be able to use it in a "dire" emergency  just know that people have lost arms and legs from an improper use. life  and death are a trade off again you don't get something for nothing there are times when no help can get to you or it does not exist, thank God in this country that is rare. It was true in the past and may well happen again let's pray not. just know some bleeding cleans the wound.




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One of the troubles in a emergency is of course is water if we have it we don't want to waste it and the issue of cleanliness so I advise having a good supply of: baby wipes, toilet paper and other paper product. How much well I always keep 2 large cases of each paper towels, toilet paper, 100 pack paper plates, and carton of baby wipes I am thinking about increasing this to 2 cartons. When I run out of the first case I buy a replacement and start using the second so I rotate my stock, A good reason to rotate stock is bugs they like paper. fora average 3 person family should be good for a 2 to 3 months.  all used paper products can be burned if there is no water that means you cannot wash dishes flush toilets and washing clothes and body are as needed.

Keeping a home stock of anything is the key if yo don't have it and it is dangerous outside from disease or roving gangs  weather or you just don't have money from power outages or electronic problems you have enough to hopefully ride it out at home. Never buy small box of anything.

Zip lock bags quart and gallon, trash bags 55 gallon yard bags home size and trash bin size.

large3pk container of kitchen wipes.  aluminum foil etc.


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