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1. Apophenia, A tendency to mistakenly perceive connections and meaning between unrelated things.

2. Confirmatory bias, A tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one's preexisting beliefs or hypotheses.

Here are two things we all have to be cautious of when trying to nail down a personal theory,  in order to be orderly and rational, each part of a theory needs to validate each other theory paying attention to a timeline. Who, What, When, Where and how is a synopsis of how to approach an investigation even in a cold case.

The cold case I am interested in is the Biblical narrative of history because Steven Myers DNA and the evidence for intelligent design starts to put a kink in evolution but now we have the seed theory where we were an amalgamation of creatures like Neanderthal or Cro-magnon and crossing with their alien superior genetics. created man, This theory has been proselytized by  Jordan Maxwell, Zecharia Sitchin, Lloyd Pye to name a few/  Problem they have is that archeologist keep finding older and older humans or evidence of humans back 250,000 years or longer but the history of genetically altered man is stating that they "seeded" us within 6 to 10 thousand years therefore we have a timeline problem. There is also a carbon dating problem all the techniques find different ages in the same test subject so the way they address this problem is to date the item as to the ideal geological column and that has problems as we are told certain stratum is millions of years old and yet bones still have soft tissue and blood that can be reconstituted with water when we are told that eventually living things turn to dust but millions of years is not enough time, the fact that 7 billion are alive today in a million years we will be a mile deep in dead bodies. the difference between Cro-magnon and Neanderthal is almost as far apart as a dog and a clam I think it is stated that 98% of our DNA we do not understand what they are some have called them place holders ?

In my mind there is no more important subject than to understand who is our creator or why if aliens are so far ahead of us and so intelligent why do they need to probe people why can they not cogently explain to anyone why they are here and what is their intentions. Once you open the conversation with God or Christ walls go up and rejection to the point of rage, these people are willing to throw tons of money on books invest time as investigators go to national and world wide seminars and after all that none of them are no closer to an answer  just more questions.

You would not believe the arguments between UFO believers bigfoot and extraterrestrials then there are others that will fight you calling bigfoot a humanoid / cryptid, the first nation people (Indians) have always said they are people never an ape then there are a mix of those that consider all this with an inter-dimensional source. One of the problems is all of them want to research here and in space spending billions to figure out or find an alien life that can tell us a truth and that is what it would be a version of truth that we still could not validate unless we can reach the next solar system. We would then have to figure if that claim was true or a tale told to them that they take for granted is fact and may or may not be true. I surely know that there is not going to be a Rosetta stone explaining it all but as a Christian I take the bible as my Rosetta stone because if aliens seeded us they would not have any questions or need to investigate us that would be baked into the original design and if we can tell by DNA all that we can they should be light years ahead of us because we have computer models written by people that are still alive and know more now and can predict better each year so if they are just a thousand years ahead consider we have gone from steam to nuclear in a single generation so how much further can we go in a thousand years much less a million ?

I am a skeptic not about my faith the more I investigate the more comfortable I am as a Christian, science by fiat or consensus that questions the question with a question and is always changing it's stand or one group is brow beating another leaves me no alternative than to discount their ideas as opinions until further evidence  proves there has to be another answer. Science only finds that which already exists so they are not creating but discovering they cannot improve on flora fauna or earth it is self healing (in time) and self replicating in less than a hundred years we have gone from 1 billion to over 7 billion and the only effect humans have had is to murder each other and all of the wealthy industrialist and bankers are investing in new ways to kill off the people they think are worthless eaters, it's called Agenda 21 or now the 2030 sustainable future.

Global warming is now a law in certain nations to deny it is punishable by law in 100 years global temperatures have only increased by .3 degrees or one third of a degree  to quote from a bible is also punishable by law so because ideology is a personal thought process and a religion is a belief system now your thoughts are punishable by law, but desiring under age children, sex with robots or animals, or choosing a gender that has no scientific proof  is either socially acceptable or on the docket to become legal. Why are religious ideals wrong ad personal constructs and feelings able to overcome facts, it's ok to have all the sex partners you want but you can only marry one person ? you can be one person but decide your gender as often as you like ? of the decision to be whatever the individual decides. So then being a bank robber is just an alternative vocation ?  I am terribly afraid that all sports will take the same opinion that all the rules should be thrown out and and each will play his or it's own game by the rules they decide at the moment or they consider advantageous to the moment, why not that is what all the social justle warriors are moaning about.

So I just want to be clear on just what rules I have to follow if no one else has to follow any rules ? if there is a question just who is the judge and will they all be of one opinion or can I demand a consensus of more than one judge and if its legal somewhere else then should it not be legal here as well, since the left says no borders is that in legal social and sexual ideals ? I mean if illegal aliens can't be jailed or required to have insurance why can't I get away with skirting the law ?

We can't agree on anything here and now how in the hell does anyone think that an alien race can solve all our problems -- what if they are all straight or eat cats or think blowing their nose on you is a compliment ?  I see a lot of problems outside the will and directions of God. if we could have everything we wanted would all men look like Fabio and all women look like Rachel Welch and dogs all be Spuds McKenzie ? if everyone had a yacht wouldn't that raise the sea level and last consider if no one worked if you wanted or needed something you would have to do it yourself because otherwise how would you convince them to do anything if they need nothing  that you could offer, would your wife stay would your kids listen ? if you grew tired and could just walk away from a place a person or  your own children -- would love even exist as a life long social construct ?

property does not make us happy people fail to meet our needs and we all get sick and have differing opinions and eventually we die so thinking there is some external accomplishment that can make us happy is a myth or really a lie to ourselves there is not enough money sex or personal adjustments that cannot turn sour or turn on you.

Used to people said live your dream now, they can't tell the difference between a dream and a lie or reality and that is psychosis changing gender is multiple personality disorder and substance abuse to fill in the blanks is a slow version of suicide, I guess that is why the Bible advises against such activity --so maybe it is not trying to ruin your life ? but a book of rules to keep us grounded not lost or confused IMHO   just remember PI is not square, they are round it's cornbread that are square and Pythagoras couldn't understand  the math our derivative housing market used to go broke and more important why are banks still speculating on the housing market as we can't bail them out again ?


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    • Newt was asked this morning about the advice he would give the democrats that he learned from his and the republicans attempt to impeach president Clinton --- LMAO he crawfished like a champ at a time when he could have reminded everyone that Bill Clinton was allowing the Chinese access to all our secrets and "THEY" the democrats all knew how dirty Bill Clinton was all the way back to White Water the Mena Arkansas connection to cocaine traffic into the united states then there is  The FBI audio tape of Bill Clinton's brother saying that Bill had a nose like a vacuum cleaner  so the attempt to get rid of Bill was not just his lying to the FBI and to congress and the people but all the way back then they knew the Clinton's were crooked ! Newt needs to retire he misses the ball is so PC and he hates Trump and is part of Trump's inner party backstabbing.
    • Tonight a total lunar eclipse Sunday night, the Earth will slide directly between the moon and the sun, creating a total lunar eclipse. There won’t be another until 2021. It will also be the year’s first super moon.
    • With 414 deaths so far, and the first Ebola outbreak in an active war zone four cases of the deadly virus in Kayina, a town in North Kivu, where fighting among rebel and militia groups has repeatedly interrupted the painstaking work of health workers who are responding to the outbreak. DRC’s eastern North Kivu and Ituri provinces. Goma is a major transportation hub, with roads and highways that lead to Rwanda. “These are crossroad cities and market town. Ebola in Goma is a nightmare scenario WHO and DRC’s health ministry are scrambling to prevent.Together, they’ve deployed a rapid response team. Pray this outbreak stops quickly if, for no other reason because in 24 hours by plane it could be on our doorstep.  
    • Ideas cannot die. look at socialism it has been proven wrong, dangerous and allows for no independent thinking, it is rigid and uncompromising. Religious ideology is just as rigid, there is no compromising with radical thought in a religious sect of any religion. Syria is my point we have been there 17 years we have trained 100,000 troops and police and they can't mop up the rest of ISIS ? This is the exact problem we had in Vietnam we trained and trained the native people that were being systematically murdered by the communists and although some were hard chargers most just wanted to stay alive, ignorant that once their enemies took control they would be murdered along with their families or worked to death in reeducation camps.  The problem is most Americans are unschooled in the ways of travel and immigration, we are told that our presence there protects us here. That is a wall of B.S. the real issue is if we do not allow them to travel here what are they going to do ? Build a Navy ? an Air force ?  or charter cruise ships, the answer is no they and their ideology is held in check by distance and their ability to travel PERIOD. Our border is a weak point without a barrier and only allowing people through properly staffed crossing we can neither keep out dangerous foreign nationals or contraband and contraband is anything from illegally captured endangered species brought in and sold Ancient artifacts fruit that may have insect eggs that would destroy our native crops counterfeit money that undermines our currency it is also a gateway for the transfer of sensitive information that could not be sent via electronic transmission without leaving a trail that could expose a spy ring in our country.  Human trafficking is a misnomer it is real but, a whore belonging to a gang in Mexico ordered to cross and set up shop in the U.S. is not going to buck or run once here they know that our prisons are full of illegal alien gang members that once on the street will hunt them down and murder them. Because the news is no longer information but a hit squad for political ambitions, we are not being explained the minutia of human trafficking there are people being sold for all sorts of reasons including children for the sex trade for cheap labor and to divert border agents from drug carriers crossing the border, so as a diversion. History of Slavery in this country knows about the underground railroad consider this tactic in reverse planting people on our side of the border to facilitate a network to move human beings and make money off of the illegals that use this service, it would also allow for each group to identify in those groups those they can turn into sex minions male and female!!! Personally have intervened through a church were we bought tickets to get abused people back to their families that were being controlled by gangs or unscrupulous people here, it does not have to be a gang small groups of unaffiliated people can act like a gang instilling fear and threats of far reaching reprisal toward them or their families if they attempt to run, this is no different than the tactics used by countries like North Korea if you escape your family will at least put in prison more likely murdered off a few at a time to terrorize others not to attempt to escape. I am just as sure that some people that have turned here have been coerced by threats to family overseas not many but, this is a tactic used to control individuals long distance. If your thinking only the middle east think again we have Jamaican gangs Chinese Russian a few versions of those Vietnamese and any other nation you can name has members of their military or gangs here working toward some end  be it clandestine, industrial or infiltrating here.  One of the cracks in our system is the fact we do not have proper internal security, trash or garbage is GOLD industrial spies love garbage as much as pigs love it, a wealth of information is contained within discarded documents it is easy to attach a device to computer systems to copy or duplicate communications forwarding them to off site.  A single individual working as janitorial staff can wreak havoc. I know of one incident where a companies data base and confidential customer lists were stolen and used to start a foreign owed company, if they would steal a companies information why, would they not steal your information like bank or trading accounts. The earth is not flat Nancy Pelosi and her henchmen are aware of the threats to our economy, individuals property companies and private information and don't care as long as they can maintain power they can and do put you at risk economically and physically every day an illegal murders someone mostly we only hear of police officers but, thousands of other crimes are not explained to us rape theft home invasions we see them in the local papers on local police blotters but fail to make the connection because people like Nancy tell us it's not true it is an attempt by the right to fear monger. Waiting on one of your family or coworkers to be a victim is insane the truth is all around all people have to do is accept it.    
    • Something fishy going on ! Here is a excerpt at the bottom of this post from a PDF document you can find it at  Alaska Dept dot gov Somewhere we are not being informed about the Salmon Halibut and cod numbers fished in Alaskan waters supposedly even the crab fishing is not near previous levels . All this is conjecture I have been fishing for facts and they are not obvious or easy to find but this document seems to say that the amount of returning salmon back to their home rivers and streams are low enough to warrant closing fishing. so let us say we close this year is next going to have an increase in the numbers or is the decline caused by a factor not mentioned in this information release ?  Roughly 8 years since Fukashima Diichi power plant disaster and numerous reports of catches in the pacific are low compared to other years and some fish are not healthy a few ships have decided to check on their own I leave the type of checking up to the reader nonetheless what I can find is a mass of information or disinformation but not much on facts. Fear mongering at this point I leave that to others but I do want to know should I avoid buying pacific caught fish or not. I have no faith in information because there are too many, that have a vested interest in being given time to bail out of investments or to prevent friendly foreign fishers and economies from financially collapsing. I do wonder if this will cause overfishing of the Japan and China sea and straights as far as I can decern those waters are not effected, but fish are not confined by geography. Let me know / post any information on this thread. I am really interested to see what information we can get or see from east of the Philippines ,Java Fiji, Indonesia Micronesia over to Hawaii and up to the Alaskan coast.   ALASKA DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND GAME DIVISION OF COMMERCIAL FISHERIES NEWS RELEASE Douglas Vincent Lang ,Acting Commissioner Forrest R. Bowers, Acting Director Contact: Brian Marston, Area Mgmt. Biologist; Alyssa Frothingham, Asst. Area Mgmt. Biologist 43961 Kalifornsky Beach Rd, Suite B Soldotna, AK 99669 Phone: (907) 262-9368 Fax: (907) 262-4709 Date Issued: January 7, 2019 Time: 10:30a.m. UPPER COOK INLET COMMERCIAL FISHING ANNOUNCEMENT No. 1 EMERGENCY ORDER NUMBER 2S-01-19 Upper Cook Inlet Commercial Fishing Announcement No. 1 closes the directed king salmon commercial fishery in all waters of the Northern District of Upper Cook Inlet for the 2019 season. The fishing dates affected by this closure are May 27, and June 3, 10, 17, and 24. The 2019 pre-season run forecast for Deshka River king salmon is approximately 8,500 age 1.2 –1.4 fish, which is below the lower end of the sustainableescapement goal (SEG) of 13,000–28,000 fish. Based on the forecast, the actual run to the Deshka River will not be large enough to achieve the SEG; therefore, commercial and sport fisheries that harvest Deshka River king salmon will be closed for the 2019 season. The department issued emergency order (EO) No. 2-KS-2-05-19 closing the entire Susitna Riverdrainage, including the Deshka River,to sport fishing for king salmon Consistent with 5 AAC21.366 (10) Northern District Directed King Salmon Management Plan,when the Deshka River is closed to sport fishing, the commissioner shall close, by EO, the commercial king salmon fishery throughout the Northern District for the remainder of the fishing periods provided for under the plan.