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French riots an example of survival misunderstanding

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French riots a perfect example of survival misunderstanding.

Let me state that each situation can only be defined after the fact, survival is not a matter of just training it is a mindset. The people in all the cities effected by the riots in France are hostages in their homes and as they try to stay out of the way, the protesters are burning their vehicles. So what happens when your town goes up in flames ? all your property is destroyed and you have no way to escape, roads are blocked rioters are attacking vehicles overturning them and putting them to light.

Survival is not just about your life it is about your property because that is how you stay alive is to have the means to continue on water food medications clothing blankets and enough to barter with. Skills are great the more you have the more your going to be an asset or be able to trade your services for barter goods, but that is only part of the problem many skills are useless in a national emergency where going out risks your life and who will defend hearth and home against a horde of stupid people ?

These riots have hidden criminal activities like looting and I am just as sure all the other crimes of man, consider you have enemies this is when they can do harm and think it will be covered by the fog of social unrest.

As far as I can tell this is happening in many cities along the coast not just Paris this is a reality that once civil unrest takes hold it will take off like a wild fire. these same things are happening in Venezuela there are murders daily kidnapping and blackmail roving gangs own the night and the police are not interested in making calls by victims. Ambulance calls after dark or in a riot area pretty slim.

This is why people need to have water storage and filtration to last at minimum a month food medications and alternative sources for heat and some type of battery operated fan with a solar charging system because in summer heat kills the sick elderly and the very young.

I could go on forever on what France and it's politics have done to screw up the world and then drop it into others hands to try to solve and it blew up in all their faces. all those museums and fine buildings were bought with the blood of millions and the press is ignorant or refusing to see what brought them to this place. People destroy their own nations either by apathy or willful ignorance we are at that point if, we do not change and demand / expect better from out children as we see from the ANTIFA crowds and the heavy vote in elections of blatant ignorant socialists, our youth are baseline morons we the parents have allowed it we have supported the schools colleges and turned a blind eye to their riots and destruction many adults are acting more like children smoking dope and taking Viagra like there are no repercussions on the youth watching our debauchery. We are all leaders it is just what direction we are leading to heaven or hell. 


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A thought, if tear gas,water cannons and spiffy riot gear w/ a bullet proof shield doesn't stop rioters from building barriers, stopping vehicles overturning them setting them on fire then how do you plan to escape & evade and in failing that,  defend yourself family and possessions  ?


Another scenario the local police will not arrest certain groups while they terrorize the public just happened in   Oregon and Washington some manage to block your car and then others attack it now you have a choice, run over the people blocking and be arrested immediately or cower and let them pull you out of your car and beat you with clubs  chains  w/ pad locks ? because if you injure one, the local government will use the full power of their judicial system to imprison you if you fight back ! this is a real thing look up Proud boys and or Gavin Mcinnes.


Consider a national government that has the power of the military all law enforcement  and every government agency with the power to tax levy fines, condemn your property and under preexisting laws can take anything "they deem" excess to redistribute -- to whom ? well each local groups confiscation authority cronies that means your food propane money gold silver ---whatever you have  it's all in the FE MA documents I am just as sure all other agencies have interlocking rules linked to your property identification and they even have the right to take your children.

Lets say you live in a specific state and the neighboring state does not like your states political leanings or your state is under martial law and other states blockade the main highways ? is it that far fetched when I remember no planes in the sky after Nine one one ?

Caravans work for illegal aliens but try this in a crisis and the powers that be will come down like a hammer, gray does not mean squat when they stop everyone search vehicles or block travel corridors.

France's political leaders are starving out their own people I am sure that their complaints were voiced long before this  and a, "Let them eat cake" mentality and narcissistic superiority once their power was confronted. The narrative was these people are labeled anarchists,extremists and worse to shame them into groups that police can easily manage -- divide and conquer so far that is not working fuel prices that double hurts ever person no matter what your political leaning you have to travel to work and that means bus passes have doubled food has to double as well as all services because it takes fuel to do anything have anything. This is not Star trek we do not have matter replicators almost every drug is made outside the United states all of the food comes from rural land or a tropical zone.

When the hierarchy  of the policing agencies are forced and have no backbone to refuse unlawful orders to break the law they swore to uphold we are on the edge of anarchy. If anarchy paralyses one of our states like New York or California the impact to the economy will be horrific and start wild fire protests, and that was the plan all along to push the agenda until all the inner cities went up in flames institute marshal law and imprison those the power structure at the time deems dangerous but allow their attack dogs freedom to harass attack and even murder their opposition.

When has anyone been arrested for disorderly conduct when screaming at our leaders in a public area scaring the rest of the onlookers ? I can guarantee if you pitch a hissy fit in a mall this Christmas your azz is going to jail  try to leave an airplane if it get grounded for hours on end or refuse to give up your seat you paid for and watch what happens ! Anyone living in a city county or state where they do not demand the resignation of the officials that break or refuse to uphold the law is failing in their duty to themselves and their family because next you could be the target for a political sign in your yard a bumper sticker or emblem on a piece of clothing. We say a grown man bully kids for wearing a MAGA hat and snatch it off his head  that is a physical attack and what happened -- nothing not the manager or employees did sh*t and this is in America not some third world country.




blaire White is a internet transgender personality and it may surprise you is a conservative and being censored by Youtube for conservatives view points below is the video



When police will chase you for going 5 miles an hour over the speed limit and if you give them lip arrest you where? are they when people are attacked in the above video the police see the Putang hat wearing person refusing to give back the hat to a "woman" (they have no way of knowing otherwise) and he stomped on (her) finger and they did NOTHING !
This next clip ought to make you go nuts a crazy white guy is calling a white guy in a car "whitey"  they are blocking the street and forcing cars to another street --blocking traffic is a crime cursing in public is a crime threatening people is a crime and the police do nothing.


Total anarchy is at the door maybe civil war and there will not be any warnings these are our warnings and the police local governments and main stream media are not tamping it down in fact they are promoting it and excusing it.  that is not an opinion it is obvious facts anyone can see if they are not drinking the Koolaid.
When your in jail you cannot work so you do not have a way to fund your defense and your separated from your family Proud Boys are being held in jail for defending themselves against attackers but they are in jail so self defense does not apply if the local government is against you even if you do not get indicted and go free you have a record as a violent offender no lawyer will take a case without all your money and you may even have to put up all your property as payment in America you can get all the justice you can afford, can't afford it you get screwed.
Here is a video on how you can't defend yourself against a mob he was later arrested but the people that threatened him NOTHING.

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    • Ideas cannot die. look at socialism it has been proven wrong, dangerous and allows for no independent thinking, it is rigid and uncompromising. Religious ideology is just as rigid, there is no compromising with radical thought in a religious sect of any religion. Syria is my point we have been there 17 years we have trained 100,000 troops and police and they can't mop up the rest of ISIS ? This is the exact problem we had in Vietnam we trained and trained the native people that were being systematically murdered by the communists and although some were hard chargers most just wanted to stay alive, ignorant that once their enemies took control they would be murdered along with their families or worked to death in reeducation camps.  The problem is most Americans are unschooled in the ways of travel and immigration, we are told that our presence there protects us here. That is a wall of B.S. the real issue is if we do not allow them to travel here what are they going to do ? Build a Navy ? an Air force ?  or charter cruise ships, the answer is no they and their ideology is held in check by distance and their ability to travel PERIOD. Our border is a weak point without a barrier and only allowing people through properly staffed crossing we can neither keep out dangerous foreign nationals or contraband and contraband is anything from illegally captured endangered species brought in and sold Ancient artifacts fruit that may have insect eggs that would destroy our native crops counterfeit money that undermines our currency it is also a gateway for the transfer of sensitive information that could not be sent via electronic transmission without leaving a trail that could expose a spy ring in our country.  Human trafficking is a misnomer it is real but, a whore belonging to a gang in Mexico ordered to cross and set up shop in the U.S. is not going to buck or run once here they know that our prisons are full of illegal alien gang members that once on the street will hunt them down and murder them. Because the news is no longer information but a hit squad for political ambitions, we are not being explained the minutia of human trafficking there are people being sold for all sorts of reasons including children for the sex trade for cheap labor and to divert border agents from drug carriers crossing the border, so as a diversion. History of Slavery in this country knows about the underground railroad consider this tactic in reverse planting people on our side of the border to facilitate a network to move human beings and make money off of the illegals that use this service, it would also allow for each group to identify in those groups those they can turn into sex minions male and female!!! Personally have intervened through a church were we bought tickets to get abused people back to their families that were being controlled by gangs or unscrupulous people here, it does not have to be a gang small groups of unaffiliated people can act like a gang instilling fear and threats of far reaching reprisal toward them or their families if they attempt to run, this is no different than the tactics used by countries like North Korea if you escape your family will at least put in prison more likely murdered off a few at a time to terrorize others not to attempt to escape. I am just as sure that some people that have turned here have been coerced by threats to family overseas not many but, this is a tactic used to control individuals long distance. If your thinking only the middle east think again we have Jamaican gangs Chinese Russian a few versions of those Vietnamese and any other nation you can name has members of their military or gangs here working toward some end  be it clandestine, industrial or infiltrating here.  One of the cracks in our system is the fact we do not have proper internal security, trash or garbage is GOLD industrial spies love garbage as much as pigs love it, a wealth of information is contained within discarded documents it is easy to attach a device to computer systems to copy or duplicate communications forwarding them to off site.  A single individual working as janitorial staff can wreak havoc. I know of one incident where a companies data base and confidential customer lists were stolen and used to start a foreign owed company, if they would steal a companies information why, would they not steal your information like bank or trading accounts. The earth is not flat Nancy Pelosi and her henchmen are aware of the threats to our economy, individuals property companies and private information and don't care as long as they can maintain power they can and do put you at risk economically and physically every day an illegal murders someone mostly we only hear of police officers but, thousands of other crimes are not explained to us rape theft home invasions we see them in the local papers on local police blotters but fail to make the connection because people like Nancy tell us it's not true it is an attempt by the right to fear monger. Waiting on one of your family or coworkers to be a victim is insane the truth is all around all people have to do is accept it.    
    • Something fishy going on ! Here is a excerpt at the bottom of this post from a PDF document you can find it at  Alaska Dept dot gov Somewhere we are not being informed about the Salmon Halibut and cod numbers fished in Alaskan waters supposedly even the crab fishing is not near previous levels . All this is conjecture I have been fishing for facts and they are not obvious or easy to find but this document seems to say that the amount of returning salmon back to their home rivers and streams are low enough to warrant closing fishing. so let us say we close this year is next going to have an increase in the numbers or is the decline caused by a factor not mentioned in this information release ?  Roughly 8 years since Fukashima Diichi power plant disaster and numerous reports of catches in the pacific are low compared to other years and some fish are not healthy a few ships have decided to check on their own I leave the type of checking up to the reader nonetheless what I can find is a mass of information or disinformation but not much on facts. Fear mongering at this point I leave that to others but I do want to know should I avoid buying pacific caught fish or not. I have no faith in information because there are too many, that have a vested interest in being given time to bail out of investments or to prevent friendly foreign fishers and economies from financially collapsing. I do wonder if this will cause overfishing of the Japan and China sea and straights as far as I can decern those waters are not effected, but fish are not confined by geography. Let me know / post any information on this thread. I am really interested to see what information we can get or see from east of the Philippines ,Java Fiji, Indonesia Micronesia over to Hawaii and up to the Alaskan coast.   ALASKA DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND GAME DIVISION OF COMMERCIAL FISHERIES NEWS RELEASE Douglas Vincent Lang ,Acting Commissioner Forrest R. Bowers, Acting Director Contact: Brian Marston, Area Mgmt. Biologist; Alyssa Frothingham, Asst. Area Mgmt. Biologist 43961 Kalifornsky Beach Rd, Suite B Soldotna, AK 99669 Phone: (907) 262-9368 Fax: (907) 262-4709 Date Issued: January 7, 2019 Time: 10:30a.m. UPPER COOK INLET COMMERCIAL FISHING ANNOUNCEMENT No. 1 EMERGENCY ORDER NUMBER 2S-01-19 Upper Cook Inlet Commercial Fishing Announcement No. 1 closes the directed king salmon commercial fishery in all waters of the Northern District of Upper Cook Inlet for the 2019 season. The fishing dates affected by this closure are May 27, and June 3, 10, 17, and 24. The 2019 pre-season run forecast for Deshka River king salmon is approximately 8,500 age 1.2 –1.4 fish, which is below the lower end of the sustainableescapement goal (SEG) of 13,000–28,000 fish. Based on the forecast, the actual run to the Deshka River will not be large enough to achieve the SEG; therefore, commercial and sport fisheries that harvest Deshka River king salmon will be closed for the 2019 season. The department issued emergency order (EO) No. 2-KS-2-05-19 closing the entire Susitna Riverdrainage, including the Deshka River,to sport fishing for king salmon Consistent with 5 AAC21.366 (10) Northern District Directed King Salmon Management Plan,when the Deshka River is closed to sport fishing, the commissioner shall close, by EO, the commercial king salmon fishery throughout the Northern District for the remainder of the fishing periods provided for under the plan.