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Merry CHRISTmas not sorry if your offended

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Merry Christmas to all and I hope it is better this year than any other year for you and your families stay well and happy, for everyone else.

Merry CHRISTmas not sorry of your offended, but again I am not offended if you choose to say happy anything other than Christmas.

Some people are never happy and always want to make everything a federal case, "they" always act the victim and feign injury form those they hold in contempt like Christians Jews whited and other ethnic groups not of their choosing people are bigoted and yeas any color creed or religion can be bigoted against others it is not a one way street.

Love is the only remedy for our social predicaments and acceptance is bowing to an ideology or theology not everyone can accept. everyone want to be accepted but refuse to allow others to have a part of the platform or a voice if it counters their selfish viewpoint.

Ear plugs are cheap and ear buds are common place if you don't like the sounds you hear ask for them as a present so words cannot hurt you but sticks and stones still will :D

To me this is like the fainting in 1800s, a way to upturn the incident to a personal insult or shock and playing on your piers defense mechanisms so they will leap to your aid howling counter culture slogans and memorized dialog  or send out flaming tweets on how offended and insulted they were Ahhhh who cares snowflakes don't last and once your no longer a victim then what else will you bit@h about ?

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Man 2019 never thought I would make it to see 2000 much less 2019 God has been very good to me and mine pray he passes it on to both you and yours.

I'm about to kick back and watch White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye one of my favorite movies that puts me in the Christmas mood  I also like A Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim,  As far as a comedy I really liked Christmas Story mostly because I always liked Darren McGavin

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Yeppers Rudolph the red nose reindeer  boy is that a classic because it used stop motion animation to create a full movie so it was not a cartoon. Of course in that day we all loved Burl Ives his unique voice was hypnotic as soon as you heard certain voices like his or like Jimmy Durante and a few others you immediately caught your attention and got ready for some eclectic entertainment that was sure to be fun or thoughtful and make your day, both could send your emotions running over get you laughing hysterically maybe slap your forehead and think how did they come up with that ! and how funny happy silly or interesting it was.

Today when I see certain entertainers it's like I get rigid knowing that they are going to go into a diatribe of social political or personal ranting that leaves you wanting to turn off the computer radio or video device and go play with the dog. Currently my dog is happy and well adjusted and because I am not a vegetarian he knows that holidays seem to make huge ham and venison bones appear with all kinds of scraps WHOO DOGGIE he likes that. and he get the added bonus of trying to attack new people and sniffing new butts other than the mail person and the normal friends that come over.

It's great to hear all my old favorite Christmas music I don't think I have but one song after the 1980's  most of your would choke on your drink but I love it


Here are some odd but pretty funny.

hqdefault.jpg?sqp=-oaymwEiCKgBEF5IWvKriq  hqdefault.jpg?sqp=-oaymwEiCKgBEF5IWvKriq  hqdefault.jpg?sqp=-oaymwEiCKgBEF5IWvKriq

Watch out for that punch at the work Christmas Parties

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