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Free Money ! just trying to get your attention...

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We have reached a point in biological sciences and technology do do anything we desire we are on the edge of being able to transfer a humans consciencesness into a machine it may not be now but soon and hundreds of scientist are working on all these ideas below

Subliminal presentation of information by micro waves  here is the patent papers


Some words you need to research because they can kill you


xenogenesis [zen″o-jen´ĕ-sis]1. metagenesis. 2. production of offspring unlike either parent.

Technological singularity

 Technological singularity is science trying ways to live forever

Scaler wave weaponry

Microwave frequency wars and subliminal presentation of information / scaler weaponry cell towers / harp technology


Other strange events


Pontius Pilate’s Name Is Found on 2,000-Year-Old Ring

King David of Israel really lived  3 pieces of proof that main stream archeology and Atheist denied for years the Bible is a true and good as an eyewitness of history.

Tel Dan Stela / Inscription



We are seeing genetic manipulation places us one tick from some psychopath producing a virus to kill off as many as they can instead of active shooters we will have biological mad men. With CRISPR gene splicing equipment anyone with the money can fiddle with the genetic mixing human and animal fish or other elements into our genome with all the insane people in the world narcissists and well meaning people that praise the Georgia guide stones as the new world mantra if your not afraid your whistling past the graveyard.

I see people reading the material I post just want those that do to remember link to some of these posts  it will not always be online or easily found we are coming into a time of censorship and manipulation of printed and posted material so that you cannot find the truth.


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