Apex predators returning to Texas, some never left

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Apex predators returning  to Texas Jaguar and black bear and some other dangerous things around. Some of the other animals that kill are deer very rare but they have killed humans. Common critters that are dangerous are cattle and horses people are injured all the time sometimes by accident rare but because the animal is mad as hell or protective of their young. Getting stomped gored or kicked isn't fun and can permanently injure  or kill you. Sometime back a friend was almost killed by a cow with a new calf and bulls mostly unconcerned with humans except at feeding some are territorial. there are troublesome mules and goats that can and don't mind hurting you if you don't keep an eye on them.

Here are the reasons for being armed on the trail in the woods and going out at night your pets and other animals are on the predators menu if you get between them and a meal your liable to need lots of stitches.

Mostly humans have not too much to worry about but if your not armed when you do have a bad encounter, don't forget I told you so ! Rabies is rare but problem is no one knows until there is a recorded outbreak and you may be the first to report it after you have had a encounter or injury then you have to get your shots.

I have accidentally cornered animals in barns shops and sheds, if you don't pay attention or make noise to get them to run off before you walk up on them, it can get real dicey. chickens are a magnet for predators and snakes,  look  before you stick you hand in.  You should have a gripper extension and a small net to reach eggs in hard to reach and catch escapee chicks.. Feral (wild) hogs are not known to attack people but there again if they have shoats or piglets or you startle them and that's rare your in real trouble their tusks are like knives another reason when hunting and your sure the critter is dead before you get too close or grab hold.

More than a few stories of people putting a animal in their vehicle and finding out they were not as dead as they thought. the smallest critters are more powerful than you think and can put the hurt on you if you question this grab a feral mouse or squirrel and see how long you can hang on even pets can take a good nip out of you.


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