A minimal BOB self reliance and defense

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Stainless steel liquid container  filled with water reason because it is heat resistant.

Stainless cup Reason a separate vessel to handle liquid transfer to your container and heat resistant.

Swiss army Explorer pocket knife reason because it has all the basic elements of survival. and magnifier for fire

Compass oil filled or linsatic  a watch band slide on as a backup reason weather and night you cannot always see the sky.

Fire steel  Reason makes fire when other methods fail.

Bic lighter NAME BRAND PLEASE, Reason in this list 3rd way to make fire.

Whistle the loudest one you can find Reason signaling

Stainless steel pocket / signaling  mirror

Flashlight good single AAA battery for your key ring Reason so you will always have it on you.

Bandana large Reason good color can be a signaling device, a tourniquet. made into a head cover absorbs filters water etc.

Emergency blanket reason heat retention sun reflection wind break

6X6 foot minimum  tarp sun, rain, wind protection.

Paracord 550 20 foot piece to 100 foot hank

Head net with  100% DEET insect repellent

Hat with a full brim like a crusher or boonie

Sun glasses with polarized lenses Reason eye protection with a good case.

Fishing line BRAIDED type extremely strong small spool learn how to tie this type line Reason fishing and snares suture etc.

Fishing hooks selection

Dental floss plain no wax or flavor full roll

Sewing needles a few

Triple antibiotic ointment one tube W/ a first aid kit size is up to you.

Magnet Neodymium reason to make needles into a compass to help extract a metal splinter holds needles so you don't loose them.

Belt and pouch/s to contain all this so you can carry it is needed.

Arguments will follow,  derringer mini revolver and a box of shells 22LR or 22 Magnum North American Arms makes good pistols.

I get the  argument all the time "I can't carry at work" unless your being searched or scanned yes you can mini derringers in a belly band for a woman in your bra or belly band. How many times have shooters gone to a business and shot people ?  There are a few places I would not carry like a school or courthouse the main thing is to keep it secure to your body. Shooters like unarmed targets people that shoot back most will run or at least you have some chance versus hiding in a closet, locker or under your desk. look for one with a longer barrel and sights getting the NAA derringer with both cylinders for 22LR and one for 22 Magnum the best options are the NAA-BWC Black Widow w/ Fixed Sights – 2″ Barrel for aimability concealability / compact size, grip size

All of the rest of this will fit in a small messenger bag or pouch much of this is useful for first responder at an accident / emergency first aid.

in order for this to be a real BOB is to have clothing appropriate for your weather conditions with some food stuffs to last 3 days and a gallon of water.

Accidents and breakdowns happen on water keeping pants long sleeve shirt and shoes and a windbreaker a hat and a beach towel, I have rescued people damp at night slight wind that looked like they were freezing stuck on a boat in the middle of the lake without a oars / paddle no flashlight --- survival is considering what may happen and protecting yourself against it.

This is a basic kit arguments on the pistol are mute to me because there is no limit to caliber size or number of rounds BUT can you tote it all day, can you conceal it,  it is not the gun at home or in your vehicle that will save you it's the one on you loaded and ready. 22 Magnum is a wicked caliber with the right ammo it is a man stopper and can deal with large predators if your jogging or in a mall parking lot NAA have 5 shots single action (you have to cock it for consecutive shots) so it cannot be construed as anything but a last ditch tool to save your life it does not make you out as a dirty harry or the punisher vigilante type.  In some states including Washington D.C. any weapon makes them insane they would rather you die as they can ignore that or muck up the investigation so it will remain unsolved, just look up the Vince Foster case.



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my only concern with this setup is the 22 mag. i'd sure hate to get hit by one but will it knockdown a guy on drugs? i know shot placement counts but i would still be a little worried. its better than nothing though...

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In Houston a dope head was shot 17 times and did not die on the other hand a police officer in New York ( I believe) killed a polar bear in a zoo with a 38 colt revolver by sticking in the ear of the bear while it was attacking a person that fell in the enclosure.

This is not a primary arm it is a last ditch backup and a through the head shot will drop anyone of course shots to the groin and soft belly there is the liver spleen pancreas solar plexus and has plenty of shock effect with hollow points IMHO. Diffidently better than a sharp stick or a knife if they are armed.

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Well, A woman was rescued after being trapped in a Manhattan elevator over the weekend, officials say, and reports indicate she could have been there for days. 

I do not quite get it as elevators have emergency phones and alarms to alert emergency services and of course everyone has a mobile phone too bad but may could send out an S.O.S. via knock code or jiggling the receiver switch ...---... or three dots quick taps 3 solid or longer hold and three quick taps and of course the international signal is 3 shots bangs or flashes of light passing hand over your flashlight or flashing with a signal mirror or smoke clouds horn blasts colored flags laid out symmetrically as not to look natural. upside down American flag of course on the ground from the air you can't tell. up in the north country don't wave at a plane or helicopter means your fine lay flat like your dead. you can make a sign HELP with anything that is in contrast to the color of the ground I prefer the Sat phone or personal locator beacon along with a well charged / maintained battery  and a way to recharge it solar crank or external rechargeable cell.

of course if no one is around your just entertaining the wildlife.

If I were an urbanite I would make me an elevator drop key, you can buy one or you can make one with a drill below are instructions how to use one but as mentioned it is dangerous so if a elevator is between floors it can reset and cut you in half or you could fall to your death...

Elevators fall up if counter weighted the weight goes down and up goes the car on a hydraulic unit it goes down at the velocity of escaping fluid through the size of the feed pipe so the old crashing elevator car is not likely unless you live in a 3rd world country,  an ancient  building or unlucky as hell.


Urban settings have prep issues also having something to snack on and a bottle of water should be normal pocket, satchel,  backpack carry, I think we may have a convert or a lemming that just continues and runs off the cliff with everyone else.

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if it's the only gun you'll have on you, then it IS your primary gun, and you're nuts to go with something as slow, awkward, likely to be fumbled and un-safer as a mini-revolver. If you have to have minimal size and weight, get a Keltec P32.  because it has a locked breech, it can be safely reloaded to drive the 60 gr silvertip jhp over 1200 fps, for 200 ft lbs, adequate penetration, assured expansion. but you have to turn .040" off of the diameter of the rims of the cases, so that you dont get rimiock misfeeds with the semi-rimmed rds, using the jhp ammo. This makes the 7 oz, 4.5"x 3.5" gun as "powerful' as a   .38 snub (ie, not very) but more than twice  as powerful as factory .32 ammo. You'll be ab le to get repeat hits nearly twice as fast with it, and it lies so flat in your pocket that it might as well be a phone-pager, for all the attention it will ever attract.

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no, .22 mag is NOT a manstopper, from a 1.5" barreled, mini revolver, it's no more powerful than a .32 acp.. The 350 lb power quote is from a 20" rifle barrel. From the mini, it's got about 100 lousy ft lbs. and it wont expand the jhp, most likely, either.

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