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1st knife

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I like knives, I have found none of them do all jobs well, that is why I have 3, a machete a Bowie and a Swiss Army Explorer.

for kids I do not know anymore back when I was about 7 or 8 I had a case electricians knife locking but if you were not careful it would fold up on your finger in a heart beat sharp ass knife. I loved it although it cut me or rather I cut myself not being vigilant / careful.

Some of the knifes I would give a well rounded kid would be:

Opinel #6 twist lock

Any good single blade locking pocket knife, I would make sure it was partially serrated blade.

A more advanced knife is a Boy Scout 3 blade the main blade has a liner lock.


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I wouldn't give anyone under 16 a real high-quality knife - it's likely to be lost or inappropriately used and broken. I didn't have REALLY nice pocketknives until my 30s, to tell you the truth.

My Dad gave my brother and I some Buck lock-blade folders, and they worked great or what we needed them to do (namely, whittle sticks and chop up weird bugs). He also gave us Barlow knives, but the lock of lock left me with some nice scars on my fingers.

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