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Pedophiles run the world protected by well placed minions

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Pedophiles run the world protected by well placed minions.

In order for power to be maintained, controlled and the money that keeps that power protected, there is a world wide network of elites that are untouchable protected by every enforcement agency and even the military's  of the world. I hesitate to delve into our nations groups, but we are seeing a slide in morality. Today we are watching a  push to lower age of consent laws young people are easily manipulated because they are not experienced with deception and the complexity of rearing a child as well as how much freedom they give up as a parent, and as a student it interfere with advancing your education and your ability to have structure as a child is completely dependent, not able to be left alone until they are somewhat responsible.  I have seen many parents and grand parents raising children born out of wedlock as well as unfit mothers because they are to selfish and want to party instead of raise the child they bore. 

Sexual crimes have increased child pornography and what we would have called perversion years ago is rampant, Pregnancy depletes a woman's body if it is too early injury can prevent future pregnancies not to mention transmission of  sexual transmitted diseases. children who cannot complete school have less skills or enough education to find sustaining work with any benefits forcing them to find a spouse or sugar daddy and that has not worked well as we see a 70% out of wedlock birth rate in the lower class areas. and the divorce rate is still 50%  the poorer people are the higher infant mortality rates are and the absolute need for these parents to need welfare and free medical services. a healthy child does not mean a good child inner cities have an exploding gang problem murder rates and early death from crime disease and addiction/s

I do not know one person of adult age that thought that when they were younger made great decisions or took life as seriously as they should have taking them longer to reach their goals or giving up ans struggling.

My life experience has shown me men are not mature until late + 20's early 30's and women earlier but not as much as it used to be our party culture YOLO or you only live once mindset and easy abortions has plunged our birth rate to the lowest in recorded time.

Apathy is a large problem the other issues are Satanism Wicca Atheism socialism communism and all the other isms because they all are contingent on someone else to pay and someone else to blame they want free sex drugs and good times they don't want babies to take care of a job or responsibility of their actions, but power and money problem is that is not a winning or long term scenario for success. These people deny God but by default or choice they choose a lesser god Satan, he requires that your give him your future your children and soul. All cults require these and the worst require blood sacrifice many times it's the blood of the initiate, as how many young actors musicians and notables die young. how many aspiring actors end prostitutes or die drug addicts, one in thousands make it the rest are dead bugs on the windshield.

This is not new Satan has tried to intervene in Gods plan of the messiah from the beginning and just for information Cannibalism drinking human blood ha a deep and severe effect on the human genome it is testable can can prove cannibalism. God knows the number of the hairs on your head how many lovers your sins and DNA proves that he can and does know all the sins of immorality are destructive that is a fact  there are no victimless crimes there is no escape from ignorance or selfishness, hatred  or murder it will seek you out and at the worst time in your life it will take you down.


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    • my father was a bastard i never got to learn anything from him. a few men tried to teach me stuff later on but eventually i learned everything myself through the school of hard knocks. and i still don't know stuff that i should by now. thats why i admired men that take their role as father seriuosly.  
    • Good time to teach them tracking, awareness method morals and manners of the wildlife around them and fishing and as they can cleaning fish, some children can be sensitive so this is age and maturity predicated. I can't recall exactly when I was introduced to processing wild game but as far back as I can remember I watched my father clean coon, fish, rabbits, squirrels, dove, quail, pheasant,  turkey hogs and deer and some others, large animals were already field dressed when I got to see them the hunting I was allowed to go on was small game and I only got to shoot now and again until I was about 10 then I had my own pellet gun I could go terrorize the woods near the house.The more important thing I remember was the fantastic meals my mother cooked with most of it she had her limits tree rat coon were not on her edibles list she did like rabbit and the rest, but dad had to butcher them into manageable pieces for her to wrestle in the kitchen. we had a band saw and meat grinder and a butcher paper and tape dispenser man that made butchering easy. Fish we had a nice oak plank with an electric pump and sink at the boathouse I was taught to filet all fish except perch my mother like them gutted and scaled head off and she would fry them whole.  As P210SIG said good times father and son bonding may father had more medals than a Portuguese rear admiral, survival knowledge of living in the depression of war and making do with what little you had and a life of working off times in construction and the oilfield and helping friends as military pay was low. I got to watch and help  him do all kinds of things he built most of our second  first home and I had to help at the time I did not understand what all that accumulated knowledge would do for me, help and even save my life a time or three. I had no clue that his words would follow me all my life about safety security and the what where and how of just about everything, I never did get that sex talk though today I think that is really important where as in my day it was doubtful you would die from local slap and tickle I guess he figured those military STD movies might work their magic.
    • Good times , father & son bonding outdoors. Now that my sons in college, we have less time, enjoying theses activities together. Lifetime memories, job well done there Drew_ Forge
    • now that was a good father son thing to do...congrats...