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Mandatory Capitol Punishment

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First let me state categorically that Capitol Punishment does not work in the way people are told, it is not for payment of the life they took, it is for the other people contemplating murder. When America understands that you will never stop murder, but you can slow it to a crawl we will have accomplished a peaceful nation where we can all live without fear, it will not happen overnight but consistent and without remorse sending these people to a rope will strike fear in the hearts of those that choose to commit heinous crimes .

The death penalty should be applied only to those we can absolutely say are guilty, with DNA and video evidence cell phone triangulation and other forensic evidence we can eliminate false convictions those where the preponderance of evidence is not so positive there is still the options of prison.

Crimes that IMHO demand the death penalty are murder, child molestation kidnapping matters not if the victim lives or not or their age. I would put rape in here but it has happened that slept with others to entrap them so unless there are physical injuries we need to all be able to agree in a jury setting that death is the only option. There is room for the death penalty for crimes that steal over a specified amount if you really want to have a safe and well ordered society all we need are set in stone parameters, as long as people know where the line is if they cross it that places the blame on them for committing the crime. As of now people count on lawyers to get them off, when it should be the evidence that places them on the gallows, in fact I have a real problem with being able to see the criminal, because their beauty or handsomeness may sway the jury or their lack of physical acceptance. We should solely based on evidence render a verdict of guilt or innocence and the sentence once it is verified that it is murder is out of everyone's hands  a second trial with less limitations on evidence becuase we have seen where evidence has been suppressed or not brought to trial that may have been a deciding component not brought in and in those cases the willful lawyer should loose their license to practice law FOREVER and not allowed to be involved any legal activity ever. 

A police officer that is found to be a criminal should be held to a vastly higher level of punishment, if it can be proved their actions or inaction caused the death of others they should face the death penalty. just like the driver of a vehicle where a crime cause the death of another they are also responsible but over the years handing out minimal sentences for accessories to the crime women or underage minors has all but made those crimes misdemeanors  copared to the law that worked years ago. 

We have come to the crossroads are we going to allow this evil to continue or make the punishment so absolute and so horrible that only a narcissist or  egomaniac  would contemplate murder.

There is one other crime almost never seen in American, and I am glad it is not, that crime is disfigurement it is ususally accomplished by slashing beating severally or throwing acid on a persons face that needs to be a death penalty as well because it is a fad crime as well as public knife attacks of a group of people all sickening "fads" need to have a shelf life of zero.

I see no reason for not executing the mentally challenged, we destroy animals that kill people and it is not that they are animals but the threat that caregivers guards or others that are in proximity in an institution can be future victims makes them too dangerous to allow to live in these cases I can see the use of lethal injection and not hanging --- hanging.

As far as I know there has not been any criminal that enjoyed the idea of being hung so the fear factor is in play some have asked for a firing squad but that gives them that hail of bullets to glory sentiment I also do not want a marked grave or mention of their name except in a basic obituary because some journalists will try to win a Pulitzer for a full page story. I am not much on books that are written that gives them eternal life like Jack the Ripper or a number of murderers like John Wayne Gacey son of sam. Crime and police shows since their beginning have seemed to increase in popularity with the increase in crime. video games that are not wholesome so at least requiring  parental consent to watch or buy just like we do with pornographic magazines beer or liquor, we have age limits.  I don't believe  in censorship or prohibition except when it comes to child porn that is a definite, in fact it should be a very long metal institution stay testing medications ANY kind of medications or chemicals I hate to see bunnies or monkeys being sprayed in the eyes with hair spray let the pedophile take a hit for the team (humanity) if the jock itch medications causes their crotch to fall out --well better them that the public IMHO.

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