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Pittsburgh Synagogue 11 Killed a sickening reality

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I detest assassins, they are chickensh*t b@astards that deserve to be hung. Firing on unarmed people that you neither know or have had personal issues with is and shows how weak and demented the shooter is. That is itself is part of the problem weakness, we are all being placed into a box where we have no power or authority to effect our injuries physical or monetary, used to if someone screwed us we could punch them in the face but, now we have the Law micro managing dictating and punishing the injured party and the person/s that cause the problem goes free. I can remember a few times where judges basically threw down the gauntlet and told the person that caused the problem if you don't want to get punched quit screwing people and give the pugilist a public fighting fine of 25 bucks and let him go with the strict instructions that it would not do to make punching people a habit.

Tribalism is rising, the us against them narrative is becoming an excuse to wreak hell and damnation on anyone on another side, we have seen it in the Kavanaugh hearings Gaby Giffords shooting Senator Steve Scalise the hate crimes attacks on Christians,  Americans and it is world wide. Numerous knife attacks in China and the far east.  We have fallen to a point from social and legal pressure and no amount of exercise or anger management is going to alleviate the animosity and anger, rightly or wrongly applied to a group. Festering anger accounts for most all mass attacks.  life is crazy complicated in a world we were told that computers and machines would make our lives better and more efficient, instead we spend more time in lines (ques) and dealing with cranky bureaucrats, that have no incentive or options to help. It is maddening, I just went through a couple of months where I had to renew my license buy another vehicle and get an inspection and new plates Holy Crap it would have been easier to call up spirits with a Ouija board while doing a Voodoo ceremony, then to put the icing on the cake I had to go vote and got my land taxes in, and who knows what other shoe well drop. being retired I had the time but working folk all this does is add to the constant pressure applied by outdated laws and constrained ideas.  A friend went to vote and had a "flag" that they had to call in to solve while they waited after going through a line for almost an hour.

My point, we have become too complicated everyone has their hand in our pocket and the threats against our person, property and well being is under attack with social pressures to be politically correct and be afraid to speak our opinions resulting in people cracking up. Since there are double digit numbers of people that already have problems dealing with complicated issues and mental health problems more lashing out is to be expected.

Consider the average person has to pay taxes in the city state and federal then vehicle tags inspection and insurance home school and emergency service taxes got a boat motor home or plane more tax storage and upkeep so when you do get a break you can spend more money to relax when I go fishing it's a hundred dollar bill after I have paid for my combination license to hunt and fish. When I was a kid we went to the dump and shot rats if we wanted took our fishing rods and bait bucket caught some minnows or worms and went fishing and without taking out a loan, if we needed money we picked up bottles movies were a quarter popcorn was 15 cents and a coke was a dime so for 4 bits you could kick back and watch a creature feature or a alien (not illegal alien) flick the number of missing children was minute we did not have to worry about snatched off the street only that our school desk was thick enough to protect us from nuclear radiation from Russian bombs. It appears that we have gone from bar fights with an antagonist to to shooting strangers in a couple of decades I attribute it to ever increasing social and tax pressure and  keeping up with the Jones's but continuing education and technology.  Built in obsolescence of all our appliances there seems not to be a month that goes by we are not buying a washer toaster air conditioner. we have no time oil changes cleaning out gutters appointments with teachers that live on their tablets or phones much less family problems and an unfulfilled life is taking it's toll.

the mass killings will not stop, just the manner in which they are carried out and the types of victims  if firearms become more controlled. prisons are the most controlled populations there are with no guns and murders happen there all the time.

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    • my father was a bastard i never got to learn anything from him. a few men tried to teach me stuff later on but eventually i learned everything myself through the school of hard knocks. and i still don't know stuff that i should by now. thats why i admired men that take their role as father seriuosly.  
    • Good time to teach them tracking, awareness method morals and manners of the wildlife around them and fishing and as they can cleaning fish, some children can be sensitive so this is age and maturity predicated. I can't recall exactly when I was introduced to processing wild game but as far back as I can remember I watched my father clean coon, fish, rabbits, squirrels, dove, quail, pheasant,  turkey hogs and deer and some others, large animals were already field dressed when I got to see them the hunting I was allowed to go on was small game and I only got to shoot now and again until I was about 10 then I had my own pellet gun I could go terrorize the woods near the house.The more important thing I remember was the fantastic meals my mother cooked with most of it she had her limits tree rat coon were not on her edibles list she did like rabbit and the rest, but dad had to butcher them into manageable pieces for her to wrestle in the kitchen. we had a band saw and meat grinder and a butcher paper and tape dispenser man that made butchering easy. Fish we had a nice oak plank with an electric pump and sink at the boathouse I was taught to filet all fish except perch my mother like them gutted and scaled head off and she would fry them whole.  As P210SIG said good times father and son bonding may father had more medals than a Portuguese rear admiral, survival knowledge of living in the depression of war and making do with what little you had and a life of working off times in construction and the oilfield and helping friends as military pay was low. I got to watch and help  him do all kinds of things he built most of our second  first home and I had to help at the time I did not understand what all that accumulated knowledge would do for me, help and even save my life a time or three. I had no clue that his words would follow me all my life about safety security and the what where and how of just about everything, I never did get that sex talk though today I think that is really important where as in my day it was doubtful you would die from local slap and tickle I guess he figured those military STD movies might work their magic.
    • Good times , father & son bonding outdoors. Now that my sons in college, we have less time, enjoying theses activities together. Lifetime memories, job well done there Drew_ Forge
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