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Mail Threats against democrats is it real ?

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I have learned to take everything with some skepticism, especially when it involves democrats.

More critical is the timing, just before an election looks like someone may be trying to gin up a sympathy vote. I am concerned that all the edgy rhetoric has fired up the kooks and there are plenty on both sides , let us all pray that the culprits no matter whom they are are arrested and sent to a long stay in a federal facility like Pelican Bay.

Maxine Waters and others have ratcheted up tension between the parties and now it may have come home to roost, don't get me wrong I despise lefties that foment anger and manipulate their bases to do things they wont because they are cowards and getting people into troubles that will effect their lives forever. If something were to happen to any of them I would have the same reaction as the left did when Steve Scalise was shot. 

The left is so arrogant they actually think that they are immune from violence, I think they need to be reminded that no one is safe from a person that is willing to trade their life for a chance at taking out a so called enemy in their eyes.

Not degrading Trump, but he has poked a bunch of hornets nests and at this time if we had to raise another leader we would be in terrible jeopardy from numerous nations . peaceful transition of power has been our only defense from attack in the last 50 years, when John F. Kennedy was assassinated the world held their breath our military was ready to nuke Russian troops if they charged across the border into Germany with their armor / tank battalions. we were looking at a world war.

The problem with Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters etc etc etc is that they have never placed their lives on the line no experience in the military police fire or ambulance service even prison or security work would have given some understanding that there are problems with ignoring violence and not being in the forefront to demand civility and threaten the full force of the law against all acts of incivility or violence no matter what side is involved IMHO, but they have not accused police of crimes when there is no proof and local juries fail to find fault in the police actions.

I am flabbergasted that harassment has not brought arrests as if we were to do similar things we would be arrested for a host of charges and if we even flinched the police would charge us with resisting arrest. So you see where the police are political and the ones holding their leash are all for civil disobedience that includes the D.A.'s office local politicians and even the people in the vicinity that could have all got up en mass and pushed the offenders out by placing themselves between the harassers and their prey. 

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