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Pot,Grass,Weed, Marry Jane ( Now legal in Canada ).

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As of Wednesday,17th of October,2018 .

Pot,Grass,Weed,Marry Jane, etc,etc call it what you want is now legal to own, posess in Canada without being charged of having it in your possession.

Canada will soon be a nation of fat lazy stoned zombies.

I can see crime going up, when these stoners run out of money ,not working & wanting to get there brain aultering high fix.

Another smart move from PM Justin T ( Hell No ). Another pecker head move from Justin T.

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Now there needs to be a liquor store on the other side and a social services office a pain management clinic, and a food court like in the mall, then round it out with a 12 step meeting hall and massage parlor / sex shop.

Oh a neonatal clinic with a funeral home for that cradle to grave ambiance.

One stop shopping if the gun was smart they would own the food court.

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