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The Police friend or foe

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Throughout modern history the police have enforced political policy of those in power PERIOD. Things have not changed, the projection that police have our safety and interests at heart are multifaceted, it is not that they are against the common man or that they are bigoted or better than anyone else, they are human beings with all the failings and honorable traits of all humans.

I am writing this in response to the Antifa riots in Portland Oregon, I noticed that no one was arrested, why ? is this a local political policy, well we all know it is so you get no justice if your attacked by a leftist group on the left coast? NO you don't. I wonder what would happen if right wing rioters set fires and destroyed private property, arrests I am sure.

The police are well known for being wind socks all anyone has to do is look at the numerous incidents involving Islam and Antifa to see that the scale is tilted and you do not see any breaking ranks and arresting offenders like the little training camp where they were teaching children to be jihadi warriors. Political correctness has crippled policing agencies. Social justice and engineering from the bench has defiled law and order. I know of many incidents where agencies that are supposed to protect children are allowing them to be destroyed. Many people have confided in me that while under foster care have been raped assaulted mistreated fondled and verbally trashed.

The police are not your friends, they have no interest in protecting innocent lives once they have your statement, that is how gangs protect themselves if you snitch on them your life is in danger, that is why in the hoods people will not openly speak to police. the judicial system blames regulations and mandatory sentencing when anyone with a modicum of knowledge can see they are harder on the normal civilians than the criminal class and don't get me started on illegal aliens and the injustice system.

If your ever arrested and are innocent, you have the right to remain silent -- do so ! but before you holler for a lawyer allow them to question you in short order they will enlighten you with their questions as to what they think your guilty of a crime then call your lawyer and you won't be in the dark while cooling your heels. Remember also  when you go to jail there is no special section for innocent people waiting for their day in court most people behind bars are dangerous getting beaten or raped in jail is not uncommon. The Injustice system is only interested in convictions and all the better if they don't have to spend money on a trail there are also snitches looking for information to trade to get a better deal from the D.A. so keep your mouth shut.

During the Nazi reign, the police stood by and watched while Nazi brown shirts destroyed private property during Krystalknockin or night of broken glass they helped arrest Jews and all political dissenters knowing they would be executed. This same action is happening in Venezuela right now the police are killing rioters who are demanding food and medications while the police protect the wealthy.

Every political upheaval the police have been used as a battering ram against the opposing side and I have yet to see where they have not been summarily separated from their property family and job to isolate them and keep them from defending themselves. Whenever socialists take over mass executions are always the entertainment and toward the end a warning to the rest if you screw with us your next.

Civil war is coming make no mistake the left wants to take your rights your property and educate your children and if you do not agree put you in a reeducation camp or kill you because they know a live traitor like themselves breeds more traitors and your seen as a traitor to their values.

We have been asleep the ex head of our intelligence agency was a communist in his youth and yet he was given the job our nation is inundated with communist satanists and freaks that could not hold a job with you or in your company if you knew their backgrounds and that reminds me just how in the hell did they get a security clearance and who did the background investigation so you see it is not a red herring that we are being invaded by homegrown communists socialists and the rest using race sexuality and political correctness to keep us at each others throats, divide and conquer.   

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The police only.serve & protect them selves & not the general public .

This has been going on for many many years now.

My trust in the police has been lost for over 10 years now.

The newly recruited constables don’t know jack shit about by-laws, this is what I see & experienced in my neck of the woods.

We are certainly living in the times of revelations.

Judgement day is coming, the second coming of Jesus Christ before you know it, will be soon here.

Repent of your sins, for we have all sinned.

In Gods eyes.

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Trust is a big issue these days, weather its the police, neighbours, friends,family members etc,etc.

I’ve been screwed by them all, even my wife & kids I have trust issues.

I use to give a lot of trust & I get royalty screwed in one form or another.

I now trust nobody, but God !

Welcome to the END TIMES.....

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I was hoping someone would argue and show an example of where the local force resigned en mass in a public show of solidarity against overreaching government -- that has never happened.  Instead of fighting against their masters they cave in and impose unethical or tyrannical laws laws on the people knowing all to well if they do not they will be fired. Today there are still quotas it is just that they are not published as that would be imposing quotas and illegal by definition, so they use Human resources to define the work ethic by incident resolution  and report generation or arrests and paperwork, proving that the legal and political want to see civilian interaction with police but not have police the power of resolution. So if you catch him make him pay as in the nursery rhyme.

Recently a few neighbors have had the police act as building code officers if they see any building they try to force themselves onto the property and blackmail the owners to buy building permits -- because they have changed city ordinances to funnel more money into the city coffers while the city eader does not pay as much as others to get their building permits and are trying to build enough power to force condemning domiciles if that does not work give you tickets and force you to pay or be jailed if you do not comply and have a reason to take your property.  I love when government decides how you can live and what you can live in and where it can be placed but if you have money you can buy a area to build a mobile home park where they are not allowed by an individual  or can you have a travel trailer (caravan) on your property to live in when before you could so it's not a matter of ownership it is a matter of money -- well I already knew no one owns property we only rent it it's called taxes you buy you build then "they" tell you the value and what you will pay and if "they" have a shortfall because of failure of leadership they just put the screws to you for more money I though that was the Mafia's job government is the Mafia legally protected you cannot hunt fish or trap on your own property unless you have a license it is becoming hard to have a ranch vehicle that is not licensed they are looking at imposing fees on water wells and for years they have taxed out building and any improvements like carports sidewalks and  patios looking for anyway to extort  you out of more money calling it taxes.

There is no law that police have to respond to calls or that they have to arrest anyone for what the political arm deems inconsequential like undocumented aliens even if they are guilty of a crime that is what sanctuary cities  allow they let them go with a ticket if the do not have insurance even after an accident costing over 1,000 dollars of damage they let them build in areas that have no sewer water or trash service and without permits that legal citizens must have. Boys Town a walled small city on the outskirts of Loredo Mexico basically a subdivision of whore houses and bars but even they knew enough to pipe out sewage and have their own water well but just east of here we have a huge area of illegals buying land an building without permits or utilities and not any state or local agency is doing a damn thing about it. I'm waiting for the backlash once local children start coming down with cholera polio typhus small pox and diphtheria, never mind we have west Nile and here are a list of others that have been found in small numbers around the country and we do not have serums against these yet and I wonder why   Diseases transmitted by mosquitoes include: malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, chikungunya, yellow fever, filariasis, tularemia, dirofilariasis, Japanese encephalitis, Saint Louis encephalitis, Western equine encephalitis, Eastern equine encephalitis,  Venezuelan equine encephalitis, Ross River fever, Barmah Forest fever, La Crosse encephalitis, and Zika fever.  as well as newly detected Keystone virus. Scientists also believe that the Keystone virus can infect brain cells, and like West Nile, and may possibly lead to brain disorders like encephalitis. This threat of mosquito-borne diseases continues to rise. According to the CDC, the rates of disease spread by mosquitoes, ticks and fleas (referred to as vector-borne diseases) have tripled in the United States from 2004 to 2016.

The police and agencies we pay through taxes are not protecting us from injury disease or thefts from aliens in fact they are harboring and giving sustenance to invaders and protecting criminals from prosecution and that is a crime it is also treason to allow foreign invaders to steal damage and threaten citizens  If I or you were caught harboring a fugitive from justice we would be arrested ASAP but for a local or state government to do it is just fine, it is no crime to allow them to steal services like rent food stamps medical services or follow laws like vehicle insurance or have a valid license or shot records I have less security and more risk because our government is choosing them over US because of interlopers we have Asian carp and because of stupid people we are infested with exotic dangerous species. Where is I do not pay my property tax I can not renew my driving license so therefore I cannot cash checks drive or vote but an illegal has none of these restrictions and little punishment if they do, as if it were me or you.

If you confront them your threatening them if you do not do or pay as they say your committing a criminal act and fined or jailed or both. A riot defined by law here is 7 or more people acting against civil authority and refusing to follow legal orders to cease and desist and they are equally responsible for damages and acts committed that are illegal like blocking traffic threatening citizens possession of dangerous weapons like Molotov cocktails and using articles as weapons like chains padlocks sticks pipes etc. as weapons it is also illegal to fight cause bodily harm or destroy private property. so where is law and order where are the police or the local government defending your rights and taking money under false pretenses called their paycheck ?  we are heading toward civil war and I don't want to hear police crying when they are on the front lines because they had a job and instead of following the laws and their supervisors and the justive system backing them we now have a complete failure of our legal system. an alien cannot be executed but our children can. It has been said where their is no law or  justice a man has to make his own -- we don't want to go there, it's called frontier justice lynching midnight raids with either beating or killings "barn burning" tar and feathering and burning crosses was not only done by the Klan but by citizens who at the end of their rope decided they could no longer tolerate scum in their towns. when the common man like a hood rat will not speak to police or defend law and order because it has bent and broken all the rules we go into anarchy. 

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Trust is a big issue these days,weather it’s the police, neighbors,friends,family members, etc.etc.

ive been screwed royaly by them all, in one way or another

I have trust issues with my wife & kids.

I trust nobody, but God!

Welcome to the END TIMES.....

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well so the police really care about the disabled elderly law & order ? well as long as it is not allowed by their handlers the courts and the political elite so when will all this stop never as long as the political rulers have the power to fire and even jail the police for bucking their commands.



Now the PC leftist want to harm one of their own louis CK LMAO.


Now they want you to support Louis CK, I don't think so, he deserves what he gets he sucked the glass di@k being the democrat dog whistle he wanted Hillary to win he bashed Sarah Palin a person whom I am not a fan of  but that's neither here nor there , he need to taste the fecal matter he has been slinging at others.

I hope they pile drive this guy into poverty he did not defend free speech for others who have been censored in social media or in the comedy medium in which he operates. so again screw him.



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Protests, a punch thrown and provocative jokes as Louis C.K. performs in San Jose. Louis C.K. became one of the biggest stories in the #metoo movement in 2017, after he was accused of sexual misconduct, and admitted to masturbating in front of female comics. After stepping away from the spotlight, he began performing again in New York last year, generating more controversy for his comedy, including a set in late December that appeared to mock survivors of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting. The protest was organized by Enough is Enough Voter Project.

Micheal Dauber, one of the protestors pointed out that San Jose Improv has acts booked through May, with no female headliners listed, “That speaks volumes,” Dauber said.

Louis CK is not that funny to make a living off comedy he is just another jerk  IMO

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