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I am in awe that there were people believed Ford's story that had no facts as to when and where, then none of those she said were at the party or witnesses backed her story in fact quite the contrary. The fact that over 60 women who have worked along side kavanaugh regarded him highly but as women they were not to be believed because they were not accusers, then 2 more accusers with wild gang rape stories at the photo finish tried to take out kavanaugh was so ludicrous that one story fell apart in the same day, the other after the FBI investigated. The FBI has had bad press recently and if they could have found evidence and defended their honor would have exposed what they found, but no evidence or proof was uncovered and the fBI is the best at interviewing  as attested by many other world wide policing agencies.

facts and evidence is what all want to be judged on,not unproven stories that their own witnesses will not support. The left does not care if they do irreparable harm to a woman's believe ability as long as they can weaponize it. women are no more or less honest than men, and I have seen women  attack other women accusers to defend their philandering spouse  so they don't loose their meal ticket or to protect their children.

An uncomfortable truth I do not want abortion repealed, I abhor abortion but you can't legislate morality, I would rather see a revival of decency between men and women to love honor and cherish one another  marry and love and raise loving and honest children.

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The Kavanaugh question is not just about nominating an individual, we now see that the socialist that resides within the Democratic party has reached it's  saturation point to think it is able to force assimilation of all it's other members. IMHO the day of the moderate Kennedy democrat is dead, it is now a mob of  Atheists, communists, socialists and their ilk as well as  social justice warriors. The one overriding factor among these parasites is to put a match to everything then change all the rules. it happened in Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela and a bunch more the one way to thwart this sick thinking is to do what the commies do forced military service, they want socialism, give it to them ! it's called forced compliance then make sure they get sent to all the dreamy socialist countries and have to do their service there let us see how dope smoking in Turkey or drunk in Saudi Arabia works out for them.

Socialists have one agenda to make everyone else live by their rules, no one owns anything it all belongs to the government no raises, try protesting pay in a socialist nation or even being critical like Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 death tolls range from less than a hundred to over 10,000 but in a closed one party system real investigative journalism is counter to communist culture  OH HELL I think we are there in this country.

Too many Americans are so spoiled and choose to be ignorant they are selfish, petty and rude.. When I was a child if you acted that way someone slapped the sh*t out of you, it is high time that reaction becomes the norm.

To put it into real terms your race, ethnic background, religion, sexual identity or social position do not give anyone the right to inflict their rage on anyone. I am not happy that my ancestors were killed off invaded and their land stolen but no one alive now did that I do not want a check or special considerations because of my beliefs or my heritage just a equal chance at getting a grab for that brass ring and America allows all of us a better chance than anywhere I have ever been.

I paid for mine and I detest those in our government that feel they can portion it out to those that did not pay their share to garner votes and that applies to both sides Democrats are not the only azz kissers out there Republicans just smoose it differently soft policies and hour speeches that say nothing and when elected do nothing.

I do not care what race or religion you are, if you don't act like a decent human being and want to threaten,  harm or kill others, we need to exterminate you. If you don't like it here leave your like an azzhole on a bus we don't have to put up with you we have two choices call the cops and have them take you off or all together throw you off, if it were me the bus would still be in motion.


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