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hayden lake, idaho

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this book is by my friend that was a preacher for awhile in our church its about homesteading in hayden lake, idaho way way back in time.

its not religious at all just about homesteading.

i thought it might be helpful


its hard to get though here is the website with contact info...

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Homesteading is great, but unlike the past it is more complicated today. Our forefathers existed on dairy and occasional beef from cattle but mostly pork and chicken local fish, birds  and small game. The work animals were oxen, draft horses and mules these did the hard labor of hauling wagons of hay grain and building materials  to tilling soil much work was done by hand.

Given the cost of equipment today you would be hard pressed to have an animal contingent standing by to handle work if your equipment became disabled by evil design or natural breakdown. I have seen where tractors had to be abandon stuck in a mud bog until the weather turned because all you would do is get all your other equipment stuck attempting to get it out.

The elephant in the room is lack of knowledge the basics of rigging ropes chains or hoists is an art, done improperly your fighting against natural forces like gravity and friction if your ignorant you will make things worse or dangerous. The basics of felling a tree is not a unlearned act it takes experience and training to spot / know if the tree is hollow which is the master limb and how to use this to make it fall to your advantage. Even experienced loggers have been killed.  even a small tree can house enough bees to kill you add in chainsaws and improper use of straps in place of chain and a slight miscalculation will get someone dead.

Animals need to be of a temperament to be worked and used if not they can go wild and and make dido's in your field with you being drug behind your plow or getting run over putting on the harness. Little house on the prairie has retarded a few generations of people to the thinking that animals are subservient to humans , nothing is further from the truth they are powerful and just as fickle as any irritating human can be.

Unless you have many gallons of stored fuel and a couple of spare tractors you can scavenge with all the tools and know how eventually your tractor will lay down and not work. Animal harness is not so simple there are differing harnesses as to use like pulling a wagon or a cart carriage or use as a plow or log drag and there are implements and tools associated specifically designed to handle each or else you will work yourself silly.

then there is knowledge of animal husbandry care of hooves brushing cleaning feeding and you need a barn for protection in harsh weather. Kept animals thrive in spite of our interaction wild animals because they are the fittest and wary, when you train an animal to your will they loose some of their defenses a feral horse is not going to allow you to bridal it or an ox allow you to put on a collar someone is going to get hurt and it is not the critter. and regularly have to be interacted with and used or they will reacquire their independence and buck you at every turn some don't but they are not the rule.

Knowing how much to plant and to hold back and store for next crop is  important every seed produces a differing amount of  fruit vegetable  kernels pods or legumes some portions are not good for animal feed some plants can be wholly eaten by man or animals some strip the soil some have to be turned into the soil to to nourish it back and there is the knowledge of crop rotation and which to use.

Anyone can buy and homestead a piece of dirt but even in the best times farms and ranches go broke drought is claiming the west back to desert natural disasters on the other side of the world can alter weather here. insects and critters like birds rabbits and grasshoppers flies mosquitoes ticks fleas then fungus mold and other spores can decimate animals crops and all vegetation at regular intervals.

I will make this "religious" as long as this country has let God rule and we as a nation were rational we have been very blessed with an abundance of EVERYTHING, America has more natural resources at out disposal than any other nation, they may have it but it is in the ground or not under their control or have the money or ability to extract it. Power is safety respect comes from an understanding your not the only one and others have the same rights you have up and to the point of interfering on your rights or commanding you yield to their demands or pay for their failings. as we have moved away from God and kicked him out of our schools government and lives everything has gotten more complex more violent confusing and unsure, I can remember going months or up to a year without hearing of some insane murder rape of mass killing. That is no longer true, piss moan and argue all you like one is linked to the other history proves it, goodness and morals comes from God not feelings or emotions you cannot will decency or peace  right or wrong laws change the 11 commandments do not yes 11 the last commandment was to love your neighbor as yourself I don't see that, do you? most children born out of wedlock single parent raised by Television and other children by default. colleges that teach do as you will and group identity is more important than peace rights and morals are fluid there is no standard of proper etiquette or rational thought common sense is almost extinct it took less than 50 years to devolve into what we see today because our leaders and people have left God and bow down to the idols of greed self indulgence and intolerance except that of their group identity.

This is how every civil war starts, a clash of words then violence then  terrorism lawlessness mass murder and last a usurping external power takes over and forces all to bow to their will. the Greeks Mead's Persians Rome the french revolution the Nazi's  Cuba Venezuela. there is no middle ground if you have a thief in your home your going to get robbed and those that tell you there are no rules morals or truth are robbing us of our peace and prosperity because you cannot have one without the pother and destruction comes.

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    • LMAO, Shepard Smith was on with a guy from a group that supposedly defends reports and guess what again the phrase< "American reporter that worked for the New York post" DUH he was not an American citizen. So what are we to do fire 55.000 worker dump the stock market by 1/3rd to appease the press the same press that did not defend the rights of Alex Jones HELL at least Bill Maher gets it and admonished a group he was in front of stating he did not agree with Alex Jones but he had the right to speak his mind,  but not a peep out of Shepard smith who thinks he's a journalist he couldn't write jingles for toilet paper. they put up some amazing number like 1400 that have been killed since 1992 but out of that only 24 were targeted the rest were collateral damage during fire fights. 24 for the whole world since 1992 wholly sh*t it's an epidemic IT's Russian collusion look there's a naked woman in someones bed. When you piss someone off your likely to get killed. Hell let's nominate Koshogi for sainthood OOPS sorry he is not a Catholic he's a MUSLIM. we need to stop muslim on muslm killing LMAO or it might catch on...lets hop so. I wnat to know where are the investigations on Hillery's dead pool how about the 10,00 plus dead for invading 5 countries in 5 years ALA George Bush then more stupidity from Obama What about over 1 million Christians murdered by Islamist since 2001 not a friggin' peep women taken in war for sex slave damn little rhetoric on that what about Lois Lerner from the IRS stifling freedom of association and political freedom? against Republican groups / tea party  only.
    • Californian are running like rats off a sinking ship don't let them win election in your tow county or state, why because they have not learned a damn thing they screwed up everything possible in Commiefornia and now that it is untenable they run away.  Three quarters of all the major cities are democrats in commiefornia and a bunch have had to file for bankruptcy they promised the city workers police fire and prison / jailers that they would have a forever pension with all healthcare and increases LMAO well it is time to pay and the b@stards are going to the bathroom to avoid paying the check. Commiefornians are coming soon to a town near you remember who they are and treat them like your lazy lying brother in-law. It's not that they are bad people it's that they are stupid just like New York city dwellers the rest of the state of New York is OK but they are trapped by the city no matter how they vote or what they do locally the city is the state and makes all the laws and rules for the state everyone else is like a person that closed the door on the taxi with their coat hung in it they are along for the ride and the ending is not going to be fun. I live near enough to Houston to see what democratic leaders smell like, snake oil and money illicit money there are enough gangs and dope there to float a tanker off a sand bar, and some how it gets laundered and ends up as political contributions.  the police department pension keeps going broke and they steal it from the fire department to make up the shortfall. Tehy can't keep criminals in jail because there are too many so they let them out to prey on more working citizens but I digress this rant is about Californians. The word sh*t bird means a person that where ever they light they crap all over and leave that is the definition of any of the escapees from the major democratic cities, as in San Francisco Las Angeles, Seattle, Portland Oregon, Detroit Chicago, New York, Boston, look at what they are allowing murders minimal sentencing on drug felons handing out needles condoms and credit cards to homeless criminals (they have ongoing police records) a tax on everything and fees tolls user fees  and more controls on private property and corruption in your face. Here is a few little videos on how illegal immigration hurts American citizens keeps pay scale down and kills local jobs for local children.         GREAT VIDEO ABOUT A LIVING WAGE          
    • I want to double down on my statement that ALL how many is that, ALL governments have a hit list for years any one of political or scientific stature has been in the cross hairs of their own country or another. recently HUNDREDS of genetic scientists have been killed all over the world China and North Korea have killed people Kim had his brother killed Russia has killed more than a few with Radio active elements this is just the tip of the iceberg nation states murder people all the time how about the Princes Dianna witnesses ?  Want to talk about a death toll Bill and Hilary's count could stretch across D.C. Any youtube search even if only partially correct  makes your sphincter catch second gear. At east all of Trumps detractors are still alive. While Bill was Governor there is a recording of his brother saying Bill has a nose like a vacuum  cleaner speaking about cocaine. so White Water all the sexploits and the stories of  Clinton foundation are all political lies well you can't sweep over a hundred dead under the carpet without leaving some lumps. Presstitutes (journalists that get paid to write poison pen notes) have built a wall around the Clinton's but I see that wall starting to crack all the lies spouted by the left seem to be reality but not on Trump but on the Clinton's they colluded with Russia they corrupted the upper echelon of all the alphabet agencies into Uranium One and a host of other nefarious deals. It's hard to rob a bank as big as the U.S. government unless you have some lookouts and insiders IMHO. I don't think much of either of the BUSH family as thy touted the same line as Obama the jobs are gone and they are not coming back our economy was not as good as it could have been but then again if your working for the banks and the E.U. and not the Americans that voted you in well you see what I mean. Bush Sr. made a speech and in it, " A New World Order" that should have sent shudders up and down the voter pool but because America is like 27th on the educational level of all countries you can see where that went over their heads. Everyone knows if your not smart street or otherwise your going to get taken and the American taxpayer has been fleeced screwed and lied to for so long they expect it and look forward to it NOW that Trump is in office they are begining to wake up and see all the lies from the last 4 administrations jobs can come back law and order can be restored we can have jobs and better trade deals and taxes do not have to go up every year now he is pressing to make all departments cut 5% given time he will pay for the military and the wall if we can give him a majority in the house and senate I think healthcare will be the next domino to topple.   WHAT HAVE WE GOT TO LOOSE WE KNOW WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO FOR 40 YEARS GET OFF YOUR AZZ AND KNEES AND GO OUT AND VOTE.
    •   The 800 pound gorilla in the room is 55,000 jobs compared to one dumbazz journalist who had picked a side in this fight like all the Trump haters in our news services. Make no mistake there is nothing better than allowing thie incident to cut the throat of American jobs / manufacturing and drive down all the increased jobs that make the Obama administration look like the fools they were a quote from Obama was, "those jobs are never coming back" he was a fool then and made it worse by stating Trump would never be president.  It is not Just 55,000 jobs it is the stock market will also take a hit another reason for the left to to take a victory lap and jeer that Trump policies were pie in the sky Socialists will do anything to destroy this country "out of Chaos, order" they are doing their best to back socialists candidates who's policies will put us in the poor house, they want open boarders and then make Americans pay for their healthcare housing and food stamps and if they make another baby more more more goes out to minimum wage workers or flatbackers (whores)  I have seen this in bars that I have run, a short fall in their budget they go out and find a open wallet that needs some companionship, it's called prostitution. As far as this journalists now on fox news Harris Falkner is calling him an American based journalists to make it sound like he is an American citizen, He IS BOT. I had a lot of respect for Harris Falkner but she has shot that in the AZZ as far as I am concerned her and Don Lemon should start dating, but I don't think he's into women. Since the toppling of Rupert Murdock and his replacement I have seen a definite shift of some of the Fox news host to the left but there have been those that hated Trump from the beginning Daina Perino was a never Trumper along with Shepard Smith who wears more eyeliner than any woman I know. Bill Hemmer is a piece of work he just want to magnify himself he would shoot himself to get attention (attention deficit disorder ). Jon Scott his family couldn't spell so he was traumatized by their ignorance so he decided to get a degree and forgot to change his name to JOHN he is about as exciting as bumper rust. Brian Kilmead another Attention deficit disorder  champion, then there is  Eric Bolling  a never Trumper he is a democrat in a morons clothing I think he successful at fooling us he's not, just left of pocket book style Yankee liberal who probably voted for New York Mayor  Bill de Blasio.  I see where the Democrats want to take down Trump and they are willing to tank America to do it because any fool knows when the stock market falls it goes right back up so it would make them look like saviors if they manipulate the president into making this Koshogi journalist thing into a pull the Saudi Military arms deal out from under 55,000 American workers  The democrats don't give a hoot in hell about Americans especially if they have a job, they want sniveling crawling beggars at their feet begging for the crumbs Trump gave them back while they hold the whip and send our jobs overseas and make a fat check for doing it.  
    • I pay 2.45 here of course we don't have free health care