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High flying nuns. ( Weed smoking Nuns ).

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dope smoking and Wicca cleansing ritual  with sage they reject religion but dress to obscure their true faith of radical activist feminism.  They advocate socialism and sexism to only allow women owned businesses.

I am not against the use of cannabis or chemical therein, if it is not narcotic in any way I see no reason to limit it's use or sale if it is then only to those that are in real need or even experimentation in treating a host of diseases not to be used by basement dwelling gamers or lazy wasters or well heeled finding friendly doctors.

The Biblical narrative tells us there will be false christ's and that includes false religions under false flags of spirituality communal living and socialism and that has been tried in the 1960's and failed numerous times as thos in power abuse it and members get disenchanted and leave.  Proof is apparent in Guyana under Jim Jones and the peoples temple. In Argentina a ex Nazi built a commune where he molested children and invited politicians to join in to keep his power over his flock, local police would capture escapees and return them they would then be forced to work harder than before on scant food rations.



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