Heat and survival

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Heat is worse than cold, both can kill but just before you die from cold you get sleepy in heat you wander around until your interior of your head or heart explodes.

Water is the most important cornerstone of survival so it must be used wisely. Water is the best medicine unless the person has internal injuries or is unconscious, as water regulates the digestion, dispersion of minerals and vitamins hormones and all the other elements that reproduce injured cells and take away cell waste, if this is slowed you body begins to get become toxic and  we die if this is not reversed.

There are a few ways to counter heat stay in the shade or make our own shade, temps in the sun is higher by at least 10 degrees and increases.

dig a fox hole a dog digs to find cooler ground to lay on we can do the same.

the areas of the body that hold heat are the crotch the armpits and the head if your hair is thick people still need to wear a hat the more heat the wider the brim. water and laying spread eagle in the shade helps. The higher the humidity the less evaporation so a hand, folding fan does help.

Taking a hand towel make it damp and whip it in a circle for a few seconds and apply to you carotid area (neck) helps to cool the blood.

May sound strange but like trying to cool hot soup drink water in the same manner if your water is air temperature or hot.

Never drink alcoholic beverages especially liquor in a survival situation in high heat conditions and never to excess as that limits making rational decisions.

limit movement during the heat of the day keep your skin covered I know it's all the rage to wear shorts and a thin short sleeve shirt but, that is where you have options. tight fitting clothing is not good either.

Taking a swim, well that depends on humidity as high  humidity air will not cool or allow you to dry so your just swampy wet and hot. The safety of the water or critters in it.  Water reflection causes sunburn more rapidly and in places you would not normally get sun.

Use lip balm sun screen may make you hotter depending on if it is not water based, anything that limits your skin being able to breathe will inhibit the bodies ability to cool itself. Insect repellent is another skin coating and you may have to choose to get bitten or being hot this is why proper clothing is so important as if your properly covered you need less skin treatment.

Do not drink too much or too fast just causes problems.

I am sure there are things I missed and there are products that help cool more effectively.


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On 8/25/2018 at 0:14 AM, wally said:

i've become pasty white the last 20 years and avoid the sun unless i have sunscreen i will burn to a crisp otherwise....


years ago that is why people wore white long sleeve shirts, to reflect the sun.  Alpha  particles  will not penetrate a shirt Beta particles have a limited ability to penetrate cloth but are more ionizing thus dangerous to skin. Gama rays are not stopped by conventional means.

Khaki pants are a better choice in hot weather high sun light. a light colored hat that shades the  ears like a straw or Panama.. and good ankle high or higher boots, tuck in your pant legs apply insect repellent to clothing not skin, now you onky have to treat a small amount of skin wit sun screen.

Limiting chemicals contact with skin is healthier long term.

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