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Incognito Survival Bag suggestions?

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For the few people who still visit - I got a new job that will require my travelling all over New England (sadly, even into Massachusetts).  I have been provided a nice Subaru Outback as a company car. However, since I am using a company car, and will often carry potential customers to jobsites and will need to carry samples, having a full-sized bug-out-bag like I have in my personal daily driver just won't fly. Therefore, I'll need to set up a minimalist kit to keep with me.

I don't want to attract attention or have people break into my car to get this bag; any suggestions on a good durable bag (doesn't have to be a backpack) that won't raise eyebrows? Wanted to ask youse guys on here first before I shopped around. Opinions? Thanks!

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well it might insult everyone here but get a kids backback with spiderman or something on it that looks like it isn't holding anything but kids stuff....although they may be the cheap kind they wont go after it like a military style bag...

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a good dry sack looks innocuous and protects the contents from rain or moisture if you need to set it down. I also like dry boxes to organize my stuff like medical supplies electronic cables and drives and defend against liquid items leakage as that is more destructive than any other natural force. My DEET is in a marked flask as is my vodka that I use for cleaning wounds why use poisonous methanol.  a large plastic flask for sugar and one for coffee keep batteries in pelican mini boxes acid leaks are the worst I only have Duracell disposable or Panasonic Enloop rechargeable. cheap batteries leak and do not hold their charge in the heat or cold / outdoor storage at all.

A bug out bag BOB or get home bag GHB needs to be right at the margin of your weight carrying capabilities. the contents needs to protect you feed water and give first aid warmth and shade / protection against the weather.and if possible communications and ability to charge devices that allow you to have information access to or send and receive communications. and all this depends on the distance from your work to your home or to a secure location from your residence.

Fact is IMHO it is not one size fits all a person with medical conditions has to balance medications proper diet for their malady and proper wear for comfort and any prosthetic devices like a cane walker or other a wheel chair even if you do not need one can carry your stuff allow you to rest off the ground and can transport a child or disabled or injured soul. The chances that you may have passengers and all need to get home some extras like blankets and requiring everyone has shoes of some sort before getting in the vehicle is protecting you from having to haul them around  even flip flops are better than bare feet. Adults are guilty of stupid as much as children just because you have a vehicle with a heater does not mean you should dress at a minimum because you have a parking space next to the front door of your work because you have a water fountain or their are shops along the way that you shouldn't carry bottled water.

Many areas of the country have flash floods rock slides blizzards and traffic accidents that block roads for hours are that we happen to be first responder if a incident occurs. I have a lariat and tarp if I have to I can make a flexible stretcher and pull a person out of a ditch or gully I have a blanket fire extinguisher  water and first aid supplies if I come on a car fire or accident.

I do not prep for the end of the world I am prepared for life as I have seen it play out over my years of experience I have lived on the water in the tall grass and been in so many typhoons hurricanes flash floods fires  blizzards ice storms and sand storms along with industrial accidents I know what I need to be ready to face if I survive the first minutes., I have had to walk in or walk out of places people wound not go People fly in to or boat in to hunting and fishing camps and never consider that they may have to hoof it out or rough it if the cabin is destroyed or burns down and I have seen boats sink and leave people stranded and worse leave valuable convertible survival stuff behind like fishing waders or have nothing on the boat like blankets or a tarp or more than their basic anchor or tie off lines and sometimes not the basic boating safety equipment.

On one hunting trip one of the hunters had a box with only 5 shells 3 shots are the international distress signal and he wore just enough to survive till dark and carried no water or light a  bran muffin had more brains than he did.  women I do not like top disparage but they have a tendency to only look at the bright side a ski trip and my date only brought towel and her purse and not one of those urban donkey sacks but a clutch purse and a floppy hat and flip flops well at least she had more than some I have seen :P Lesson, don't think others are prepared think and cover your needs as for your outing and your personal comfort and  survival. when water is a part of the scenario zip lock bag everything or a dry sack.

I carry a  extra T-shirt, micro pore material (rain suit) in the winter a rubber slicker suit because its a wind break and hold in heat a beach towel, blanket hat proper shoes I keep a jogging suit for a couple of reasons in winter as insulated underwear in summer I can hit the creek for a cool off or a bath and have something to wear so I don't have to get my other clothes wet or have something to wear after I clean up  if they are dog dirty.

Most resale shops carry all you'll ever need for emergency clothing at dirt cheap prices I have an insulated snow suit jacket w/ hood and overalls insulated high top rubber boots and thinsulate  gloves and a blaclava  bought in summer If I lived in snow country I would carry skis and poles when I lived on a lake I had a canoe and paddle under the car port  even though I had a jet boat and a little 20 horse outboard bass boat because I lived on the wrong side of the lake I had plenty of privacy but all the gas and stores were on the opposite side and to drive around was 4 times  the distance and after a storm fallen trees and debris can block roads.

I love my comfort I want heat when it's cold dry clothes when I wet and shade in the hot sun and something cool to drink I prepare for that and will lay back and enjoy my comfort while others shiver and bake and don't give a rats azz stupid people need to suffer it ought to hurt when you F--K up it should be a PTSD moment not to be forgotten.

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