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Wanted carpenters helper, must live in the Toronto GTA area Canada.

Must be able to use power tools, mitre saws, saws-all, nail gun, etc.

You will be required to have a carpenters apron/tool belt with framing hammer,hard hat, safety glasses &  safety shoes/boots.

Able to lift 50 lbs if need be.

Able to read blue prints would be a bonus, but not required.

Pay to be discussed on your experience &  abilities.

PM me if you have the willingness & the drive to work.

You will be required to have a vehicle to show up at the job site at  8 am.

Slackers need not apply.

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On 2018-08-22 at 4:18 PM, juzcallmesnake said:

I had an idea but he is a rocket scientist completely incapable of physical labor and giving him a nail gun would be like giving a monkey a loaded gun.

I would have a job for him, if he has any traits/behaviour of a monkey.

Its call monkey see, monkey do.

I’d have him working in no time, for peanuts/ I mean bananas.

Oh no monkeying around at work.



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