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Gunman shoots up Greektown on the danforth in Toronto.

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So yesterday a gunman shoots up a bunch of random people in Greek-town in Toronto Canada.

Im sure the media, Liberals & snowflakes will be up in arms, with their opinions that we should be banning all firearms again.

My opinion in this matter is that it was a terrorisum attack on the Greek Orthodox Christians & it was a radical Islamic terrorist pecker head that did this. 

Faisal Hussain the gunman killed 2 people & injured 13 others with gun shots.

Not to long ago a restaurant in Mississauga was attacked by 2 assaliant, that bombed the place. They are yet to be caught. The restraunt called Bombay restraunt is mainly a Hindu faith. Hindus & Muslim have been  at it for many decades killing one another.

My view of things is that the world is no longer safe as it once was. 

Is this the new norm, I’m thinking heck yea. IMHO !

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Be aware of your surroundings folks, it’s part of your everyday survival.

Ive come to a point that I’ll likely ware a body video camera on me daily.

This way my side of the story is recorded, if anything happens.

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