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The Food Industry- What they don’t tell you.

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There is an allowance for insect part hair ,

The document lists the allowable limits on "defects" in more than 100 foods, highlighting exactly how much rodent poop is allowed in your cocoa beans (up to 10 milligrams per pound), how many insect heads it's OK to find in the fig paste in your cookies (up to 13 in every 3.5 ounces) and how many maggots can be tunneling in your tomatoes.

LMAO a reporter reports a journalist makes themselves the story.

Alarmist a person that raises an alarm but is it we are living longer than any previous generations  the average age before mass farming and "preservatives was 45 years old for a man not much older for women they died a lot from consumption or cancer  when doctors did not know about germs and washing hands they killed off and were the carriers of that day, pharmaceuticals save lives for the most part some are purely money and greed but lets face it it is not all doom and gloom Quit listening so intently to alarmists eat more good food your going to die face it but try to live a little before you die or else it was a  prison sentence not a life. IMHO

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