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Unfortunately truth is of no use to hose that choose to be ignorant or those that think freedom means there is nothing out of bounds. the bottom line is this si about morality and nothing so infuriates the left as morals the left makes up half the voting pool and probably the country. it is alright to abort 500,000 babies but not ok for a child to go to school and shoot other children am I the only one that sees some hypocrisy in that.  it is bad to shoot a police officer and we need to pass a law to execute those that kill police ? so the rest of us are second class citizens ? I though we already had laws against t murder and capitol punishment but the lawyers have gutted justice so now we need a federal law to protect police.  Sorry the police have abuse authority so many times the chiefs and politicians in order to protect the city from law suits or bad press have lied  so why would we make them above the law they too are suppose to submit to ?

I have no problem with executing a cop killer but we don't need a law to make it so. I also want the azz that murdered a child or a convenience store worker to get their last rights all the time every time instead of no child left behind my motto is no murderer left alive the imprisonment of a person responsible for the death of another should be uncommon not the norm IMHO.


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