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Travel preps

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I think it was SIG that brought up the Bic pen weapon but here I was considering all the things I have trotted around with in case I might cross into a bad area or folks.

a good cane I do not care for most umbrellas as they are usually poorly made there are great quality ones but cost is not cheap the other issue is current or normal weather that precludes one.

Nail files clean and trim nails are attractive for all sexes.

Bic Pens are a great resource and totally innocuous I like a clear pocket protector with a few for all the right reason non or reduced copy protection of red and blue or black for specific uses.

A stainless steel collapsible pointer in your pocket protector. old car antennas that is becoming a hard to find item....

heavy belt buckle on a well made belt for use as a flogging weapon.

carrying a roll of coins is sensible in your carry on as you never want to be without money as is a good pair of compression hose / socks you want them well made as if you need to build a better blackjack ou need to make sure that the roll of quarter size coins do not fly out after mild use.

Table salt pretty common and easily held in a small bag paper or plastic, used to blind throwing in the face there are many powdered or granular spices that are extremely useful especially cinnamon or peppers that have been powdered, of course with all the drug issues certain areas you may want to keep it in the original container.

large bandannas can hold a decent size stone or a good size washer tied to the corner and popped like a whip folded in the hand with a bic pen it makes a fine driving weapon / push dirk.

NO MORE METAL HANGARS well may be just one nice whipping weapon.

Binoculars but you better have a extreme strap.

BALLS steel about the size of a quarter for enhancing your Chi or whatever story you think you can pull off. used for throwing weapons or as a black jack.  IMHO these are way better than a spinner.

Some items you an only purchase on the ground like a fluid lighter and lighter fluid people do not do well on fire just remember to spray the fluid through the flame and remove before you release pressure if you have an off brand lighter and are concerned on its striker present the lighter spay the fluid and threaten with the lighter if you get it in their eyes you may can just leave.

A rolled up newspaper used in a reverse grip to protect your forearm from a hard weapon or a slashing attack from a sharp edge weapon it can be used to hide a pipe or a brick or any other party favors like a bottle just remember bottles do not break like in the movies hence the newspaper.

You can purchase knifes but if your in a foreign country their laws are in play and your not immune to them and our personnel are not going to help you. if you are forced to defend yourself they still are not going to help you so it is best to hit and run and pray they are not all camera happy this is not all useful as today most criminals have guns and do not mind using them or they wipe out a space so your not going to be aware of any danger but you can help yourself by not standing in front of a window or door but a sturdy wall and not in the front door area on the side in a corner way from the counter.  your head is on a swivel swivel it watch people if they react you need to find out why ambient sounds if they are abnormal look around vehicles in a bazaar or pedestrian market or area should heighten your awareness especially if they are breaking speed limits.  Covered faces or abnormal clothing if locals are concerned you ought to not be obvious but take spacial or defensive measures like placing tables or objects between you and their line of travel try not to be obvious.

there are places where kids swarm you and have weapons so your best bet is to ball up and protect your vitals keep money and ID in a ankle storage pocket of the same color as your socks never carry your passport unless your required to keep it locked at your hotel or a travel locker if the police need it you can tell them where it is if you do have any problems fake a head injury (if you don't have one) and repeat I don't know, I could not see no matter if their asking why a million times DON'T CHANGE YOUR STORY for blood nor money, once a liar always a liar in the cops book.

If there is an incident and you get that urge to leave don't just go home fly to the next town of notoriety and carry on as the original plan set out and wait a day or so and then leave nothing stinks so bad as fear or flight relax if your not the instigator or the problem  and try to not dress like you are a tourist over half the worlds clothes are cheaper than china mart why pack like your on safari and do not try to look like the locals but like a person that lives there seasonally-- it's an art. in fact if you carry a sketch pad no one will bother you too afraid you ask them to buy a painting or sketching and artist are the world over seen as slim pickins and NOT the actor.


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for simplicity to take care of yourself

small back pack to keep your souvenirs  and the following

Lifestraw  water filter

water bottle as water cost plenty in shops

small pocket first aid kit w/ antibiotic and a selection of band aids and alcohol prep pads  to clean prior to covering.

crushable / boonie hat and or appropriate weather clothing.

Bandanna good size / large one and or a umbrella for shade or rain.

Good polarized polycarbonate glasses see into water cuts glare.

Cell phone camera lens kit turns your cell phone camera into a macro fisheye or wide angel camera, you need to have good megapixle of 5 or more to get good images or videos. also you need to have a micro flash card maximum to store your images.

A walking stick  to defend yourself from animals or whatever.

some snacks or hard candy

always a good pair of shoes for what activities your attempting  a small roll of cellophane if your heel or foot gets a rub spot some of this makes it slip against the inside of your shoe and not make blisters.

always get some cards from your hotel in case the driver is not multilingual ask and look for brochures for events or sites you want to visit you can also use these to show bus drivers or taxi drivers so they know where your intending to go.

Phone apps for the local language and or a phrase book

phone battery recharger  and learn how to charge your phone with a 9 volt battery and other items for extending your phone battery.

menthol inhaler there are some smells you want a break from and many places do not have sewer systems.



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I've found that selecting a large baker type potato, for "sock use", makes an excellent dog deterrent, or for conking someone that needs an attitude adjustment. You can either bake the evidence and eat it, or, if feeling charitable, give it away to someone who will gladly dispose of the evidence for you.

I wielded one many times when I had two paper routes as a young boy, even smacked a hippie once who tried to jack my bicycle. I hit him so hard with a giant Baker that it knocked him down. Not too bad for a 12 year old....

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I’ve been known to “save/recycle” old unused D cell batteries, taping two together, for  a dandy sock/bag insert. I like Snake’s suggestion for a roll of quarters. 

Also, BIC pens are tactical standouts. Most of you are too young to remember BIC’s US television commercials, wherein BIC pens (the inexpensive ones) were fired from a .30-30 or .30-06 rifle through a solid piece of wood, then used to write with. They hold up quite well for making holes. Use your brain and get creative, it’s fun and usually still legal outside of California.

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