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Powder coated bullets

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Powder coated bullets WTFudge

I looked this up and I watched some videos and my first thought was OH HELL NO !  thats too much like cooking and all the extra for a few millisecond ride down a bore and what really counts is accuracy IMO.   I have no real conviction for any extra work more than is necessary to get the job done.

Some people like to make things complicated and expensive and in some cases lord it over the masses that, "this is the way WE do it" I noticed reading some gun writers whole existence revolved around a almost fanatical religious group that only owned and fired exotic calibers and rare oddballs. If you did not own or shoot such you were a backward hillbilly (cue Jed Clampet music).

I seem to manage 1 to 2 0inch groups at reasonable distances, cast bullets if given some attention can produce minute of dead deer and is repeatable higher velocity harder the bullet alloy should be.  rifle high velocity needs Linotype w/ a BHN  hardness of 18 - 22 Pistol bullets need only wheel weights for about BHN 9 to 11 and #2 alloy is about 16 BHN good for common pistol magnums some of the new high velocity could stand Linotype.  Some increase in hardness by water quenching BUT be careful as water in hot lead turns to steam and will blow all the lead out of the pot ON YOU ! so best to have a bucket under the table so no possible way for a splash --even a drop of water to get to your pot a baffle is easy to make out of a heavy piece of cloth bungeed tight over the 5 gallon bucket with a slit so the bullets will fall though and the slit will close and yet not deform the hot bullets whatsoever.

I have become fond of the Lee micro groove bullet molds/ bullets as I have dug out enough backstops to know most of the lube is still in the grooves so that is wasted product IMHO.  I have done the ALOX test of lubing a bullet and allowing it to dry and try to melt the lube off the lead,  well the lead melts first and bullets dug up do not have base deformation from heat as I use gas checks for my personal loading I never have to worry about bullet base melt or deformation that precipitates leading in some instances.

Sorry to get so deep into this but I have a nightmare that a coffee can of water is placed beside a casting pot and I see the Tin man screaming this Tin man is anyone that gets water into their pot of molten lead.  casting is not dangerous if you have good ventilation keep liquids or flammables away from your casting area and have a ingot mold or 2 in case your pot starts leaking ( bottom pour pots)  leakage can happen after some time I use valve lapping compound and reseat my plunger / plug or you can polish the tip just do not alter its shape.   


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