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The lovely .357 Magnum...

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So I just was handed down a BUNCH of 125-grain JHP and 158-grain LSWC bullets for the .357 Magnum. What are you guys running for loads?

So far I've loaded 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, and 9.5 grains of Unique under the 125 JHP pills - gonna try them out of my revolvers and a Marlin 1894 carbine. 

Jacketed bullets are easy, but non-gas-checked lead bullets out (of a carbine especially) are a bit more difficult to run hot. 

Powders I have are: Unique, Bullseye, TiteGroup, and HP-38. Aaaaaaand Go!

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For 357 magnum I’m loading Blue Dot (14-14.3 ) grains for 125 grain FMJ/JHP. I hand load charge every cartridge, with a scale. My second load is win 296 ( 20-20.4 ) grains. Third load is HS6 ( 11-11.2 ) grains. 

296 & HS6 meter well with a powder dispenser, not so with Blue Dot.

Averaging 1500-1550 FPS with these loads.

For lead 158 grains hard cast bullets, I’m loading win 231 ( 5.8-6.2 ) grains.Second load HS6 ( 7.4-7.8 ) grains.  Averaging 1,000-1050 FPS. 

Caution: with lead bullets your leading up your barrel fast with loads 900 FPS or higher. Just a reminder, you don’t want a Ka Boom in your revolver, that said happy reloading Drew_Forge.

This is for the masses the general public out there, I will not be held responsible on these load data given, doing so is your own responsibility, make & model of powder dispensers & scales weather digital or not can vary from brand names. That said the onus is your own responsibility & not mine!

Another reminder,WARNING powder charges are in ( Grains ) & not in grams. Never ever mix different powders to make a load, you are asking for Big Big Trouble.

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I keep the faith of 7.7 unique and 158 grain Remington SJHP or (semi jacketed hollow point)

It ain't a fast ride but it gets there I have yet to see anything shrug and walk away up to 75 yards. throw this in a good rifle and it has enough Juju to drop things out to 125 yards.

Too excessive a speed it has a tendency to deflect there is that sweet spot where it bites and sinks in,  I noticed this when shooting stumps or posts. I like a heavy bullet as the momentum has a lot to do with penetration

Cast I like a 158 grain semi wad cutter gas checked w/ 6 grains unique, I gas check all my lead / cast bullets.


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Might should have quantified that cast bullet gas check statement,  your bullet mold has to be a gas check design / a relief cut for the gas check at the bullet  base / made into into the mold .   I sometimes forget some that might read this  info at a later date may not have extensive casting knowledge about molds or are starting out so I just want to give as much information as possible.

I like the Lee bullet sizer die ( cost about mid 20 bucks range where as luber sizers are expensive and require top punches and a die for each caliber and they are messy ) the Lee  also seats the gas check and the Lee liquid Alox lube is easy to use stick on the gas check lube and push it up through the sizer die easy as can be and it works on your press like a loading die basically  Here is a couple videos of the process




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