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It's all about the Grip.....

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On my first trip to Wal-Mart for the year (heck it was just August) I was actually shopping for something specific. Mechanics gloves or more precisely Mechanix brand gloves. I had seen an ad on them and pondered their application for hunting, shooting, and gaining a better grip climbing tree stands.


I need that extra grip because last year while coming down a 16-foot ladder stand, one hand slipped on wet rails and with all the gear weight on my right shoulder, I swung out from the stand holding by one hand and one boot. I had to do a lunge to get a left hand grip and in the process I pulled my shoulder. A year later it is slowly getting better but it still hurts. This year I want more grip.


That said, with testing already in full gear, I know already these gloves are just what I was looking for. And no, I did not buy them at the box shop. I actually found them on a web site at a hardware supply outfit in South Carolina with free shipping. When the box arrived, I discovered the gloves actually came from the Mechanix Wear warehouse.


I had ordered two pairs of The Original Glove one in (hunter) orange and the other in basic camouflage. They fit like a "glove". Ha, just could not resist that one. I tried the sizes at the other store and went with the XL. Really, these gloves fit everywhere from each finger right down to the tip and across the palm. At the wrist there is an adjustment to tighten them up. The gripping material is strategically placed in just the right places to offer complete grip control.


I'm ready for the wet test as soon as fall seasons open up, but I am confident these gloves are not going to slip on me. I look for them to be comfortable as well wearing for ATV riding and other chores. The grip on long guns and handguns is just an added plus. There is not going to be any slipping there either.


I highly recommend these gloves to the SC family. Check them all out at

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mechanix are great gripping gloves but the rubber flakes or rolls off in a serious slide though of rope or such


elk skin are the best by far snake bite resistant and abrasion resistant

rope climbing and repelling and general farm and ranch work

if your hand grips are slippery get some epoxy paint and large grit sand and steps also

paint and sprinkle with grit and repaint.

crampons for boots some are too aggressive if your not an ice climber find a set that has enough to grip but not gouge your flesh will help climbing over logs caked in ice

may seem a bit over the top but if your in weather like that a carabiners on your safety harness and attach

rung to rung up until you have reached the top


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