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Reasons certain books are better and WHY !

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First let me explain that in these videos I learned that copyright  is predicated on original book and if you want to write one similar there must be a 10% difference between it and yours. that is the simple explanation there is more involved.

I wanted to understand and at least have a reasonable idea that I was getting valid information from the original source. So some time go I researched and found many good answers but this first video made it simpler for me to refer to to explain my position on my choice of the book I use when I have a question.

As far as opinions there are so many that are sprouted from a hatred or deep rooted contention, it is good to have concerns questions, the problem with new believers is that it is easy to sway them and others that are on the fence to push them off.  I would rather people research for themselves and leave their experiences and opinions at the door, evil is NOT stopped by a church door these evil people that use religion are not Hollywood Vampires that recoil from a cross or melt when you spritz holy water on them.  We live in a supernatural world science has stopped light science fact they think light can go much faster than previously thought and science is not infallible. We read daily where a new study or finding debunks long held beliefs, my view is that humanity is so caught up in surviving and problems they so not have time to study beyond their circle of work or family -- so if you have the time please watch and consider the information videos below.

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if your mocked your just as Christ he was mocked and then they killed him (Jesus) if there is a creation there must be a creator. Science has failed to answer any questions all they find is more questions Proof we know more about the moon than the bottom and contents of the seas.   Science has not answered the question as to why people commit suicide why people murder child molestation serial abuse rape theft hatred all they can do is ignore the problems and the government builds larger prisons.

Even an idiot can see that science of psychology has NEVER cured not one single person EVER ! as far a pharmacology we see daily where some drug is harming killing or in some way of health destroying peoples lives.   BUT --- I have seen the blind the sick and the lame joyful happy and fulfilled through Christ and I have yet to see someone who mocks be a lamp to the darkness for those lost EVER.

Science as proven God and then turn around and refute Gods deity or that Christ lived when no less than 8 historians inhis time and realm of remembrance and actual witnesses That is why Christianity has not died and will not die as long as one person person professes Jesus's name as Lord God and savior it is by Christ Jesus all things were created he was and IS  the Word the embodiment the physical person of God. 

People that mock are not courteous or kind are showing no love or care for another human being PERIOD, so are they decent ? are they caring loving ? NO ! I can accept a person that politely tells me that they question or do not believe but those are rare. Christ said, "Forgive them for they no not what they do"  let that sink in in all of the pain and suffering he forgave his enemies that is nothing but AMAZING !  Wally all we can do is pray that somehow someway these can be reached by the love of Christ Jesus because as far as I read ALL that call upon the name of Jesus WILL be saved. if they hate or mock which is the same in my book they are not helping in this life.

I am with you wally I have been mocked cursed and hated -- so what my eyes ore on the prize not the now but the finish IMHO.

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By the way Wally I have found that there are just as many scoffers within the church.  What is plainly stated in the scriptures is either glossed over ignored or unpreached because it might offend someone in the congregation REALLY well I am so sorry but if your speeding and a cop stops you tell him that the rules don't apply to you and you do not care to hear what law you broke, after he hands you a ticket and you "refuse" to sign it just remember that you could have drove away but failed to understand that the signature on that ticket was your PR (personal recognizance bond ) your refusal to sign got you arrested.  In this case your alive God has issued a bond (Jesus) who died in our place and all we have to do is respect and accept that he is the son of God lived died and resurrected to come again for his people ( those that accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour). 

I find it totally insane that people will give praise as in flashing the demonic horns with a hand gesture at a concert and in public blaspheme all deities more so God,  Jesus  and the Holy Spirit and show pride and self sanctification / justification in doing so. ? is that not like railing against gravity or air as you can see neither of those and only feel it under certain circumstances so I say curse gravity and air BUY I guarantee that they need or feel the effect of them and  WILL DIE SOME DAY so as I see it they are fools today we have flat earthers OH NO really all the planets are round but ONLY EARTH IS FLAT ?  HOW DO WE NOW THIS ? because many planets REVOLVE so unlike the moon that does not rotate and that is another problem how does the moon stay in place without gyroscopic stability any moronic football watcher knows that a ball thrown with a spin is more stable than one thrown straight with NO SPIN.   they ignore centrifugal forces gravity and if you ask if they believe in UFO's or magic they agree to that and ancient knowledge but NOT  a God or Jesus not that is just an oxymoron at best.

These are the same people that think abortion is not murder consider a person walking across a intersection if I decide to hit him because he is in the way and kill him I am charged with homicide whereas if a life starts in the womb and I stop it by or with an action it is not murder ?  in either case they are inflicting harm on someone in the way and if it were not for the doctor killing the "fetus in late term abortions they may well have survived if given normal care of a premature baby, but instead tab it in the neck with a pair of forceps.

I am the first to say I am not perfect I have seen and done most all there is to do but in my right mind I know much was selfishness or sin trying to exonerate myself with some lame excuse is deluding myself and I choose NOT TO.  In my opinion if you try to fool yourself your the chump or as easy a mark as any confidence man could find or hope for.  I see this as I do a person constantly hitting their finger with a hammer at some time you would think they would either learn the problem or STOP DOING IT !


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