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Resist is a means to the center alt-right

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I have posted on this be fore I am going to attempt to give more information on how o on this topic:

LINUX alternative to giving away your money to expansive globalism, globalism is nothing more than a group of wealthy individuals that want a return to royalty where there are kings nobles and surfs or really a slave cast of humans they have no interest in freedom or "rights" for the masses.  These people feel by their evolution into the 1% of humanity by virtue of wealth that they are more able to run the worlds governments IE take over all control of the world and decide whom may live or die if you do not believe hat go to youtube and watch agenda 21 videos.  Their power is their money and control of global markets jobs and health care.

learning new skills is part of becoming self sufficient this is just another skill set. You may ask why -- well because some fine day you will want an operating system on your computer that is NOT windows and oes not require that you validate your every bit of privacy to use your own computer that by the way is your property bought with your money and IMHO I think they also allow could be responsible for some of the major viruses from the selling of their code not to mention I also feel like they could be selling our information.

This is why I like Linux no one is in control it is a operating system like windows without all the control of having to log into their corporate kabal and get a  serial number and verify your software. What if their computer is down hacked or worse under control ?   Most Linux versions are free they come with a version of office  calculator cd/ dvd burning software can run most hardware on newer computers it all is dependent on the date / version of the Linux version you download.

ISO is a file type is an image or duplicate in order to use a ISO file you have to download it and use a CD/DVD burning software that has the capability to "burn" an ISO  Then there is software called unetbootin  here is the link Unetbootin

This software allow you to take a ISO and put it on a flash drive If your computer is able to boot from USB and most are if you do not know you can look up your computers manual and read about it's  "BIO's " some people see that in the corner of your screen  "press F2 " some machines have other keys or key combinations to access the BIO's o your computer., to change certain settings in this case you set your "BOOT" settings to use USB first CD/DVD 2nd and then your hard drive or "C drive" 3rd.  It will not increase your boot time by much and it will not alter your computer or windows system if you run it from a bootable CD or DVD or flash drive any changes get written to the flash drive if you use a USB flash drive or in the case of CD / DVD it will just be lost once you terminate the program.

Eventually I fear that all computers will be "forced" to be booted from the Internet you will no longer have control or power over your own "console" / computer  The cloud is a forerunner of the Internet / network hard drive  you will not own software but rent it from YOUKNOWWHO so you will have to have an account so your can be billed "on the fly" or as with the old hardwired phone system it is like long distance once you needed to dial outside your prefix you got charged and it depended on how long you were on as to how much you paid.  I can see where special programs like CAD or such will cost much more.  It is already a fact that any photos or information on your phone is known by the powers that be and all your email and conversations on social media or text..

The reason I like flash drives is that I have had only one fail and I have plenty of them some I have washed in the washing machine once allowed to dry they still work. I am a big proponent of only using a flash drive to store all of your personal and private files as well as a hard backup onto CD or DVD.  a local backup is a waste of time if it is on a single drive that has partitions as it is still a single hard drive and once it fails even a more than competent user can retrieve information on it.

If you have an older laptop or desktop computer that has a CD /DVD you can boot Linux and test drive it, I have found that a few good versions run quite well on a 1.6 GHZ chip and 2 gigs of ram I have run on a laptop with no hard drive on both a CD/DVD and or a flash drive in either in order to save what you create or haves accessed on the internet you need a flash drive and that includes network settings to get on the internet through your modem and or router as both can require passwords.

Peach OSI   you need to know if your chip is 32 or 64 bit   Peach Linux 

Linux Lite both 32 and 64 bit versions    Linux Lite

Puppy Linux very small and useful   Puppy linux

For a website that has tons of linux versions and information here is Distrowatch   Distro Watch


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    • Mini bikes are great on gasoline consumption, my view of them is that they lack the height clearance if one is heading into the woods, if their is a path / trail then your fine, not so easy to move around if one is heading into virgin bush forest areas. One of the areas I enjoy heading into Canada is Crown Land, where I’ll see at most is  about 1/2 a dozen folks in there, & that’s on a gravel road at best. Most people don’t dare going deep into uncharted areas of Crown Land,  that’s where I like going to explore the wilds of the land. No humans to deal with , just me & Mother Nature. From my evaluation of things , a dirt bike / dual sport / enduro motorcycle would be best suited to the terrain. Oh ATV’s will not cut it, deep in the heart of Crown Land / The Queens Land . In my guesstimation, less than 1 % of the Canadian population actually know where Crown Land is. Their are no-posted signs stating that your in Crown Land & I like it that way.
    • The simplest answer is an old mini bike, one with a magneto fired brigs and Stratton engine....but these are actually harder to find and more costly than one would think for as many of them were around when I was a kid, but any magneto fired bike would be a good start as they are as simple of an electric system as there is and the components are very durable.
    • I’ve looked at a used ZERO MX model at a motorcycle repair shop, that the owner purchased new in 2010, he’s willing to let it go for around $2500 Canadian. I have it on hold for me, until the end of the month. He says that it takes 3 hours for the battery to charge from almost empty to full charge.  I did ride it , it’s not as fast as the newer 2018 models. This used one will hit 55mph / 85kph ,still quite fast for a electric dirt bike.  I’ve poped wheelies with it, the torque is there if needed. It was a fun ride even though it’s used. The only maintenance is oiling  the chain & sprockets & your good to go.  
    • Yeah I'll looked at them a few times. They don't say the battery capacity , but it plugs into a standard outlet(110vac 15 amp (Max)) and charges "overnight" 8hrs(?) and that would include a full discharged battery...right? Then a few solar panels and invertor dedicated to charging it and you would have a 100km plus every few days. Yeah in a hard grid down a really must have.....
    • Anyone own one of these electric motorcycles? I did a test ride on one 3 day ago. Wow , they are fast  & very quite when  your moving along, Stealthy indeed. A viable option as a bug out bike, in a EMP event I’m guessing the bike is toast, unless it’s stored in a EMP cage Buying one new is out of the question, pricy like $8,000 US funds.