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The notorious memo

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The notorious memo,   I see this as the smoking gun of just how our system was hijacked by  individuals for their own purpose.

I am a centrist to alt right I fall somewhere in these lines albeit I am not demographically or racially seen by the left as one. LULAC and RAZA UNITA  and everyone including the Indian Guides want me in their camp, well that is not going to happen i am more a constitutional centrist the Bill of Rights  is neither a sliding scale or for the "dreamers"  and screw the citizen although that word in it self is tainted I only use it here because it is how most Americans identify as (mistakenly) I will not explain that because of the deer in headlights looks I have gotten from people I have tried to explain it to in person I can already feel the rolling eyes, but that can be easily defeated is people open their eyes and minds there are many videos that prove and explain all the "words" used in governance to entrap the common man

I cringe at the alt-left that they refuse to see that cheating and lying are options or tools because this is a well known socialist mantra, " the end justifies the means" this is also the mentality of crooked police that plant evidence or witnesses that lie on the stand in court because they have a grievance and in their mind that makes the  person guilty of any crime as they are closed minded.

In this instance one party attempted over decades to groom and place their choices for high offices to forward their own agenda that is an overthrow of a government, it takes the power from the individual voter, it steals your right to choose your government. In essence this is treason it is under the Rico act a crime.  there is something deeply wrong with anyone that people that because it is their side that is winning that it is alright I am not going out on a limb by saying if sports officials were caught colluding throwing games or making B.S. calls to change the outcome of a game people would loose their minds I point to the deflate gate incident enough said.

Politics is being seen as a contact sport and this is dangerous we cannot allow either party to have impenetrable power irrevocable means of altering laws or illegally making laws that flaunt the constitution bill of rights that do not apply to anyone but an American where as laws apply to anyone within the confines of the United states or it territories if accused of a crime arrested indicted or maligned and due process in a court of law, as it should be as tar and feathering and running people out of town on a rail is not lawful or reasonable just because we do not like them because of disability ethnicity race creed color sex or religious beliefs  and just as important political affiliations   as long as each person does not make their rights more important and encroach on another's rights.  And this is what was attempted by a group it does not matter what party but in this case they were all aligned with the democratic party but believe me it is just as possible for any group to fester a rouge click that want to control the destiny of our country for their own ends and nothing corrupts as much as power as it corrupts completely if we are not careful we will end up with a king like Louis the XVI /16th and Marie Antoinette and it was going that way our leader played golf while his other half vacationed separately with a full entourage and while unsavory things went on in the world the heads of state were gloriously ABSENT --- ill finish this later  OK BACK As anyone with a brain could see neither side can have full advantage I cannot understand people that would allow their leaders to hand over power to a world leader  no matter who it may be there are just to many ethnic and regional ideas that although we may not agree with but they see as proper or reasonable

I feel that morons here that want some other form of government need to go to where that form is in operation maybe a clitorectomy might bring some of these feminists a new appreciation for the American way of life not to mention wearing a full length garbage bag black in the dead of summer in a friggin desert and then have your male children disrespect you like your a slave housekeeper and then allow your girl children be used as a dry hump doll until they are legal to marry at 9 years old.  I forgot about your male children get to dress in drag and dance while the elder men bid on you like a prize pig and it is what it sounds like. dumb people that want socialism need to go live in Venezuela for a few months  if you think animals don't need to be clubbed to death for food need to go live there and see that being a vegetarian in the damn arctic not  a real option since it's below freezing 7 months out of the year your variety is limited.

If the mooslim religion can afford to pay for their people to make the HajJ to fulfill their dream of the ever after --well after they blow themselves up.  We could send our stupid people to Moscow or Cuba I would go further but I do not want to be accused of being a clone of George Wallace but it is time people pay for their ill thought out ideals and wants by letting them experience it in the peace corps OR mandatory military service for 2 years that ought to open some sphincters IMO.

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