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Hi  preppers & woodsmen ,

Just signed up from SW. Penna.  Snowed about 4 -5 inches since last nite, no tracks , 'cept me and Postman.

Loading some Pistol after I change my .308 dies . Just loaded a box of those 50 rounds 'o  Hornady ELX.

Read a few posts before joining. Interesting  group of  knowledgeable  folks.  Hoping to learn from ya'all....or as we say here "Yinz".

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I rough cut some grips for a officers model 1911 out of buffalo horn got the cuts for the plunger tube the grip screws holes recesses on both ends for the grip screws and bushings fitted them and they fit good so now I have to thin from both sides to optimum I want a thin grip I am going to have them scrimshawed by a friend of mine I am thinking concertina wire with a logo.  I have to slim them down a 1/16th on top and bottom that will place them at about 1/4" tp 5/16th "thick I will probably have to trim the grip screw overall length so it does not encroach into the mag well

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52 minutes ago, MATT HELM said:

I always liked the contrast of buffalo, stag, or " legal Ivory", on a blued 1911 .

You got your specs. well measured & micked,  congrats on your project.

I applaud the passion needed for the finishing  & scrimshaw on  a different material . 

Everything that interests me is steel I do not go for plastic / polymer framed and natural bone antler or horn just seems right on blued or stainless I am not into inlay but I did like the diamond inset with a ruby on one side and a diamond on the other on a set of grips for a blued colt python on black horn the diamond shaped settings for both stones were green black hills gold.  He never wore it as his wedding ring would have scratched the grips LOL the grips cost as much as the pistol with those stones but it was one beautiful safe queen.

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I just got through w/ some Sierra 165gn BTSP's  in .308 back in the day I got a small ammo can full of bulk bullets of my 2 favorites these Sierra's for rifle and Remington 158gn HP  .357

I figure 

matt Helm you know the rest of this most is for the drive by reader.

In 9mm I like Speer 125 gn JHP (gold dot) the velocity loss for a 147gn 9mm doesn't get it for me, I see few if any reason for not breaking 1,000 FPS  I like the trade off of 124 /125 grain bullet the 115 does little more velocity to hang your hat on where with Unique you get 1,165 FPS or lets just say your breaking 1,000 FPS with most any semi 3 + inch barrel  for my experience that is where the rubber meets the road  for any bullet if it can't get up to 1,000 FPS  as a caliber or bullet it has questionable downrange bullet performance IMHO.

This is my issue with the 45acp not that is not a good antipersonnel round,  but I don't get into that many mano a mano gun battles. my consideration is critter oriented hogs are the most common of the critters I come into contact with  and they are not sunning themselves like a turtle on a log once they got wind of you they are moving like a dragster  even a 9mm is not your best bet 357 is as far as a pistol and yes a 40S&W or a 10MM would do fine with the right ammo.

with small game Even a 22LR has to have 40 grain bullet as once your in the outdoors you don't know what game or feral animal you might face.  Over 1,000 FPS as any serious study shows that it does not expand but what it does do is tumble end over end or yaw and that is what gives that oval wound channel in ballistics gel medium and drives deep enough to be lethal 11 to 13 inches and does not seem to change even over long distances.  I choose the CCI 40 grain copper plated HV 1,235 FPS the copper plating for its ability to NOT lead the barrel and consistent shot to shot velocities  lead lubed with wax is just nasty after a couple of mags and some barrels look like the inside of an old sewer pipe after a box of shells never had that with copper plated.

as far as loading .223 or 5.56 I like 62 grain bullets they seem to work in any twist 1 in 9 very well your mileage may differ I am a purist FMJ's but some soft points / ballistic points / tips.

everything I load is close to max charge not because of any other reason that  that is where the accuracy seems to be.  I have read all the pontificates of our time and found a basic good rifle,  I like Mausers with a good barrel shoots just fine and all these exotic calibers are writers  bread and butter but has no real purpose in the real hunting world of the lower 48 a handful of your basic calibers handle game just fine like 223 - 243 - 270 - 30-06 -  308 - 30-30  The only cravat is if you have a military rifle because of price just make sure you have a few spam cans of good shooting ammo.

the 30-06 with a good 200 to 220 grain bullet is moose ready. I have shot through 8 inch oak trees with a 30-06 I have yet to see the innerds of a critter to be as tough as a oak NOT ONE.

Exotic calibers and I have shot a ton of them are not really needed and the more exotic the round the more money and not really that much power advantage unless you go up in caliber / bullet weight.

I have nothing but contempt for the "target load"  if you got a range toy a target load is adequate using bullets that make clean easy to see holes in targets beyond that for your carry or home defense arm DON"T ----use full house best performance ammo possible in practice and carry shoot it in low light so you can experience the muzzle flash and what to expect the difference between a low velocity "target load" and a full power self defense load is crazy different and may not shoot to point of aim at all. shoot and set your sights or shoot the ammo that prints well for your Iron sights.

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