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The american cowboy chronicles

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I ran across this and was intrigued by the title it has merit and decent writings / topics do a drive by and see what you think I am going to keep it on my regular visit list.   The American cowboy chronicles

Here are a few of my drive by resources There are numerous publications online that bolster both the eft and right somewhere in the middle is truth.  Truth is like gold you have to search for it mine it and refine it yourself else you will be robbed / stolen from.

drudge report

The daily caller

national review

the guardian

zero hedge

michelle malkin

ann coulter

laura ingraham

Roger Stone

Mark Steyn

Sean Haninity

Judge Jeanine Pirro

The Lancet

Journal of the American Medical Association

NAKED MOLE RATS DEFY AGING !  well this is SAAA a scientific journal great science news


I also look at Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Mark Levin,  and on the continual hunt for news and information for as long as there is this free society we need information and to that end we need a eclectic pool as you can never tell what tidbit might benefit yourself or someone you care for. If you follow certain topics on Youtube you may notice that some get deleted or edited in order to maintain an accurate history keep a copy for your use just in case the BOTS wipe out all truth and  sources of news, events and history to save us from ourselves so we will have the real story as it happened for posterity.

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    • Mini bikes are great on gasoline consumption, my view of them is that they lack the height clearance if one is heading into the woods, if their is a path / trail then your fine, not so easy to move around if one is heading into virgin bush forest areas. One of the areas I enjoy heading into Canada is Crown Land, where I’ll see at most is  about 1/2 a dozen folks in there, & that’s on a gravel road at best. Most people don’t dare going deep into uncharted areas of Crown Land,  that’s where I like going to explore the wilds of the land. No humans to deal with , just me & Mother Nature. From my evaluation of things , a dirt bike / dual sport / enduro motorcycle would be best suited to the terrain. Oh ATV’s will not cut it, deep in the heart of Crown Land / The Queens Land . In my guesstimation, less than 1 % of the Canadian population actually know where Crown Land is. Their are no-posted signs stating that your in Crown Land & I like it that way.
    • The simplest answer is an old mini bike, one with a magneto fired brigs and Stratton engine....but these are actually harder to find and more costly than one would think for as many of them were around when I was a kid, but any magneto fired bike would be a good start as they are as simple of an electric system as there is and the components are very durable.
    • I’ve looked at a used ZERO MX model at a motorcycle repair shop, that the owner purchased new in 2010, he’s willing to let it go for around $2500 Canadian. I have it on hold for me, until the end of the month. He says that it takes 3 hours for the battery to charge from almost empty to full charge.  I did ride it , it’s not as fast as the newer 2018 models. This used one will hit 55mph / 85kph ,still quite fast for a electric dirt bike.  I’ve poped wheelies with it, the torque is there if needed. It was a fun ride even though it’s used. The only maintenance is oiling  the chain & sprockets & your good to go.  
    • Yeah I'll looked at them a few times. They don't say the battery capacity , but it plugs into a standard outlet(110vac 15 amp (Max)) and charges "overnight" 8hrs(?) and that would include a full discharged battery...right? Then a few solar panels and invertor dedicated to charging it and you would have a 100km plus every few days. Yeah in a hard grid down a really must have.....
    • Anyone own one of these electric motorcycles? I did a test ride on one 3 day ago. Wow , they are fast  & very quite when  your moving along, Stealthy indeed. A viable option as a bug out bike, in a EMP event I’m guessing the bike is toast, unless it’s stored in a EMP cage Buying one new is out of the question, pricy like $8,000 US funds.