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The american cowboy chronicles

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I ran across this and was intrigued by the title it has merit and decent writings / topics do a drive by and see what you think I am going to keep it on my regular visit list.   The American cowboy chronicles

Here are a few of my drive by resources There are numerous publications online that bolster both the eft and right somewhere in the middle is truth.  Truth is like gold you have to search for it mine it and refine it yourself else you will be robbed / stolen from.

drudge report

The daily caller

national review

the guardian

zero hedge

michelle malkin

ann coulter

laura ingraham

Roger Stone

Mark Steyn

Sean Haninity

Judge Jeanine Pirro

The Lancet

Journal of the American Medical Association

NAKED MOLE RATS DEFY AGING !  well this is SAAA a scientific journal great science news


I also look at Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Mark Levin,  and on the continual hunt for news and information for as long as there is this free society we need information and to that end we need a eclectic pool as you can never tell what tidbit might benefit yourself or someone you care for. If you follow certain topics on Youtube you may notice that some get deleted or edited in order to maintain an accurate history keep a copy for your use just in case the BOTS wipe out all truth and  sources of news, events and history to save us from ourselves so we will have the real story as it happened for posterity.

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