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Teaching an old dog new tricks or how I migrated to Linux

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Teaching an old dog new tricks or how I migrated to Linux

First I detest Microshaft and every day we move toward a remote bootable operating system and leasing software on a temporary basis, this will make the operating system a rental as well.   How they intend to monetize it is how they do it now as you cannot connect to the Internet without a operating system or a web browser. It is not like a old land line phone that all you needed was a handset if you knew what you were doing your could connect directly from a pedestal with a handset.

Linux is FREE if you do not have the expertise you can buy a copy already installed on a flash drive.  If your a bit familiar with CD/DVD burning software most have an option to burn an ISO so download a .ISO  of the version you want to try you do not have to install it you can run it off the CD/DVD drive or off a flash drive I would advise a 32 to 64 GB flash drive in order to install it ou will need a program called NETBOOTIN.  you plug in your flash drive and use NETBOOTIN to format and install your ISO to it.

My opinion on the ones to try are Peach OSI and or Linuxlite both have free programs that can be added through " install remove programs " usually setting up your Internet connection is by placinf your password or numeric password in and it will connect automatically.

I have posted on this before I find it will make a old computer new again fast and flexible I also use versions of PUPPY Linux as it is very small that they can fit on a CD and run all kinds of other linux software but comes packed with media player an office clone etc etc.

I have an emergency computer an old OLD Panasonic toughbook processor is 1.6 GHZ chip runs great on Puppy I like this as I can plug it into a vehicle or run it off a battery w/ a inverter with not a lot of power I can hook up my printer scanner plug in a hone line or a RJ45 to connect to the Net. The Operating system has the software to operate cameras you can plug in a microphone you need a cable to connect a flash drive as the onboard plug is small or recessed so some models will not plug in.if you have a laptop with a CD?DVD you can burn with Linux as it comes with burning software.

AS I stated you can download Linux for free burn the ISO to a DVD and tart it from boot up  run it and if you get stuck turn it off and start your microshaft system up without installing it to your hard drive.


Linux lite

xenialpup-7.5  32 bit

xenialpup 64 bit

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