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OMG tell me it isn't so

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The Syrian golden Hamster is vulnerable to extinction  MY HEART goes out to all those Syrian Hamsters maybe the Syrians need to go home and care for them ?  I hear the Gerbils arn't doing so hot either  so maybe those Saharan peoples could go back and tend their flocks of Gerbils goats and camels --- I mean if Animals are soooo important why is the international save the critter foundation not demanding that the people that live in the region take responsibility for their critters ?

All I can say is where is my Canadian seal meat ? I looked all over China mart and no seal had chicken beef goose duck rabbit and all kinds of fish I guess they are just not so cute or important as them Canadian seals I guess if there were more cattle in the frozen north they would not have to club seals all I know is anything tastes good Bar-B-Qed ask any NAMese if rat on a stick ain't the bomb especially when your moon waking drunk between bars B)

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